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Flowers with own hands: an orchid made of corrugated paper

Orchid is a luxurious plant, its beauty surprises and fascinates everyone. And although many try to grow it at home, it is not always possible, because the flower is very fond.

Still, if desired, the home can be decoratedrefined branch. Orchid made of corrugated paper will be an excellent alternative to a living flower. Following the step-by-step instructions, you can make it in such a way that it will look like real.

Orchid made of corrugated paper

Orchid made of paper

A flowery orchid looks delicious, butblooms not for long. Beautiful orchids made from corrugated paper with their own hands can be made quickly and without any problems. Such decorations will "bloom" all year round and please everyone around with their appearance.

Necessary materials and tools

To create a luxurious orchid you will needcorrugated paper of various shades, a branch of a tree, scissors, flowerpot, silicone, hard foam and glue (glue gun). In addition, an orchid can be made from crepe paper. The difference between these types of base lies only in the degree of contraction and thickness.

Orchid made of corrugated paper: a master class on manufacturing

To create the petals, the paper is cut into pieces measuring 5 by 4 cm. They are twisted with the fingers, giving the desired shape.

To make the middle you need a whitecorrugated paper. It should be slightly incised and twisted with your fingers. Next, all the details should be collected in a bud. To prevent the flower from falling apart, it must be secured with green corrugated paper.

In addition, you need to make a few closedbuds. Corrugated paper must be cut rectangular piece 10 by 4 cm. The element must be twisted in the middle and folded in half. In the middle, put a small piece of paper, give the bud a shape and twist the leg. The bud should be additionally fixed with green paper, having smeared it with glue.

After that, you should take care of the decor of the twig. To do this, you need ribbons of corrugated paper 3-4 cm wide, the length does not matter. The main branch should be so long that the pot does not roll over, and the whole piece is stable. All twigs should be wrapped with corrugated paper from top to bottom. Gradually, to the branch you need to reattach the closed buds and flowers made earlier.

Orchid made of corrugated paper is ready. Now you need to take a flower pot and cut it to size foam. Scissors should be cut for the twigs, insert them inside and pour silicone.

Orchids made from corrugated paper

Further from the green paper it is necessary to make leaves in the size of 10 to 20 cm. They need to be slightly twisted in a circle. The base is again filled with silicone and the leaves are attached from above.

To simulate a potted land, you can useCorrugated paper of black color. You just need to pick it up and stick it to the craft. In addition, the pot can be decorated with sea pebbles and butterflies from cardboard.

Orchid made of corrugated paper and candies

Such a flower will look great not onlyas a decorative element for decorating the room. Orchid can be successfully used as a souvenir. Especially if in a bouquet of luxurious flowers hidden a little sweet surprises. To an orchid made of corrugated paper and sweets was done quickly and without any problems, you just need to follow the step-by-step recommendations.

Step-by-step instruction

When creating this exotic flower, you first need to select an image with a liked orchid. It is better to choose a picture on which everything will be clearly visible.

If you do not know how to make an orchid out ofcorrugated paper, first prepare a strip with a width of 10 cm. From the piece of paper you need to cut out the petal, as in the illustration, and paint it along the edge (but not paint it).

Orchid made of corrugated paper

After this, the prepared petal is slightly stretchedfingers and twist, pulling the middle. Next, you need to do shaping the petals. Again, prepare a section about 10 cm wide. From it, cut a single petal, stretch its edges and pull out the middle. A paper orchid should have five identical petals.

How to make orchid from corrugated paper

Now you need to glue the flower. To do this, take the candy and fix it on the wire with glue. This base should be wrapped in a petal lacquered. After that, you need to attach the other single petals. First four elements are attached to the sides, the last glue the top part. The petals at the top should be slightly bent and the wire wrapped in green paper.

Orchid made of corrugated paper

These instructions show that orchids fromCorrugated paper with your own hands can be made easily and quickly. But do not confine yourself to one flower, so you can make a charming bouquet that will please your family and friends.

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