/ Butterflies from corrugated paper: elegant decoration by own hands

Butterflies from corrugated paper: elegant decoration by own hands

The most beautiful person learns from nature: grace - in cats, tenderness - in flowers, lightness - in butterflies. The finest wings, covered with a pearl pattern, fragile mustaches, graceful flutter - one can admire infinitely long. As a memory of the warm summer and spring days pleases the eye butterfly from corrugated paper.

corrugated paper butterflies

Technology of making butterflies: origami

The simplest way to make this decoration -use the technique of origami. Folding a butterfly from paper, the photo of which is shown below, begins with the cutting of the stencil. Circle the figure on the front side of a thin wrapping or corrugated paper, carefully cut out.

butterflies from paper photo
The result was an uneven G-8, the upper smallerpart of it begins to fold the "accordion" horizontally. To make the stripes smooth, you can use the ruler. Finish the finished part in the middle with a thread, then straighten the wings.
Patterns of Butterfly Cutting from Paper
Collapse butterfly can be made from paper of differentgeometric figures - a rhombus, a square, a circle. You can experiment with the shades and texture of the paper. Antennae made from elongated beads strung on wire.
experiment with color

Butterflies made of corrugated paper: easy and simple

This method is similar to the previous one, but inthe difference from the craft in the technique of origami, fold the material should not be. Lightweight, almost weightless paper can be torn with careless action. From a thin material of 2 colors, in this case contrasting, we cut out 2 rectangular details, the ends are rounded. Clamp the middle and tie a scarlet ribbon. Corrugated paper perfectly suits this method.

cut out of thin paper

Cut the butterfly

For this method of production, a densepaper. On the lines drawn from the wrong side, we separate the figure, then bend it vertically in half. It is better to use templates - cutting a butterfly from paper on stencils looks neater.

templates of different shapes
To this end, some craftswomen buy a setready-made butterflies, using them as a base. A special charm attached to the adornment of two parts, differing in texture, size. The top layer of the product resembles a lace patterned pattern.

lace butterflies from the set

Where are corrugated paper butterflies used?

  1. Artificial machaons and urticaria servedecoration of the interior. A butterfly from paper or fabric can be "planted" on curtains, a computer monitor, decorate a vase in the living room, a stand for newspapers and much more. To do this, you can attach a clamp to the decoration or twist the clasp from the wire. Butterflies on a pin are conveniently attached to soft surfaces, glue for long-term placement. Effectively look solid wallpaper, decorated with a whole cloud of butterflies, as well as a "breeze" in the form of jewelry, fastened with threads.
    decorated wall
  2. Butterflies from corrugated paper will complement the gift wrapping and a postcard made in the style of scrapbooking.
  3. A gift or a touching card made by hand will come to the heart of the birthday boy.
  4. A butterfly ornament will decorate a New Year tree or become an addition to a fancy dress of a child. To do this, you can decorate wings with rhinestones and sequins.
  5. Florists decorate with elegant ornaments ready bouquets. Butterfly will revive both artificial flowers in a vase, and pots with a houseplant.
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