/ How to finish knitting a scarf. Tips for Beginner Knitters

How to finish knitting a scarf. Tips for Beginner Knitters

Knitting a scarf is a very convenient job forbeginners knitters to master the first skills of skill and at the same time produce something useful and necessary. Knowing the truth about the fact that scarves do not happen much, that this is a necessary and universal thing in the wardrobe, scarves can be associated with so many different, thin, lacy, thick and warm, for warmth and ornaments. Therefore, learning to knit, creating unique accessories, is simple and profitable, especially since scarves are knitted on both knitting needles and crochet.

The very first scarf is better to bind simple knit,front and back loops. If you tie one face and one back loop, and in the subsequent rows knit the way the hinges are arranged, you will get a scarf tied with an elastic band. You can tie the canvas only with facial loops, such a pattern is called "rope" or garter stitch. Having connected the scarf with a facial smooth knitting (1 row with the front, 2 rows with the back loops) and slightly pulling it, get the original accessory twisted into the "sausage". In short, even a beginner knitter will be able to experiment and show imagination.

When the work comes to an end, it always risesa question: how to finish knitting? First of all, the loop must be "closed", i.e. form the edge of a knitted product. This is done very simply. There are two easiest ways to "close" loops.

How to finish a knitting scarf

The first reception. You tied a scarf of the correct length and you want to quit. After loosing the last row, the loops remain on the left spoke. We take the right free spoke and we untangle not one, as usual, but at once two extreme loops with a facial loop. Then loop, which formed on the right spoke, put on back to the left and again we sew the two outer hinges together face. So we knit until there is no last loop on the right spoke. Then we cut off the thread from the coil, draw it through the loop and tighten it. It turned out to be a smooth closed edge of knitting. Closing the loops, you should not pull the thread, tying them, try to do it as freely as possible, otherwise the edge of knitting will get pulled together. Closing the knitting with an elastic band, the loops must be tied with the front and the back, alternating them. The two outer facial loops are tied to the front, and the purlins to the back. Otherwise, the edge will be stretched and ugly.

The second way. Instead of the right knitting needle, we take the crochet hook and, grabbing the two extreme loops from the left knitting needle, we sew them together. So repeat to the very end. In the last loop pass the tip of the thread and tighten it.

How to finish knitting a scarf. Decoration techniques

Smoothly beautifully closed edge of knitting can beleave as is. How to finish knitting a scarf with various decorative techniques? The simplest is to make long fluffy brushes. For brushes 12-15 cm in length, the wool from which the scarf was connected is cut into the same lengths, approximately 25-30 cm. The longer the brush, the more beautiful. Collect these segments into bundles, large enough, fold in half, then a thick crochet hook is inserted into the edge edge of the scarf, grips the loop of the beam, stretches it through the knitted fabric, and the ends of the bundle are threaded into the elongated loop, and the loop is tightened. The result is a brush. The same brush is made on the opposite end of the scarf. Between brushes at the same distance around the edge of the scarf stretch brushes.

You can decorate the edge of the scarf with a fur ribbon. Cut a thin ribbon from a piece of fur, or buy a ready-made fur-skirt from the store and thread it spirally along the edge of a knitted scarf.

Scarfs draw pompons of wool and fur. Make a fur pompon is very simple. To do this, cut a circle from the piece of fur, along the very edge of this circle from the wrong side, lay the chalk stitches with a needle and thread, then tighten the thread, fill the hole with cotton wool or sintepon and tighten the thread to the end. The hole of the pompon is sewn neatly with hidden stitches. These pompoms make out the whole edge of the scarf, or the edge is pulled together and sewed one pompom.

How to finish knitting a scarf using jewelry,Crocheted? Simple and very beautiful decorations are obtained from ordinary thin ribbons, connected by columns without a crochet. The first row - knit a chain of air loops of about 15-20 cm. The second row - in each air loop of the chain is tying a column without a crochet. How to finish crochet? To fix the last loop, the thread from the coil is cut off, the end is threaded into the knitting loop and tightened with a thread. Knitted thin ribbons are themselves twisted by a spiral. Spirals are sewed like brushes on the edge of the scarf.

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