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Women's sleeveless knitted knitting needles: scheme

For many women's sleeveless knitted knits,become one of the most favorite ways of warming in the cold season. This kind of clothing is indispensable if you need to wear an easy outfit in the winter. A sleeveless shirt is simply taken off with a fur coat or a down jacket and left in the wardrobe. Vests can be used instead of a cardigan, when it's still too warm to get jackets.

women's sleeveless knitted knitting needles

In addition, women's sleeveless jackets (knitted or crocheted) are simply indispensable for those girls and women who are forced to work in cool rooms.

Beware, 100% wool!

It should be clarified that any knitted clothing willWarm only if made of natural material. Of course, the best way to warm up will be knitted sleeveless women's knitting needles made of 100% wool. True, they can have some drawbacks:

  • Pretty big weight. If you use a thin thread, the product will get easier and still be warm.
  • Propensity to shrink. Therefore, such women's sleeveless knitted knitted needles should only be washed by hand in warm (not hot) water.
  • The appearance of spools. This phenomenon is almost inevitable. Inexpensive wool rolls harder and faster than high-quality yarn, but in any case sooner or later there will appear hateful balls and fluff. Usually this happens in places where the waistcoat comes in contact with other clothes (under the arms, in the area of ​​pockets and belt, if any).

The extreme degree of rolling of the wool becomes herwallow. If you allow machine wash products or often wear it under a sheepskin coat (with a pile inside), you can find the appearance of areas reminiscent of felt. In fact, he is.

The secrets of a warm waistcoat

What to choose for knitting of a sleeveless jacket? Best suited is half wool yarn, which contains at least 50% of natural fiber. Merino wool and alpaca are recognized as leaders. Of the simpler types of yarn, sheep wool, as well as angora (rabbit fluff) and mohair (long and soft goat wool) became widespread.

sleeveless sweaters

If necessary, women's sleeveless jackets, knittedknitting needles, knitting needles, can be warmed with a sintepon or fleece lining (you do not even need a machine to sew it, you can gently attach it with a needle manually).

Selection of material

The choice of yarn should be tailored to the specificsfuture product. Simple women's sleeveless knitted sleeves can be made from almost any material. However, to form patterns, you will have to work hard:

  • For azhura, a smooth thread with tight torsion is suitable. For the down or long mohair, the pattern will not be visible.
  • The plaits look great if they are connected from smooth yarn of average thickness (250-400 m / 100 grams).
  • For jacquards it is necessary to use smooth multicolored yarns of the same thickness. Ideally, it should be one type of yarn.

Simple knitted sleeveless sleeveless T-shirt: a pattern, pattern and description

The photo below shows one of the most elementary models of tank tops that you can imagine.

women's sleeveless knitted sweaters

It is quite possible to call it a product for beginnersknitters. To produce such a waistcoat, about 400 grams of medium-thick yarn will be required (for small or very large sizes, the yarn consumption will be different).

Since there are no decorations (no patterns,no embroidery, no beads), you should choose an interesting and attractive yarn. In addition, you will need to pay attention to the quality of the main design - facial smoothness. Unbalanced, twisted, tightened or loosened loops are unacceptable here.

It is interesting that this knitted sleeveless shirt with female knitting needles (the pattern patterns confirm this) are two rectangles.

knitted sleeveless t-shirt

How to start knitting?

First of all, you should determine the density of knitting. This is done by manufacturing and measuring a control sample. As a result, it will be known how many loops and rows fall on a 10 cm canvas in height and width.

Based on these data, you need to calculate how many loops you need to type for knitting patterns. For example, let's take the following figures: 22 loops have a width of 10 cm, and 18 rows have a width of 10 cm.

So, in order to start working on a 56th-size product, you need to dial 123 loops.

The two marginal edges will be edged, and for the straps connected by garter stitching, 7 loops should be taken from each side.

The first 14 cm of the gear and the 21 cm of the backrest should be knitted with an elastic band of 2 × 2. The sequence will be as follows: 8 loops of garter stitch, 107 loops of gum, 8 loops of a plaque pattern.

Next you need to go to knitting the main fabric of the parts. We get the following algorithm: 8 stitches with garter stitch, 107 face-to-face, again 8 stitches loom.

Two details are knitted separately, sewing at the end of the job shoulder seams and tying the neck.

Attention! Buttonholes

Slots for button fastening are performed only on the transfer belt. Their size is calculated based on the diameter of the hardware.

After 2 cm from the end of the rubber band, in the manufacture of the strips, the following sequence is performed:

  • Edge, 2 loops tie, 3 close, 2 tie.
  • Work on a pattern of 107 loops.
  • Plank at the end of the row: 2 to tie, 3 to close, 3 to tie.
  • In the next row: edge, 2 tie, 3 nakida, 2 tie.
  • Work on a pattern of 107 loops.
  • Plank at the end of the row: 2 tie, 3 nakida, 3 tie.

Next, nakids (which are typed in the same way as the loops at the beginning of the very first row) are knotted like regular loops along the pattern. As a result, you should get the same number of loops as in the beginning of the row.

After 7-10 cm, repeat the algorithm.

In the same way, women's sleeveless knit crocheted knitting pants with two shelves are made.

How to make the shoulder bevels and throat?

If the width of the web is 56 cm, the width of the neck is 16 cm (35 loops), then 20 cm will remain on each shoulder (for example, 44 loops).

When the part is sufficiently fastened, the central 23 loops should be closed. Next, each shoulder is performed separately:

  • Close the 2 loops from the center of the canvas, fasten 98 loops.
  • Close 10 loops, fasten 88 loops.
  • Close 2 loops, run 86.
  • In the same way, close 2 more loops from the center one more time, and from the edge 3 more times 10 loops each and 4 loops once.

The second shoulder is performed similarly.

Finished parts should be sewn, focusing on the picture. On the closed hinges of the neck you need to dial loops (with the help of a hook or knitting needle). They put on circular knitting needles and knit the neck (from 2 to 18 cm).

If the master wishes, she can usesome pattern instead of facial smoothness. Such a knitted sleeveless woman's knitting needles (the scheme can be absolutely any) is useful to women of different compositions.

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