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Thermo mosaic: schemes. 3D mosaic scheme: Smeshariki, New Year

A completely new type of mosaic is a thermovariant. As it becomes clear from the name itself, it is associated with heat treatment. But first things first.

What is a mosaic?

The thermomosaic consists of small cylindricalparts that are made of rapidly melting plastic. They come in a variety of colors, thickness and diameter. Something like a straw for juice, cut into small pieces. The collection of these mosaic details takes place on a flatbed that consists of convex pins. On them, the parts are planted in a certain order with the required colors.

thermal mosaic schemes

Once the workpiece is completed, you mustcover it with ordinary tracing paper or thermal film and iron it. Due to the high temperature, the parts melt and join together. After this, the fused work can be removed from the tablet, waiting for complete cooling. Thus, a thermomosaic is assembled, the schemes of which you can find in this article.

For whom is it appropriate?

The basic rule of this mosaic, in principle, likemany others - the work of the baby is strictly under the supervision of an adult. For children up to three years old the thermo mosaic will not work. But the older kids will be just in time. But even here there are age limits. For children from three to five years, produce a mosaic with a diameter of details of ten millimeters. These are quite large cylinders, which will be convenient to take and keep the kids. But one more difference of toys for the smallest of the carapaces are the schemes. The mosaic is assembled on special panels that already have a shape. It can be a butterfly, a flower, a bear or a dog.

Children from five to ten years can be purchaseda mosaic with details of five millimeters. Accordingly, the production table must be purchased for others. Thermomosaic children can collect themselves, but the procedure with the iron is still necessary to make the parent. The third kind of detail is for the oldest children from ten years old and more. They differ in small diameter: only two and a half millimeters. To make figures, you need twice or three times more details, but this is not a problem. After all, the schemes for children's thermomosaic can be created independently. We'll talk about this later.

Thermal mosaic scheme

Skills in the game form

As you know, the work of children with small detailshelps develop motor skills. Collecting this mosaic, the child must take the part with the fingers, turn the right side and put it on the pin. These actions develop the concentration and motility of small hands. To collect the mosaic, multi-colored cylinders are used. This will be an excellent practice palette knowledge. Especially useful are such classes for the younger group of children. Pronouncing the color of every detail that the child uses, you can hone the knowledge of the shades.

Due to the fact that the schemes for the thermal mosaic can bechange, the child learns to fantasize. You can also suggest that the children themselves create a scheme, for example, draw it on a sheet in a box drawing. And the parent will help to transfer it to the tablet. One of the skills that helps to develop a mosaic collection is assiduity. To achieve the result, the child will have to concentrate on small details and be attentive. This skill will be useful before the start of the school year.

Ready-made sets

You can purchase ready-made sets for working withmosaic. They are usually sold in children's stores and the choice at the moment is quite large. The ready-made set contains: a drawing scheme, necessary colored beads, a tablet board and thermal paper, instructions for use.

thermal mosaic schemes

As already mentioned above, there are three setsspecies: for babies 3-5, 5-10 and 10+ years. As practice shows and the parents' feedback, for ready-made children the ready set is perfect. Thermo mosaics, schemes for which are attached, you can give it to any holiday. But the older guys will be interested in inventing them themselves. For an entertaining process, you can buy ready-made plastic beads and a universal square tablet.

Simple and affordable schemes

If you chose the flight optionfantasy, then the following information will be very useful to you. To buy ready-made sets is, of course, convenient, but rather expensive. Given that you can collect only one drawing. Therefore, we will open one very valuable secret, which is fraught with a thermo mosaic: assembly schemes can be used for classical cross stitching. It would seem, a trifle, but rather useful information.

This will save a lot of money. And the children will be more interesting. You can only buy packaged beads, which are sold in separate colors or mixed. And also a large-sized board, so that you can place a drawing of any size on it. Print out a pattern for embroidery and get to work. And in order to keep up with the times and interest the child, choose for the mosaic of your favorite cartoon characters. This is sure to surprise the baby, and his favorite pastime will be a thermo mosaic. Schemes - smeshariki or strict robots - like children. One of them you can see below.

schemes for children's thermomosaic

Where can ready-made work come in handy?

So, we have already sorted out the types of mosaic andschemes for it. But the question of the application of finished works remains open. Of these amazing beads, you can make not only interesting toys, but also quite useful things. By building favorite cartoon characters or little animals, the child can add them to their arsenal of toys. Due to the heat treatment of the iron, the parts are firmly attached to each other. You can make a house, furniture for dolls and even a typewriter. But let's talk about the most interesting ideas further.

Holiday gifts

To build an exclusive gift will helpThermal mosaic. Schemes, the New Year on which is depicted in colorful and bright, will come in handy. Together with the children you can make Christmas decorations, a snowman, Santa Claus, snowflakes and many other festive attributes. Below in the picture you see a wonderful example of New Year's crafts.

Thermal mosaic of the assembly circuit

Photo frame

Quite an interesting and extraordinary solution,which will help to save the brightest moments of life - to make a frame for pictures. This is made easy. The size of the photo on the tablet panel is a frame. Choose the thickness yourself. It can be four, five or three rows of beads. Secure the result with an iron, remove the finished frame and glue it on the back of the photo. If desired, you can add small details for the decor of the finished frame. Such an occupation will be interesting not only to children, but also to adults.

Useful application

Due to the fact that it has the format of a thermomosaic 3d,schemes can not be used. It is easy to make a square mug base. Effectively looks the use of various ornaments. And from five blocks you can easily build a glass for pens and pencils. Even a casket of plastic beads on the strength to make a child. It is important in the manufacture of such complex structures to connect parts with hot silicone adhesive.

thermo mosaic 3d scheme

All sorts of trinkets with your favorite and popularheroes of films and cartoons will now become more accessible. Due to the fact that the product is voluminous, it will easily become a replacement for the key fob. And to pass a metal ring will be convenient due to the holes, which contains a thermo mosaic. Schemes, as you understand, it will not be difficult to find. Advanced users can try to collect whole pictures. They can be placed in a wooden frame or left without it. A large number of schemes for cross-stitching are also useful in this matter.

Important to remember!

Observe the safety rules when working with mosaic. Due to the presence of small parts, do not leave children alone. After all, they can easily swallow a bead, so strictly control the whole process.

thermo mosaic

Choose plastic parts according toage, so that the baby was interested. The final stage of ironing is always done by yourself, even if the child is already an adult. Thermo mosaic is a joint work of an adult and a karapuz. So do not forget to suggest and praise the baby.

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