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Wedding handmade albums

Standard wedding albums today can bebuy almost any store. They are manufactured in various sizes and types, which allows you to collect entire collages of photographs, recreating the history of the day of marriage. Often at the wedding, the newlyweds are presented with albums as a gift, and after this the subject becomes a family property. The best are the hardcover albums, adorned with various drawings and applications. On each page there is a theme of love in them, so filling out such an album with photos of the young husband and wife will be a special pleasure.

Wedding albums

However, all those wedding albums thatare sold in stores - mostly standard, with banal, beaten up pictures and reproductions. In order for such a collection to be unique and unique, like the photos that are in it, you can make it yourself. If you do not have the opportunity to make such a thing yourself, you can find and purchase wedding handmade albums via the Internet. In any case, it will be really unique, differing not only in its special graphic design, but in its design and structure. It is worth noting that such albums are often made to order, according to sketches, which the client offers himself.

However, if the wedding albumsare made by themselves, their value increases at times. There are many options for their manufacture, and one of them is the "accordion". Even the child can make an album "accordion", the main thing is to choose the right cardboard and decoration materials. With the help of thick cardboard, two-layer frames for photo cards are made, under which you can make a small inscription. After they are combined in a single line and folded accordion. The only drawback of this album is that all the photos that will be in it should be the same size.

Wedding albums for photos

Wedding albums are often made in the form oforiginal chronological books, where in the neighborhood are located and text elements, and photographs. Such a book always begins with the earliest photo taken on the wedding day, or the children's photos of the bride and groom can become the preamble. Then follow in descending order all the other photos, as well as the wishes of the guests or the recording of the newlyweds themselves. Such wedding albums for photographs can have a large size, and a miniature - such that they can easily be carried.

However, the best homemade option for mating photos, perhaps, will be a collage. On it you can place the best and brightest pictures, supplement it with inscriptions, drawings and verses.

Wedding handmade albums
The collage can be decorated in an antique style, andfor each photo there will be a separate exquisite frame. This is one of the few options for wedding photos, where you can place as the largest shots, and miniature. Such original wedding albums are most often placed on the wall in the living room or bedroom, and they can be admired all of life.

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