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How to tie mittens warm, cozy for lovely pens?

In Russia we always knew that there is no better waywarm hands and save them from frostbite, than knitted mittens made of natural wool. Tie mittens with knitting needles themselves. And this fashion accessory will not just be a unique decoration, but also warm cute hands even in the most severe frost. "How to tie mittens" - this question interests many modern women of fashion!

Knitting with mitten knits only seems complicated andnot understandable, in fact - it's an exciting and enjoyable occupation. In order to tie this warm and cozy accessory, you need to know how to knit mittens properly.

Below we will talk about how to tie the mittens on their own. Take a set of 5 spokes and any threads, depending on how warm the accessory should be.

1. First we knit the left mitten. We dial loops for 4 knitting needles. For a medium-sized hand, this is approximately 48 loops, that is, dialing 12 per each spoke. On four spokes evenly place typed loops, the fifth spoke will replace the other in turn. It should be remembered that in circular knitting there are no extreme loops.

2. Knitting mittens starts with the cuff. We knit with an elastic band 2x2. It is better if it is not long, 4 - 5 cm If there is a possibility, then we start the thread for the rubber band thinner. In the main part of the gloves, we will later add the missing thread thickness. In addition, for a rubber band, you can take a smaller number of loops than you need all around the circumference, then, in the general canvas, you will need to add the missing number of loops. This recommendation for chubby pens. We knit facial viscous on a circle before the beginning of the thumb, periodically measuring on a hand. For medium size it is about 6 cm.

3. Now you need to make a "house" for your finger. On the right mitten we knit a finger on the third spoke, the left mitten will be in the mirror image - on the 4th. If on each spoke we have 12 loops each, then we sew the first loop on the fourth spoke, and remove the remaining loops (except for the last one) by a pin or thread. Now we put 10 air loops on the right knitting needle again, from the third knitting needle we sew the last loop, and then knit along the circle to the little finger. The viscous should be of the same density as before. Now leave the hole for the finger and go to the binding of the palm.

4. We knit the main canvas and, when we finish to the little finger, we begin to reduce the number of loops. We unfasten the two initial loops from the first knuckle together "behind the back walls" (for this we need to thread the knitting needles into the middle of the loops). Together, you need to untie the last two loops on the second spoke, only "behind the front walls". We turn to the opposite side - we do the same procedure in the same sequence. And we knit, cutting loops to four - one on each spoke. Then we cut the thread, leaving a small piece, carefully put on the hinges and pull it inside out.

5. When in general the mitten is connected, we return to the hole for the thumb. Carefully transfer the loops, taken on the pin, to the spoke. Where the air loops were recruited, we throw in new ones. It is important that the number of loops for the hole is divided by three, because now it is necessary to distribute them to three spokes. Working will be the fourth. Again we knit in a circle, until we reach 1 cm to the edge. Now with each row we subtract the loops. We will collect them on a string, when there are only 2 loops left on each spoke, we pull it inside out and fix the thread.

6. After that, we knit the right mitten in the same way. At the same time, do not forget that for the right hand to begin to bind a finger you need on the third spoke.

How to connect mittens with ornament? There is nothing complicated in this. You can also tie multi-colored mittens, placing on the back of a pretty pattern or pattern. For example, the most common question: "How to tie mittens with a pattern -" chess ". To do this, we sew a few loops with one color, the next few with another. After a couple of rows, we change the colors in places. So it turns out a pattern in checkerboard pattern. There is also a lot of simple drawings that even beginners can do in knitting. Very easy, beautiful, and most importantly - warm.

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