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Do it yourself. Carnation from paper with your own hands

Carnation made of paper, made with your own hands? There is nothing easier. A gift made by oneself has a special value. Here we will consider two ways of making a flower from different materials. The first, the simplest way, is the carnation from the ready paper baskets for cupcakes. The second one is made from corrugated paper.

Cloves from paper - with their own hands. Method one

We will need: 8 molds, green corrugated paper, awl, wire and glue. Fold the molds on each other exactly and pierce the awl. Through the holes we pass the wire, fix it with a loop at the end to fix it. The wire should be wrapped in green corrugated paper. It will be a stalk. On it from the same green paper we cut out and fasten the leaves, they should be glued on the stem. Now we form a flower. To do this, raise up each mold and squeeze them in the center. We make several flowers - the bouquet is ready. Such a simple piece of art can make children themselves.

Cloves from paper - with their own hands. Method of the second

self-made paper products

This method does not need to be producedpetal separately. We need corrugated paper: red and green, wire and scissors. Cut the piece from the red paper about six centimeters in size. Now add it two or three times twice, until we get a segment equal in size to the petals. On the one hand, cut off the edges, and on the other cut off a little on both sides, the tip is cut. Next, you need to twist the ends of each petal with your fingers to make "tails". The top of the petals is stretched to give volume and shape. Now add the petals all together, collecting the flower. To create the stem, we take the wire and wrap it with green paper. The stem is formed with leaves, as in the first method. We also attach it to the bud. Now the carnation from the paper, created by its own hands, is ready. The symbol of fidelity and masculinity, love and passion, is appropriate both for delivery on February 23, and for a favorite gift, as well as for decorating the interior.

bouquet of paper with own hands

Paper products: with their own hands

From paper do a variety of things, starting withcutting out (snowflakes) and applications, folding airplanes and ships, and ending with more complex figures, origami, for example, as well as gluing modules and obtaining large figures. Christmas tree toys - this is generally a separate topic, no less entertaining. Picking flowers from paper is another fascinating activity. In the course of everything goes: cardboard, corrugated and papyrus paper, napkins, plain colored paper and so on. Collecting a bunch of paper with your own hands, you can decorate their room or even a banquet room. Especially interesting and very easy to make spiral flowers. With their help you can make a stylish accessory or use for a wedding bouquet. And from paper you can weave, and you can create objects of the interior by applying pieces of newspaper soaked in water to each other. The bowls, jugs and other objects so created are dried and then painted. Recently, it has become fashionable to make postcards with your own hands, using paper homemade colors and other materials. As you can see, everyone can find an occupation to their liking!

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