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Breeding geese in the farm

One of the most valuable and necessary products forthe person is meat. It is also very much appreciated for its taste qualities and is a part of many dishes. Now it is not difficult to buy meat products in the store, but the quality of this product leaves much to be desired, as various feed additives harmful to the human body are used in the process of growing it. That is why many people try to breed at home or at a dacha of various farm animals in order to provide themselves and their families with environmentally friendly and useful meat.

If you also had such a desire, then the firstwhat you need to start your own business is to decide what kind of animals would be most beneficial to breed. If you live in a private house or you have a dacha, next to some water and a small pasture, then geese breeding will be most beneficial. By the way, if there is not even a pond nearby, then it can be replaced by some kind of structure, in which water can be poured. I would like to note that many masters who were engaged in breeding various poultry advise the breeding of geese for meat, since they consider this species of bird to be the most early, hardy and does not require attention to itself. Therefore, I would like to talk about how to take care of this bird.

The most common geese arelarge gray, Kholmogory, fighting, Chinese, Gorky and others. To contain geese, you can adapt either any available space, or build a new one. For construction, mostly boards, clay, reeds or other materials are used. Most importantly, the finished building must be dry and free of drafts, and also that it can be well ventilated. For the floor, use either boards or clay, which are sprinkled with litter (sand, sawdust, straw, etc.).

Geese breeding is impossible without the obligatorywalking. For this purpose, walk-through yards are built, or birds are released to pasture and ponds, on which they feel great both in winter and in summer. By the way, in the summer time geese even at night is preferable to keep on the street. I would also like to add that if you plan to keep a large amount of this bird, then consider - geese do not like big crowding. Count on that on two square meters you will have somewhere 3 heads. Unfortunately, the beneficial breeding of geese requires a large expenditure on the living area for them. But, believe me, all these costs will pay off after the first season and you will have an opportunity to continue doing business in this area.

As for feeding, mostly geesefeed on pastures, but it is still necessary to feed them. They are very happy to eat cereals, various herbs and, like other waterfowl, require enough water. The winter and summer diet, of course, differ, because in summer there is a lot of greenery, and in winter it is necessary to steam hay and various herbal flour. And only after this long procedure to mix the finished mass with mixed fodder.

Geese breeding has become quite profitablebusiness for many owners of household plots in various regions of our country. And this is not surprising, since this bird is practically unpretentious to the conditions of detention, weather conditions and diet. Diet can affect only the full development of the bird and its size. If you take into account all the pros and cons, then breeding geese as a business - it's quite profitable, no matter how many birds you grow. Moreover, the demand for goose meat has always been, is and will be, and hence this business will always be profitable!

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