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Chinese riddles for children and adults

It's no secret that the children adore guessing riddles. Much more than reading books or even watching TV. And the age here does not play a special role.

Chinese riddles are a great pleasurealso for adults. It's a great way to awaken your fantasy. Chinese riddles will require you to overstep, step over the obvious to find the answer to the question asked. Why? Because this answer is completely from a different culture.

Chinese riddles. When did they appear?

So, more in detail. When the first Chinese riddles appeared, it is difficult to say. Even impossible. Answer to this question can not be found in any encyclopedia. Probably long enough.

To successfully guess the Chinese riddleit is necessary to read its condition as carefully as possible. In it lies the whole secret. In ancient times, such problems existed verbally and passed from mouth to mouth. Over time, they began to write down. And later - to publish whole collections. They contain the real deep wisdom of the people.

Chinese riddles

The most interesting puzzles

A lot of Chinese mysteries gave us history. This is not at all surprising. After all, ancient civilizations living in this area thousands of years ago, left behind many secrets and secrets, which until now remained unsolved. Modern Chinese scientists and now regularly come up with a variety of exciting tasks that increase the intellectual level of a person.

Chinese puzzles children of this countrybegin to be engaged in the preschool age. They are offered all sorts of educational games. Well, in order to go to school, they are forced to pass a special test consisting of several logical tasks. They, by the way, seem quite complex even for adults.

Chinese riddles to logic

Ancient puzzles

Let's consider examples. Here are a couple of ancient Chinese riddles on logic.

  1. As soon as dawn, one hardworking old man goes to work. If he does not go there, then a strong wind blows on the street or it's raining. (The sun).
  2. Two round cakes are brought to the gates every day. One is as cold as ice. The second one is hot. (Moon and sun).

complex Chinese riddles

Modern puzzles

To date, there are also more and more diverse tasks. Below are modern Chinese riddles on logic with answers.

  1. Five brothers live next door. They do not stand for growth. Names are different. (Fingers).
  2. When people undress - she, on the contrary, gets dressed. When people take off their hats, she puts them on. (Hanger).
  3. A fragile girl in the water was born. She sails in a pink dress on a green boat. (Lotus).
  4. Hard and white, like snow. It is washed three times a day. At night he rests. (Piala).
  5. Eight brothers around the axis are spinning. If they decide to scatter, they will tear all their clothes. (Garlic).
  6. There is a face, but there is no mouth. No hands, but there are four legs, and they do not go. (Table).
  7. In a green dress, with a watery belly, with black babies inside. (Watermelon).

Chinese riddles on logic with answers

The most difficult riddles

And finally. Look at the most complex Chinese riddles. To solve them you need to use knowledge from several disciplines.

  1. A bear fell into the pit. He fell for two seconds. The depth of the pit is 19.617 meters. What color was the animal? There are five variants of answers: black-brown, gray, brown, black or white. We are looking for a solution. We use the physical formula for finding the distance: S = gt2 / 2. The acceleration of gravity (g) is 9.8085. After this, it is necessary to use a table in which the values ​​of free fall in different latitudes are indicated. It turns out that the value found is typical for 44 degrees of latitude. On this parallel in the southern hemisphere, bears are not found. That is, we consider only the northern latitude. We pay attention to the fact that the pit was excavated in the ground. So it's for the land bear. In a word, only black or brown animals are suitable. Hunting for brown bears is very dangerous, and they live in the mountains, where pits are not so easy to dig. And these animals are appreciated less. We draw a conclusion: we are talking about a black bear.
  2. No less interesting is the riddle about parking. There are six parking spaces in front of you. One of them is occupied. All the places are numbered in this order: 16-06-68-88- ... -98. It is necessary to guess where the car is. Such a mystery is offered in China to children when entering the first class, in order to assess their ability to think logically. And the correct answer is not so easy to find. It is necessary to turn the picture 180 degrees. It turns out that the numbers go one after the other in order. That is, the right decision: 87! In a word, the Chinese are able to confuse! And all we have to do is make our brain work 100%!
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