/ How to decorate shorts to give them an attractive look?

How to decorate shorts to give them an attractive look?

Remaking old things is a creative process. How to decorate shorts, jeans, trousers, which can still be worn for several seasons, but whose appearance is simply fed up? First of all, look into the chest (suitcase, entresol). What of the other wardrobe - unnecessary, but so carefully stored - can be put into action? Surely some old leather things were lying around somewhere - jackets, bags,

how to decorate shorts
gloves. Suede dresses or elegant or mischievous stripes are a great idea.

How to decorate shorts? Leather flowers, geometric shapes, fancy shapes, fringe can be put on a button or - even faster - on a rivet or eyelet. How to decorate shorts that have worn around the edges? Sew funny ruffles or lace. In alterations, everything that only comes to your mind is appropriate. There are no canons and requirements. And you can make a fringe on your own. How to decorate shorts with it? Cut the bottom of the trousers at a height of 3-5 centimeters into narrow strips, then take out the transverse threads. Funny beads, which can be planted on the fringe, will only add charm. And how to decorate the shorts in the waist? From above, you can also sew lace or braid. Leather or furniture cords used as a belt, will be an excellent decoration.

decorate your denim shorts with your own hands

Do not forget about the pockets. One of the easiest to implement ideas of how to decorate old shorts - sew on them valves or simply trim, for example, lace leather tape. Lightning, even obsolete, can also be used as an original decor. Sew them in any order, cutting first into segments of different lengths. More spectacular and original look metal zippers, but you can also use plastic. You can decorate jeans shorts with your own hands and with the help of eyelets and rivets. It's not necessary to go to the workshop, just use a special automatic machine or even a simple hammer to stuff the rivets you like. Especially this method of decor is suitable for men's models. Leather appliqués in combination with lightning or eyelets will help create a Gothic or Punk style.

how to decorate old shorts

Simple denim shorts can be reala work of art in skillful hands. Individual character will give them embroidery or elements of painting on the fabric. If you take bulk paints for textiles, you can create convex patterns. And you can sew on trousers and frills. And it is not necessary to process the edges. In a fashion now uneven "ragged" seams. To make a frill, take strips of fabric 1.5-2 times longer than the circumference of the bottom of the leg. Lay a wide line on the machine, and then pull the thread of the shuttle. In the assembled form, attach the frill to the leg, pin with pins. You can disguise the seam with braid or decorative stitching. By the way, the latter will be an excellent and simple solution to how to decorate shorts quickly and inexpensively. Take bright threads of contrasting colors and build a decorative stitch in one or more rows on the car. Clothes decorated with their own hands, will please longer than the purchased store items. Appliques, painting on fabric, lace or decorative seams - all these techniques can be used separately, and also to combine them.

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