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Poker Layout - The Basics of Game Understanding

Wanting to learn poker, you need to start withconsideration of its foundations. Combinations of cards are unified for all its varieties, and the most famous technology for their layout is the Sit-N-Go system used in tournaments. To understand the essence of poker, you need to understand these concepts.

poker layout

The layout of poker is the basis for making the essence of the game.

What is poker?

Card poker involves the participation in the game of two to ten people at one table, who play each for himself.

Known varieties of poker are holdem, Omaha, stud, draw poker and others. The essence of each game is based on certain rules and strategies.

In the modern world, there is an opportunity to participate in the game via the Internet or in special cardroom. Companies are also gathered at home, for which a special set with chips is purchased.

A special place in the rules of the game is the layout of poker. Combinations of cards deserve special consideration.


For playing poker a deck of 36 cards is used. This is a well-known pile from six to ace, consisting of four suits.

Poker combination poker

In the game, the combination rating is important. It depends on the sequence of cards. Combinations of poker layouts are also rated higher when the same suit is matched. The combination of these two factors gives the most powerful royal flush. This layout of poker is the dream of any player, because this is a win-win option. However, a royal flush comes infrequently.

In the event that the participants did not fall outof the combinations given, the win determines the weakest combination - the highest card. The rating of cards is also taken into account when determining the winner among several participants who have the same card combinations on their hands.

The most rated card combinations

Chances to win more from the participant, who dropped one of the higher sequences of cards.

Poker ranking by seniority is called a hand rating. In order of decreasing importance, it has the following form.

  1. Royal Flush (among the poker fans is called "royal combination") consists of 5 cards of the same suit from ten to ace. This is a win-win combination of cards.
  2. Straight flush (also called "direct alignment") is a combination of 5 cards of the same suit, standing in order.
  3. Kare - next in the seniority of the layout of poker,which consists of four identical cards. When opening the cards (in the game this action is called "showdown"), the height of the rank of the cards is important if it is dropped from several participants.
  4. Full house (in the translation it sounds like a "full house") is also one of the most rated combinations after the previous three. Consists of 2 peer-to-peer cards + 3 identical cards of another rank.

Poker Ranking by Seniority

Less rating combinations

According to the established rules, the following poker layouts are considered in descending order. They are less advantageous, but even such a poker layout can bring victory.

  1. The flush consists of 5 cards of the same suit and does not have any order.
  2. Street is a poker layout in which 5 cards of different colors go in increasing order one after another.
  3. Further on the descending rating of the hands is tripps (set, three cards, three, triplets). This is the coincidence of three identical cards.
  4. Next on the rating are two pairs, each of two identical cards.
  5. A pair is a combination of two identical cards.
  6. The highest card is the lowest winningoption that can bring the layout of poker. The rules stipulate that in the absence of any of the above combinations of the winner will determine the highest card that came to the player. Even with the weakest combination of cards, correctly applying the strategy of the game and taking into account the psychology of opponents, a participant can win a round.

The first stage of the layout of the Sit-N-Go tournament

There is a certain system for holding the Sit-N-Go tournament. His layout in poker (an example in the photo) at the initial stage occurs according to a certain scheme.

  1. Two players behind the dealer make blind bets. The first makes a small bet (small blind), and the second - a big bet (big blind). After that, the dealer makes a layout of 2 cards face down.
  2. The initial layout in poker (photo below) sets the participants on the trend of the game. Each participant raises, accepts a bet or discards cards.
  3. In turn, players take the highest bet or refuse the game in this round.

Key in poker photo

The second stage of the layout of the Sit-N-Go tournament

After the first round, the time comes when the dealer conducts the second stage of the layout.

He gives out three cards face up, which each player can use to form the best hand (combination).

This layout is called a flop. Again, there is a betting round, and the dealer opens the fourth card to the players (the turn layout).

The last fifth card is opened to the players at the river layout. After it the last bets are made, the winner of the round is determined.

The game continues until the last of the two finalists comes out of it. The winner picks up the winnings.

Poker Rule Layout

Understanding the fundamental principle of the game, whichis the layout of poker, everyone can comprehend its essence. Known in the world, the game does not cease to be at the peak of popularity. Everyone who wants to take part in a poker tournament, learning its rules and strategies, will quickly understand the general meaning. Virtues of the presented card game were estimated by millions of people practically in all countries of the world.

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