/ How to make a doll Monster High? With our hands, we fulfill the desires of the daughter-daughter

How to make a doll Monster High? With our hands, we fulfill the desires of the daughter-daughter

how to make a doll monster high by your own hands
Since 2010 and to this day in the world of toysthe leading place is occupied by a series of dolls of Monster High. The heroes of this collection are beautiful and stylish. Pupae very quickly gained popularity, taking away the fame of the most famous Barbie and Ken. All the characters in the Monster High series are representatives of evil spirits. But they are very nice and cute. And today every girl between the ages of 3 and 16 dreams to have if not the entire collection, then at least one or two such pupae. It should be noted that the price of such an original toy is high, and not every family can afford to buy Monster High toys. But if you really want your darling daughter to give a doll-monster, try to make it yourself at home. Of course, you can not make such a toy from scratch, but an old Barbie or a doll from the Bratz series can be turned into a very nice monster. How to make a doll of Monster High with your own hands? See the tips in this article.

Choose an image

Before learning how to make a doll Monster High,talk to her daughter about which heroine from the series of dolls she wants to get as a result of the alteration. Next, find the picture of this monster girl and study it carefully. Choose the materials you need to create a new image: fabric and skin for sewing clothes and shoes, markers for drawing facial features and make-up, accessories for making hairstyles.

how to make a doll monster high
How to make a doll of Monster High with your own hands? Begin with makeup and tattoos

Guide make-up to the newly-made monster girlit is possible with the help of markers or multi-colored hair varnishes. The work is quite "jeweler", since the little pupa's face is small and all lines need to be held very carefully. But do not worry, if at first you do not get it done. The varnish can easily be removed with a special agent, and the marker can be cleaned with alcohol. Each doll has a tattoo. They are located on the back, arms or on the chest. Do not forget to highlight them, too.

Hairstyle and headdresses. How to make?

The Monster High Doll with its own hands we are reworkingfrom Barbie or Bratz. And as you know, they all have long hair. Therefore, you do not have to work particularly hard. Monster girls also almost all have a lush long hair. The only thing you should pay attention to is the hair color. You can repaint the doll with a colored tonic for natural hair. Yes, you have to spend money on it, but the result is worth it. The eyes of your daughter will glow with happiness when she takes in hand almost real Monster High. On the head of the heroines of this series there are accessories. It can be hats, hats, rims with horns, bows, caps. They can be sewn or borrow something similar to the same Barbie or Bratz.

Clothes and footwear

If you have basic sewing skills, thenYou will not be able to make a wardrobe for a doll. Pick up similar in color and texture fabric flaps and open clothing items. For a basis it is possible to take dresses, trousers of other dolls, suitable on the size. It will be more difficult to create shoes. But here you can find a way out. Execute it from the skin or dermantinum. Alternatively, you can use Barbie shoes, repainted with varnish in the desired color.

monster hi toys
That's it. You have received an answer to the question of how to make a doll of Monster High by yourself. And let it be not an original toy, but homemade, but for your child she will surely become the most beloved, because her mother did it. Successful rework!

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