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Crafts from the mounting foam - creative in the garden area

Recently, crafts from mounting foam,which are located in the garden areas, are very popular. From this building material you can make any figures that can turn into animals, people, other heroes. Such garden accessories as well as possible emphasize the individuality of each site, give it its own unique shade and style. Also important is the fact that such things are made by themselves, therefore, they always have a part of the soul of the person who made them.

Crafts from mounting foam

In order to understand how to make crafts frommounting foam for the decoration of the site, "Samodelkin at the dacha" will come to the rescue. Each figure has its own instruction, as well as a list of materials that may be needed. And there is nothing wise - most often these sculptures are made from improvised means, which can be found in every house. The main thing is to have imagination and abstract thinking, and then any piece of art can have a unique and very attractive appearance.

In order to make artifacts from the mounting foamturned out not only beautiful, but also served a very long time, it is desirable to use high-quality building material. Also, do not save on the foam - the denser the sculpture, the longer it will be able to maintain its properties, therefore, "live" in the garden, taking into account all the atmospheric phenomena, it will also be very long.

Samodelkin at the cottage

As a rule, garden sculptures from mounting foamhave their basis on which they hold. The frame of the craft can be made of thick wire, metal or wood. Partly the base of the craft from the foam should repeat its future forms, but it should be assumed that the final size will be increased several times. Its perfect appearance, such an invention of art acquires only after the foam completely solidifies and settles. Therefore, "blowing" the frame of the sculpture with foam, you need to remember that as a result, it will slightly change its shape.

Garden Sculptures

After the artifacts from the mounting foamfreeze, they need to be dyed. Often, oil paints are used to give sculptures a colorful appearance, but they can be replaced with acrylic or some other. The main thing is that the paint can withstand moisture and wind and not spoil from other external stimuli. With high-quality painting, the mounting foam is covered with an additional protective sheath, so it retains its qualities for a longer period.

Sculptures, which are produced for the garden by itshands, can have the most unexpected forms. It can be antique columns, pseudostat of gods and mythical heroes, however these things are difficult to make. Simple and accessible for all artifacts from mounting foam - ladybugs, gnomes, trunks and flowers. The garden can also be decorated with artificial mushrooms of various sizes. The original solution will be the alternation of garden sculptures: in the summer on the site there can be flowers and fruits from the assembly foam, in the autumn - mushrooms and yellow leaves, in the winter - snowflakes, and in the spring - small birds.

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