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Weaving chains and their species diversity!

A variety of gold jewelry, bracelets andrings allow you to make each person individually for his exquisite tastes or high status. A special place in the jewelry production is occupied by chains and bracelets of various kinds of weaving, not only from ordinary gold, but also from silver, red, black or white gold and other materials. These delicate works of art may not necessarily be worn by a girl, there are also men's more massive and coarse items, and also children's. Both elderly people and young people can wear them. The elegant and beautiful chain itself is a complete decoration, but many use it as a basis. On it string different pendants or pendants. They also use it to wear natural icons and Christian golden crosses. It is one of the most popular products, because it is very practical, it can be worn as on the neck, and on the foot or arm as a bracelet.

weaving of chains

At the present time weave the chainsboth manually and by machine. You can buy in the shop already finished product of machine weaving, as well as order jewelry handmade.

Weaving chains of views has different. And it depends on what principle they are implemented. For example, weaving chains of gold handmade has a large number of species. Each of them is original in its own way and can be accompanied by patterns of different characters. Performing manual work requires a lot of time, maximum accuracy and accuracy of the technique. Due to the seriousness of this approach, you get a quality and durable product. The specific variety of hand-made jewelry is quite large. But they are all individual for each customer, for example: bismarck, ear, rope, fox tail, lord, cardinal, pharaoh.

weaving chains of gold
Each manufacturing method has certainquality and attributes. Bismarck - recognized as one of the most durable, the decoration of such a binding is not rubbed and springs under critical loads. Will serve such a chain for about 50 years. To the same durable product can be attributed the weaving made by the technology of the pharaoh - this product looks more airy and delicate than other species, it has good durability and will also serve you for about fifty years. In fact, handmade chains will last long enough to please your eye.

Machine weaving of chains, in its people alsocalled autonomous, suggests such species as: armor, anchor, singapore, cardano, lav, lace. Varieties of machine weaving there is a huge amount. But not all of them meet the worthy quality of wearing. Therefore, we will consider the most basic models, which are most often used by masters in the manufacture of these products and which are in demand in the jewelry production market.

weaving chains kinds

Some of the simplest in appearance and familiar to all models- armor and anchor type, they do not require special care and are strong enough to wear, are a classic option, the approximate service life is twenty years.

There are also such items as curlychains, they in turn can consist of figures of different types, for example: barrels, balls, diamonds or other various forms. Naturally, all kinds of bindings are almost impossible to describe, as they are very different, but any gold chain or bracelet will be especially pleased if you are presented with a dear and loved one as a gift to you.

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