/ How to knit a blanket to make it cozy and warm?

How to knit a rug to make it cozy and warm?

When it's cold, what do you use to protect and create comfort? Of course, the warmest and furry plaid is the most comfortable. He will warm, and the eye will please, and create an atmosphere of security. Naturally, you can buy a rug by picking one,who will like it. But how nice to wrap yourself in a shawl created by own hands! Knit plaid is not difficult. Do not be afraid of the size. In fact, a rectangular shawl is even easier to create than a pullover or a small hat.

knit plaid

How to calculate the number of threads?

For the product to please itsfunctionality, you need to choose the right material. When you are going to knit a rug, go to the selection of yarn carefully. First, consider whether the product will be monophonic or multicolored. When will you use it? How to care? The best is to use an acrylic thread, but it does not heat very much. Wool is beautiful and warm, but it is difficult to take care of. It also "slides", which spoils the appearance of the product. So it turns out that knit plaid is necessary depending on its purpose. Children - it is necessary with a wool, "day off" - from an acrylic thread, summer - from a clap. Determined with the material? Now tie a sample of forty to forty centimeters.

knitted plaid knitting needles
Calculate how much material left and byproportion, calculate how much thread is needed for the whole product. Usually a good plaid takes up to one kilogram of thread, depending on their thickness. Note that fine yarn will go less.

What are knitted plaids (knitting needles)?

Schemes of products can be found in books and magazines. But there is nothing difficult in their own development. It is only necessary to understand that the plaid can be tied with one "monolith" (in this case it fits the whole). And there is a variant of making a product from pieces. Each scheme has its advantages. Monolithic is very beautiful, but it is inconvenient to knit because of the volume of the product. A rug, made up of pieces, looks very attractive, and it is easier to make it. Each element is knitted separately, thus it is possible to use not only different colors, but also various drawings. Fantasy in such a product can be shown to the full! Then all the elements are sewn together. This option is often used by active knitters. They have a lot of threads from the products, which they let on "a warm fantasy".

A simple option

If you do not have knitting experience, then it is recommended not tochoose a too complicated first product. Have you decided to knit a blanket? Try to make it out of elements made by garter stitch. You can use threads of the same color or different. You will need to bind a certain number of squares measuring ten by ten cm. Then sew them together. Making up the product, it's easy

knitted children's blankets chart
Rotate the elements 90 degrees relative to the direction of the mating. This method will decorate the rug and give it volume.

How to tie a plaid for a baby?

Mommies often muffle children in warm shawls, whenit gets colder in the evenings, and at other times. Of course, it is better to put in a stroller a masterpiece, performed by one's own hands! It's beautiful, and you can show off to your girlfriends. Knitted children's rugs, the schemes of which you will find in specialized magazines, you can take a walk, and on the road. It should be taken into account that the product for the baby should be not only warm, but also light. After all, he often has to be carried on his own shoulders with his child. For such a rug, it is recommended to purchase a woolen thread for children's products. It is a bit "looser" in composition, therefore, it better preserves heat, the product is somewhat easier. In addition, such a thread will not irritate the tender baby skin. That is, it will not become a "prick". Yes, and the manufacturer provides a choice of delicate colors, which will satisfy any mom.

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