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How to take a picture of fruits in water

Clear clear water, bright fruit, a whirlwind of air bubbles - together it all looks very impressive. If you are learning to shoot, be sure to try and master this technique.

Materials and equipment

In order to beautifully take off the fruit in the water, weYou need a scuba diving, a diving suit, a camera with a shooting function at a depth and a ticket to a tropical island. Have you believed? Not surprisingly, because some pictures of sinking fruit cause exactly such ideas about the work of the photographer.

In fact, to remove fruits in the water, there is no need to go anywhere. We need the following:

  • glassware, preferably square or rectangular;
  • thin sheet of styrofoam;
  • needles;
  • fruit;
  • highly carbonated water;
  • camera.


Why soda? Unlike ordinary water, it allows you to get just amazing bubbles. Try to just throw a strawberry in a glass with a sprite for a short while, and you will soon see that it is covered with spectacular transparent beads.

Fruit in the water

From the foam plastic we cut out a piece that repeats the shapethe bottom of the glassware. The dishes themselves, of course, should be very clean. If you are just learning to shoot fruits in water, first take a vessel with flat walls: an aquarium, a vase, a flask. Later it will be possible to experiment with the convex walls. Foam is plastered to the bottom, and the fruit prikolite him needles. Now you can pour water.

If you have a lightbox, this will greatly simplify the task - just put the object in it. If not, take care of the background, which will shine through the vessel.

After you take the first pictures of the fruit, continue the experiments, remove the sinking and floating fruits in the water. Perhaps for this task you will need an assistant.

fruit in the water photo

Camera Settings

Depending on the model, select thesettings. Of course, you can make a similar shooting and in the "Auto" mode. But experiments with aging can give remarkable effects. The smaller it is, the sharper the shots (do not forget that in such cases you need additional light). At long exposures, the trailing plume of bubbles will merge.

Use all the possibilities of your camera, experiment with the side and the diaphragm, so that the fruit in the water, the photos of which you make, looked as effective as possible.

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