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"Super-Card" ("Rosbank") banking services package: reviews, conditions, tariffs

"Supercard" from "Rosbank" is not easydebit card in its classical form, this is a large package of services, which includes many interesting offers. According to the statement of the credit and financial organization, holders of such plastic receive "super-high". What does this bank offer its unusual and real customers? "Rosbank" described the "Overcards" as an advantageous product for users with above average income.

What is a SuperMark?

Presentation of a package of banking servicesinterested in a large number of citizens. Initially, the organization planned to finalize the release of "Supercarta" in the fall of 2015. However, you can design an interesting product to this day. The package of services includes:

  1. The main card is Visa Gold.
  2. Additional plastic in the amount of two pieces: Classic and Gold.
  3. Four active accounts in different currencies: rubles, US dollars, euros and Chinese yuan. They can be tied to the received cards.
  4. Savings deposit "Super Counting".

For each product, the owner of "Superkarty" receives additional bonuses or rewards.

rosbank reviews

From the first glance it becomes clear thatthe program promises a significant benefit to its owner. However, this is not the limit. "Rosbank" updated the package of services, and a new product, even more interesting, "Supercarta +" turned out. It included a bonus card Visa Platinum, Gold and Classic, four foreign currency accounts and a deposit. The owners of the extended version of the program have more privileges in service and benefits from purchases from PJSC "Rosbank". "Supercard", the conditions for obtaining which will be discussed further, will appeal to active and wealthy people.

How to apply for a product?

To get a package of services, you need to visitBranch of the bank, located at the place of residence of a potential client. It's worth taking the passport and the document confirming the work experience with you. Individuals aged 22 to 65 can apply. The standard clearance procedure in the bank has some specific feature, due to which the "Super-Card" card from "Rosbank" is available under preferential terms. Promotional code - and there is this interesting detail for free annual service. The combination of numbers and letters is provided to the current client for distribution in any way. When applying for a card, an individual displays a promotional code, which saves on maintenance in the first year.

It is noteworthy that the program to attractextends to existing clients of PJSC "Rosbank". "Supercard", the conditions for obtaining which are fairly simple, not the limit of dreams for many people. After the announcement of the "Superkart +" service package, there are more cases of switching to this tariff plan with simpler ones, which can also be done with a promotional code, having received a year of service as a gift.

Advantages of premium cards

To issue Visa Gold or Platinum offers eachbank. Rosbank was no exception. Focusing on the high incomes of cardholders of this level, he created a unique offer for businessmen and financially successful people. The bank set consists of the basic tools necessary for large purchases, travel, payments abroad.

rosbank overcard conditions

Visa Gold and Visa Platinum - it's convenient, profitable and prestigious. Cards of this level open up many opportunities for their owners, among them:

  • a high limit for a one-time withdrawal of funds;
  • free replacement in an emergency in a short time;
  • legal advice and medical insurance for travelers;
  • bonus program;
  • discounts on air tickets, the best hotels and restaurants in the world with the possibility of booking;
  • preferential rental of vehicles.

The platinum card additionally includes an enhanced concierge service and two types of insurance for purchases.


Pleasant service cacheback is provided for packagesservices "Super-Card", "Super-Card +". True conditions for its calculation vary. For example, for owners of the first version of the product cashback is charged for every 3 months at a rate of 10%. But in order to receive such a considerable reward, the total amount of purchases should be at least 75 thousand rubles. At the same time every 3 months, the bank changes the categories for which it encourages its customers. In 2016, under the "Super-Card" ("Rosbank") program, which is very positive about reviews, the following sections of purchases for which cashback is credited are established:

  • from January to March - health and beauty;
  • from April to June - home comfort;
  • from July to September - children's goods and entertainment;
  • from October to December - restaurants.

Calculations for services or goods not included in the above categories are rewarded with a return of 1% of the payment amount to the account.

overblock from the bank's pros and cons

"Supercard +" will please its owners with 7%Cacheback, which is charged to the same categories as the previous program. True, the minimum amount of purchases will be 20 thousand rubles. When paying for goods and services not included in the list, 1% is returned to the cardholder.

But newcomers expect a pleasant surprise from the program"Overcard." Rosbank, whose reviews are mostly positive, provides a 7% cashback in the first three months of using the card. It should be taken into account that the monthly remuneration is limited to 5 thousand rubles.

Remuneration on the balance of funds

In addition to the benefits that the user receivesfrom premium Visa Gold and Visa Platinum cards, the bank offers its own bonuses under the "Super-Card" program. "Rosbank", customer reviews about which are quite good, provides cardholders with a remuneration for the balance of money on the card. The annual interest rate is as follows:

  • with a balance of less than 250 thousand rubles. - 5.5%, more than 6.5%;
  • on account less than $ 3000 - 0.25%, more than - 0.3%;
  • less than € 3,000 - 0.15%, more than 0.2%.

