/ What is the RTS index?

What is the RTS index?

In the stock market, there are various indices. Among them - the MICEX, RTS, S & P, Dow Jones and others. This article is devoted to one of the leading indicators of securities trading in Russia, such as the RTS index.

Indicator of the stock market

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The stock index is an indicatorstock market. Thanks to him you can see the average value of changing stock prices. The necessity and significance of stock indices consists in a real assessment of the state and behavior of the relevant sector of the financial market.

In the present period of time for the formationThe economy of developed countries the importance of the securities market is growing enormously. This forces us to pay due attention to the review and analysis of the state of this market, as well as to apply special relative and absolute indicators, including stock indices.

The most popular indices in Russia

stock index

To date, there is a large numberboth foreign and Russian indices. Historically, the MICEX became the most famous and widespread on the territory of the Russian Federation:

  • M - Moscow.
  • M - interbank.
  • B - currency.
  • B - stock exchange.

And also RTS:

  • P is Russian.
  • T - trading.
  • C is a system.

These two stock exchanges are the largest in Russia. They can trade in a variety of financial instruments: bonds, futures, stocks and many others.

The largest exchange

The RTS Stock Exchange is an open joint-stock companysociety. The Exchange organizes free trade in shares and financial derivatives of market participants at a high technical level. Its main tasks are to form and further develop an economically successful concept for the prices of securities. The stock exchange pays much attention to the issues of nominating the Russian economy to the world level. It is one of the most significant exchanges in Russia and constitutes a serious competition for the leading domestic stock exchange, the MICEX.

stock exchange rts

Open Joint Stock Company "RTS Stock Exchange" was founded in 2003. In 2006, it became the center of the Russian Trading System Group on the basis of a non-profit partnership.

The exchange contains a number of special sites for the purpose of trading various types of securities: RTS Standart, RTS Classica, FORTS, T + O, RTS Global, RTS Start.

Detailed characterization of the index

The RTS index is one of the main indicatorstrading in securities in the Russian Federation. It exists since 1995. At first, his calculation covered 100 points. To calculate the RTS index, you need to take as a basis the prices of 50 liquid shares of the most capitalized companies located on the territory of Russia. In addition to the well-known indicator, there is RTS-2. It includes, so to speak, the shares of the "second echelon." This is all sorts of industry and technical indices.

The RTS index shows in relative terms the total market capitalization of securities of certain companies from among issuers.

The index is calculated on a regular basis, every 15 seconds following the results of trading on the stock exchange. This means that its value in real time is constantly changing.

Quarterly (four times a year)the composition of the index is revised. From the calculation base, some stocks are removed, adding others. The share of any one share, which is part of its structure, can not be more than 15 percent. It is necessary to say that the prices of shares included in the index in question, unlike the Moscow Interbank Currency Exchange, are indicated in US dollars.

Thus, one of the leading andcompetitive stock exchanges on the territory of the Russian Federation is rightfully considered to be the "Russian Trading System". RTS to some extent reflects the structure of the Russian economy.

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