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LCD "Kantemirovsky": reviews, infrastructure, construction progress, deadline

By the beginning of 2017 at the intersection of Ave. Marshal Blucher and Kuleshovskaya road the last house was delivered from the planned eight brick-monolithic high-rise buildings, designed for 4 500 apartments from economy class to luxury. This ends the erection of the LCD "Kantemirovsky". Reviews about it will be presented below.


The group of companies CDS (GC SDC) has moreeighteen years on the property market of the Leningrad region. Construction works it performs on a full cycle. Today the company is in the top five developers of the region in terms of the amount of housing being rented. The projects developed by the organization are in different segments of the market: from economy-class apartments to elite residential houses and commercial buildings.

The main mission of the developer is affordable housing. It was this company that suggested the concept of full-fledged apartments of a small footprint, which would satisfy a buyer with modest incomes. Almost all residential complexes of the CCC CC have decent apartments at a low price with a mandatory balcony and kitchen of 8 m2.

In addition, the developer was the first in the region to switch fromsealing building to a complex one, which makes it possible to create a comfortable environment for life in the constructed complex. Bright examples of such buildings - LCD "Pargolovo", "Murino" and "Kudrino." The company is proud of each of its forty projects with a total area of ​​more than 3.5 million meters2.

Zhk Kantemirovsky reviews

The CCC CC cooperates with the Russian Capital Bank, VTB Bank of Moscow, Absolut Bank, Vozrozhdenie Bank, VTB 24, Sberbank, Promsvyazbank, Binbank, Otkrytiye FC, Rosselkhozbank and others.

The company even in times difficult for the economy of the country to comply with the deadline, and LCD "Kantemirovsky" is no exception.

Location of the residential complex

The Kantemirovsky Quarter consists of residential buildingsdifferent number of storeys: from 19 to 25. There are new buildings at the intersection of Kushelevskaya road and the prospect of them. Marshal Blucher. And practically at an equal distance from metro stations "Pl. Courage "and" Forest ".

How to get to the "Kantemirovsky" LCD

From the metro station "Ploshad muzhestva" to the complexonly three minutes walk (250 m). By public transport from the metro by shuttle K10, K 322, K271 to the stop "Pr. Marshal Blucher. " Then you have to walk for about ten minutes (800 meters).

From the metro station "Lesnaya" to "Kantemirovskogo" 15-20 minutes unhurried course. Or by public transport:

  • Trolleybus # 31;
  • Route taxi No. 131 and 10;
  • Bus number 60.

gk cds

Infrastructure of the district

The block, built by the CC of the CDS in the Kalininsky district,is part of a large-scale project to create a new residential space. Around him already have everything you need for a comfortable life. These are clinics located within fifteen minutes of walking (children's and adults), private clinic "Workshop of health", swimming pool "Red October", kindergartens, schools, preschools, shops. There are large network hypermarkets, both grocery and construction (Maxidom, Carousel, Metrica, Academic, etc.). Nearby is the famous "Europolis". In its walls you can ride on attractions, play a bowling party, go to the cinema, buy sports equipment and children's goods, please yourself with new cosmetics or perfume in "L'Etoile" or "Riv Gosh", update the wardrobe in boutiques and buy food.

A twenty-minute drive is the famous College of the Olympic Reserve, the Technical College and the Road Clinical Hospital, several dental clinics.

Literally opposite the residential quarter"Kantemirovsky" is a beauty salon "Orange", a little further popular salon-hairdresser Monbijou salon. A few blocks from the complex work fitness centers Olymp and ILoveSport.

In walking distance from the LCD there are offices of several banks, including Sberbank and Raiffeisenbank.

Kuschelian road

Thanks to the proximity of the Kushelevskaya road to the centerPetersburg to the Petrograd side with its business centers and offices of large companies only about ten minutes drive. And in about twenty minutes you can get to the Smolny Cathedral - the political center of St. Petersburg.


Kalininsky district is one of the greenest in the city. The reorganization that took place here made it possible to erect not only residential complexes on this site, but also to carry out a huge work on improvement of the adjacent territories and general gardening.

As a result, there are many places for family rest in the district. For example, quiet and cozy gardens Polyustrovsky and Botanical (at the Forestry Academy). It is located near the metro station "Lesnaya" and is very popular among residents of new buildings. It is nice to take a walk in the family in Piskarevsky city park or in the park of Academician Sakharov. If this is not enough, you can go to Sosnovka or the Specific Park.

In the residential quarter "Kantemirovsky"

The project provides, judging by the description of the LCD"Kantemirovsky", the erection of the school and kindergarten. Sports grounds with street simulators, children's towns and recreational areas for adults, as well as underground (for 926 cars-seats) and ground parking are already ready. The first floors of all houses are planned for commercial use.

The territory inside the quarter

In-house comfort environment is formed foraccount of infrastructure expansion. Undoubtedly, it is planned to fully equip the adjacent territories, roads and exits from the complex. In the residential quarter "Kantemirovsky" pedestrian zones are allocated, ramps are equipped.

On the perimeter of the whole block there will be video surveillance with access to the guard post. The quarter will be fully provided with trade infrastructure.

metro forest

Characteristics of the new building

The walls of the houses are made of monolithic concrete, and the partitions and the outer lining are made of bricks. Houses built in this way are not upset. In addition, they are fireproof and durable.

