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LCD "Bright Valley" (Kazan): photos and reviews

In the center of the Russian state, on the left bankall known river of the Volga, is the capital of the Republic of Tatarstan - Kazan. It is a city with a thousand-year history, which is often called the "third capital of Russia." In Kazan, there is a constant continuous tourist flow. And the population of the city by the number already exceeds one million people. LCD "Bright Valley" (Kazan) is designed to solve the issue of resettlement of city residents.

LCD "Bright Valley" Kazan

City of Kazan

In 2005, this picturesque city celebratedmillenium anniversary. Only slightly more than 800 kilometers separates it from the capital of the state. Repeatedly the city became the venue for various championships. The flow of tourists who come to see the sights is great, making Kazan the eighth largest in the world in terms of attendance.

Kazan is a city with a huge numberindustrial enterprises in the field of mechanical engineering, chemical and petrochemical, light and food industries. There are three enterprises of the aviation industry, the headquarters of six companies - the largest enterprises of Russia based on the amount of revenue. The number and total area of ​​business centers, the total capital of their own banks, leads Kazan to the third place in Russia.

LCD "Bright Valley" Kazan reviews

But, unfortunately, all the institutions described are manypollute the ecological situation of the metropolis. The city authorities are struggling with the consequences of the functioning of industrial enterprises in active ways. The programs "Green Record" and "Blossoming Kazan" are implemented, within the framework of which annually several millions of flowers, many thousands of square meters of lawns are planted. In addition, sewage treatment facilities are being constructed, public transport is transferred to European fuel standards.

Location of the residential complex

LCD "Bright Valley" Kazan reviews of residents

In the city, in the Soviet area, next doorwith the Mamadysh tract, the developer chose a place for erecting the LCD "Bright Valley" (Kazan). Where the complex is located, it will not be difficult to find. If you leave the city center on the indicated transport artery, then after about 1.5 kilometers you have to turn left into Nathan Rokhlin street. On this street there are houses 1/11, 3,7, 10/3, 14/1, 14/2 and with other rooms. This is the LC "Bright Valley" (Kazan).

You can get to the complex on your own motor transport. And also on a public bus: a fixed-route taxi or a bus. The road from the city center takes about 10-15 minutes.

Description of the complex

To build a residential complex is allocated 33hectare of land. The project provides for the construction of 21 residential buildings in monolithic panel technology, designed for the settlement of almost 16,000 people. LCD "Bright Valley" (Kazan) will consist of several modules, separated by thoroughfares, streets. Floors in the houses are from 13 to 18.

LCD "Bright Valley" Kazan where is located

Traditionally, as is now universally accepted bydevelopers, the first floors of buildings, especially in the most large-scale residential complexes, are assigned to non-residential premises and social infrastructure facilities. For their placement, almost seven thousand square meters are allocated.

Can not but rejoice and the owners of their ownmotor vehicles, and there are more and more of them every year. For their needs, more precisely, for parking their cars, there are specially designated places located near residential buildings. As the settlement of "Bright Valley" (Kazan), the developer provides for the construction of multilevel multifunctional stand-alone parking complexes.

As for the appearance of the complex, here the developer has tried to translate the requirements of the present in the external beauty of the project. These are French balconies, panoramic windows, elegant fences.

Infrastructure: external and internal

LCD "Bright Valley" (Kazan), reviews about whichalready allow you to talk about the high quality of construction, offers apartments that are primarily suitable for families with children. The developer provided for the construction of three kindergartens in the complex. This is in addition to entertainment shopping centers, the first of which was opened five years ago, offering goods at favorable wholesale prices.

Within walking distance are four general schools, a large number of kindergartens, children's and adult clinics. Not to mention the fact that they are planned in the complex itself.

The yard territory is improved, children's playgrounds and sports grounds are built. There is an opportunity for recreation not only for children, but also for adults, as there are promenade alleys in the yards.


LCD "Bright Valley" (Kazan) reviews of residents hasthe most varied. Always when the new apartment house is commissioned, there are both positive and negative opinions of apartment buyers. So in the case of this residential complex.

Many already settled apartment ownersare satisfied with the location of the complex in the zone of favorable ecological conditions, silence. The new children's playgrounds and the arrangement of the yard territory are enthralled. Many people give positive feedback due to the fact that they like the apartments themselves, their layout and quality of finishing. The majority of the residents of the complex are satisfied with the presence of a developed infrastructure: grocery stores, kindergartens, beauty salons.

Of the negative feedback,which concern any minor malfunctions in the operation of utility networks, for example, power outages. Some residents, on the contrary, are dissatisfied with the quality of finishing apartments, uncomfortable balconies.

Ecological situation

Apartment in LCD "Bright Valley" Kazan

Apartment in the LCD "Bright Valley" (Kazan) is notwill bring disappointments, and deliver only positive emotions and can serve as an excellent option for investing available money. Partly this is due to the beautiful ecological situation in the area where the residential complex is being built. There are no industrial enterprises. Around it is a green massif, which makes it possible to breathe freely fresh air.

Therefore, those who decide to purchase an apartment in LCD "Bright Valley", will not remain disappointed. On the contrary, life will appear in brighter colors, filled with fresh air and silence.

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