The fee is charged for the full amount of funds.

Participants in the "Super-Card +" program can receivefrom 6.5% to 7% per annum of the balance on the ruble account (if stored up to 2 million or more, respectively), 0.35-0.4% in US dollars and 0.1% in euros.


Sometimes withdrawing funds becomes a big problemfor plastic holders: you need to calculate how much it is more profitable to take off taking into account the commission, and the "native" terminal is not always at hand. Holders of "Overcards" do not know the problems with cashing, because "Rosbank" took care of its customers as well as possible. You can withdraw money from the card without commission not only in the "native" ATM, but also with the help of partner terminals. Among them are Alfa Bank, VTB-24, Gazprombank, Rosselkhozbank and many others. A free withdrawal is available worldwide and in the devices of the Societe Generale group.

bank rosbank

If cash is needed through the cashier, you will have to pay a small commission to Rosbank - 0.5% of the amount (minimum 29 rubles.) Or 1% of a third-party organization (minimum 150 rubles).


From the card you can not only withdraw money, but alsoreplenish her account if necessary. To perform the operation you need to know the contract number with the bank or card number. It will take a passport if the enrollment happens through the cashier. The plastic owner has several options for replenishment: transfer from another card, making money through the terminal, cash register or online service. To replenish the account, the bank set a limit - no more than 75 thousand rubles for one transfer of a Card to Card and no more than 500 thousand per month for online transactions.

"Supercard" ("Rosbank"): tariffs for services

Like any other product, the service package"Supercart" should be paid annually. "Rosbank" collects a commission for service on a monthly basis. The difference between the two cards is only 50 rubles: the initial version of "Superkart" will cost 450 rubles. per month, and the advanced "Superkart +" will cost 500 rubles. per month. Having calculated the amount for the year, you can be sure that these products are not created for every citizen.

overcard card from rosbank promotional code

But wealthy people will be pleased with one smallthe condition that "Rosbank" puts forward. "Supercard", the cost of which in the usual case will be 54 thousand rubles, will be serviced completely free of charge with an aggregate balance of 250 thousand rubles. The same applies to the package of services "Superkarta +".

Terms of "Overdraft"

Term deposit is available on the program"Overcard." The version of the package of services with Visa Platinum does not have such a function. The deposit is valid for 3 months. On the preservation can be put from 1000 to 250 thousand rubles. The reward equals 10% of the amount, it can be capitalized or transferred to the main account using an online service.

Overcard plus rosbank purchases on the Internet

After the end of the term, all funds can be withdrawn. Under the "Superkart +" program, the deposit does not open, only savings accounts with accrued interest are available.

"Supercard" from "Rosbank": pros and cons

Any plastic can bring its owner asbenefit, and complete disappointment in banking services. In order not to miss with the choice of such an important payment instrument in modern life as a card, it is worthwhile weighing the pros and cons and at the same time studying the reviews of the clients that have already used the services. Based on the experience of the owners of the "Superkart", we will highlight the main advantages:

  • PayWave payment technology;
  • high card protection;
  • profitable cashback;
  • the best offers from premium Visa cards;
  • a lot of bills and plastic;
  • high limits on cashing;
  • remuneration for the balance of accounts;
  • free withdrawal of funds and a large network of partner banks.

supercounta rosbank fares

Apparently, the list is impressive. Customers noted many positive aspects of the "Super-Card", but what were they dissatisfied with? Common reasons for negative comments towards the product are:

  • high maintenance cost;
  • a lot of points that must be observed in order to make the use of the card profitable;
  • paid SMS-service;
  • the uselessness of a large number of accounts and cards.

"Superclass" from "Rosbank", the pros and cons of which were discussed above, is still good enough and in its own way beneficial. The main problem is that it is really available to a small audience.


On the "Supercarte" a lot of talk on the web and onTV. Advertising beckoned new customers, people passed on codes to each other and advised a unique package of services. Those who did not manage to issue "Supercarte", gladly agreed to the updated program "Supercarte Plus" ("Rosbank"). Online shopping with fraud protection and additional guarantee, cashback bonuses, premium card benefits, savings accounts in foreign currency - all this can be obtained as a single product. Those for whom the balance of 250 thousand rubles - a habitual matter, appreciated the functionality of the "Super-Card". In other cases, the program is unreasonably expensive and promises losses rather than benefits. Users are advised to make out a package of services only when it is really needed, and the owner has enough funds to service it. In general, "Supercard" ("Rosbank") reviews are good.

A unique package of services offers its presentand future customers of Rosbank. It consists of 3 debit cards and 4 savings accounts in different currencies. The use of "Super-Card" will bring real pleasure to people with a high level of prosperity.

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