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Bezel with your own hands. Tips for choosing rims

It is not that difficult to make a rim with your own hands. Not only is this a beautiful and stylish accessory, so he also supports hair, and also transforms the hairdress. Depending on what materials you will use to create an accessory, such complexity will be the work. For example, it is easiest to work with ribbons, beads and glue, felt, fabrics, harder with clay and beads - you will need at least some experience or a gift for needlework.


In ancient times the headband was maderarely in the form of a ring, more often in the form of a semicircle. To date, these accessories are so popular that they are worn not only by children, but also by adult wealthy women. Each designer creates his own collection of original rims. Decorate this accessory for hair with paillettes, feathers, bows and bows, rhinestones, ribbons and many others - the imagination of manufacturers is endless. The big plus is their small value, especially the rims without ornaments, simple, which can be used as a basis for creating your own original masterpiece. In addition, thanks to the low price, you can purchase several copies of a different color and style. Since the bezels fit almost to any person, they can be worn by both female students and business ladies, it will completely complete the image chosen by the woman.

How to wear and choose bezels

The bezel should fit the size of a hat, itDo not press or be too loose. You need to choose an accessory of this size, so that it holds well on your hair and does not cause any inconvenience. But if you can not choose a product of suitable size, you can always move the excessively pressing rim, and which slides off - to fix on the head with invisible hairpins.

Products come in a variety of colors and styles, forstudy and work fine thin bezel of strict classical colors - black, white, gray without any ornaments is perfect. You can use color accessories made of plastic and metal with rhinestones, as well as many others, the range is simply immense. In addition, you can always make a bezel with your own hands, so that it is already guaranteed to come to your side. After all, you always need to have accessories that complement the image.

We make a bezel with our own hands made of ribbon and artificial flowers

We need a simple bezel of medium width,a ribbon of suitable color (it is better to choose a satin green width about one centimeter). A bouquet of small artificial flowers, the main thing - that the flowers were divided into twigs, and at the same time, the tip of each of them was long. In addition, you will need a needle and thread in the tone of the tape, colorless glue. First we take the rim and from the very tip carefully glue the tape in such a way that you can not see the beginning of the rim or the ends of the tape. Then we start carefully wrapping the tape around it, somewhere at the level of the ears under the tape we spread the twigs with flowers in a chaotic order. The tips should completely hide under it. We do this until the very end, where the tape is carefully sewn with the help of a needle and thread. The bezel is ready!

In fact, the hairband with your own handsdo not too difficult, in addition to materials, you will need hands and a good imagination. It is not necessary to have a gift for design, because you can perform work on the sketches of other people, and the product will not be any worse, just change the general composition and color gamut a little, you can add something from yourself, for example, beads and ribbons, some other decor, you can ready. And for skilled workers, for example, it will not be difficult to fashion flowers from clay and place them on a base, such an accessory will be unique, it's hardly possible to repeat it exactly. Bead, your own hands made - the best decoration of your hair!

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