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What is a bankroll? Theory of poker for a beginner

Steel nerves, fabulous prize-winning, defiantstrategy, reading opponents - all this is poker. This game is known to many for a long time, but right now it is experiencing its real peak of popularity. With each passing day there are hundreds or even thousands of newcomers trying to learn the successful strategy of the game and snatch off their mouth-watering slice from constantly playing out millions.

Basics of bankroll - rescue for beginners

Whoever the person is - a talented mathematician,a professional psychologist or an experienced card player - in any case, at the first stage of poker learning, he will experience certain difficulties. The first thing you need to know (and as soon as possible) an inexperienced poker player is what is a bankroll and how to lead it. After all, the length of his "career" depends on this. Too many people attack the same rake, and then, desperate, they throw everything, even without knowing all the charms of this card game.

what is a bankroll

Of course, it is worth considering what isBankroll, in the event that you play poker for money. After all, only with the loss of something valuable the person starts to make more balanced and adequate actions, evaluates every moment of the game, analyzes. But in this there is a downside: the burden of responsibility sometimes leads to thoughtless risky actions that can lead to bankruptcy. This is what the bankroll rules are designed to save.

Dispersion is inevitable

To begin with, you need to understand the poker player atmoney, that sooner or later there will come a black streak. It is impossible to win all the time, even if you do everything absolutely right, soberly weighing every step. In this game, the share of luck is also important. In fact, any card can become a nut, and, according to the laws of probability theory, it will not always be just for you. In order not to become prematurely bankrupt on these black days, it is necessary to strictly adhere to the rules that bankroll-management regulates.

poker for money

So, a little bit of specifics. What is a bankroll? This is, in fact, your bank. Buy-in - the amount that will be withdrawn from you for participating in the tournament. In case you play in a cash game - the blinds are the alternative, which you will definitely have to bet at the table. The rules of bankroll management just adjust the ratio of buy-in and blinds to the player's bank in order to feel confident on the chosen limit.

Theory of bankroll for cash games

If from the first steps of poker conquest you decidetry your hand at cache, you should stick to the unshakable rule: play limits on the basis that your bank is equal to or exceeds 300 big blinds. For example, you chose a table behind which you play blinds 1/2. It turns out that your bankroll should be at least 2 x 300 = 600. This is done so that you can feel relaxed at the table and are not afraid to play the border hand, hoping for luck.

bankroll management
Also it is necessary to adhere to one more rule: you can not lose more than 5% of the bank. For example, let's make a small calculation: you sat at the table with a stack of 200 with blinds 1/2. In case your buy-in is reduced to 170 due to a number of losses and unsuccessful hands, you do not have the right to continue playing at this limit - you can not afford it anymore, think about switching to a lower limit.

Theory of bankroll for MTT

With tournaments it is different. The specificity of a multi-table game is significantly different from the cache. There is no time to wait, the blinds automatically grow and sooner or later they will start biting your stack. Before the prize zone you have to play many hours, and all this time you hang in the balance, risking to be without prize money. Despite the length and complexity, MTT is very popular, and it is due to the fact that here the most "tasty" prize. Hundreds, thousands, tens of thousands of dollars can be played in one tournament.

Such fabulous prize-winning cash games for one eveningon microlits not to earn. But do not throw expensive tournaments in the hope of earning more. There is also a bankroll rule for MTT: you must have an amount equal to 40 buy-ins for the tournament. Here is an example: your bank is 100 conventional units, in which case you can afford to play tournaments no more than 2.50.

Adequate assessment of opportunities

With the search for answers to the question about what isbankroll, faced by newcomers who decided to play for money in online rooms. It is here that you can immerse yourself in poker completely. You can play several tables at once for many hours, and these tables will be completely different plans: tournaments, cash games, limit hold'em, Omaha, SnG.

bankroll rules
Therefore, and created rules for conducting a bankroll,so that, after playing, not fly away in the negative on the first evening. Having learned in advance what a bankroll is, you will ensure a longer existence in the poker arena, even if not as a world star, but at least as an adequate and promising player. If you learn to strictly manage your bank, you will automatically have no psychological problems. The next black bar in the game is simply not able to knock you down, because in poker is won by someone who knows how to stand on the distance, and not in one hand.

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