The developer offers one-, two- and three-room apartments, including a judge. Odnushki vary within the limits of 25-43 m2, two-room - from 50 to 61 m2, and treshki - a maximum of 79 m2. Their layout in the LCD "Kantemirovsky"are presented in the article. The design solutions of the apartments are made in the classical rectangular style, but there are also variants with a sloping wall. Two-bedroom apartments have an elongated loggia connecting two rooms and an additional bathroom.

Each living space is equipped with innovative double-glazed windows, metal entrance doors, water treatment filters, intercom with communication function with a security guard.

The developer pays special attention to safetycomplex. The system of which includes access control to the territory of "Kantemirovsky". Each tenant is given an individual key for entry. In the front doors there are metal doors, alarm, intercom and communication with the concierge.

On the perimeter of the complex it is planned to install video surveillance.

During the construction of LCD "Kantemirovsky" closely watched future housewives. To date, all houses are put into operation and commissioned. Two of them have already sold all the apartments.


Premises are sold with a rough finish. Each apartment is supplied with water (cold and hot), electricity and installed radiators. The walls and floors are not leveled. Despite this, new settlers give feedback on LCD "Kantemirovsky" leave positive, sharing their opinions that the repair went smoothly and smoothly.

residential quarter Kantemirov


The group of companies, which includes the developer,has developed common standards for the planning and technical equipment of living quarters - BK-Standard. In other words, basic comfort. In 2010, the company brought this brand to the real estate market. It allows you to rationally design apartments in houses of brick-monolithic type in any part of the city.

In such an apartment on the optimal area housed a kitchen (from 9 m2), a room or several (from 15 m)2), a spacious entrance hall, a loggia or a balcony.

In apartments according to this standard are established:

  • intercom;
  • entrance metal door;
  • double-glazed windows on the balcony (loggia);
  • metal-plastic window blocks with water drains, fittings and built-in valves for micro-ventilation;
  • radiant (latent) heating system;
  • radiators with thermostat;
  • coarse filters and check valves in water measuring units;
  • metal-plastic or propylene pipes;
  • APPZ sensors.

Also, a cement-sand screed of the apartment floors is carried out according to the innovative German technology: fiber-based.

The common premises are equipped with elevators of high comfort of European manufacture, metal fire doors with door closer in the halls of floors and transition balconies.

It is also necessary to have a room for the dispatching device.

Entrance groups on the first floors of the houses are made outon individually designed design projects. But in any case, the floors and walls are made of ceramic tiles, the ceiling is painted. Walls in common corridors on all floors are covered with shagreen. In this case, the ceilings are painted, and on the floors - porcelain tiles.

apartments in LK Kantemirovsky

The house territory is fenced along the entire perimeter. It is mandatory to equip the site with outdoor sports equipment and children's play cities.

The basement floor is treated with a decorative stone, and small architectural forms are installed throughout the interior of the building.

Transport accessibility

LCD "Kantemirovsky", according to residents, hasa huge advantage: it borders on the central district of the city. And this gives an opportunity in a few minutes (along Lesnoy Prospekt) to reach the exit to the Center of St. Petersburg, and also quickly through Kantemirovskaya Street to get to the Petrogradsky district. For the city it is convenient to travel along the Civic or Piskarevsky Avenue. A few tens of meters from the LCD is the railway station "Kushelevka." Through it, electric trains run in the direction of Vsevolozhsk. Just fifteen minutes of a leisurely move are the metro stations "Ploshad muzhestva" and "Lesnaya".

Residents of the district say that to settle in a residential quarter on the Kushelevskaya road means to settle very close to the center of St. Petersburg.

Promotions and discounts

For all apartments LCD "Kantemirovsky", the reviews confirm this, the action is distributed. Buyers are granted interest-free installments for three years.

Each of the partner banks offers a mortgage. The top three are VTB 24, Alfa-Bank and Sberbank. At the last limit - 8 million rubles, the rate of 0.8%, and the first installment - 15% of the cost of the apartment. Alfa Bank offers a mortgage without a down payment of up to 60 million rubles. A VTB 24 - up to 30 million rubles, at 6.2% and with a down payment of 10% of the cost of housing.

Individually with each buyer options are discussed with the use of maternity capital, housing subsidies for military personnel or targeted urban programs.

Plus, the developer offers discounts forone-per-cent payment of one-room apartment - 20%, two- and three-room - 15%. If housing is bought in installments, then with an initial installment of 30% for three years, interest-free installment (without discounts) is granted, with a contribution of 40% - the same installment, but with a 10% discount off the down payment.

Information for new settlers

For registration of an apartment in LCD "Kantemirovsky"it is necessary to apply to any office of the MFC of the city. To register the right to acquire property on the basis of a share agreement, the following documents must be submitted (two originals):

  • share agreement;
  • certificate of acceptance of the apartment;
  • additional agreements (if any);
  • a certificate of payment of a share contribution;
  • the act of acceptance-transfer (attached to the investment contract);
  • receipt for payment of state duty;
  • power of attorney (if necessary);
  • two certificates of full repayment of the mortgage and a loan agreement (in the case of a full repayment of a mortgage loan).

If the right to acquire property is registered on the basis of an agreement of equity participation (DDU), then the following package of documents is required:

  • the original DDU with a stamp on the registration in Rosreestr (one copy);
  • originals of additional agreements (if any);
  • the originals of the Certificate of Acceptance of the apartment (two copies);
  • power of attorney (if necessary);
  • receipt for payment of state duty.

Since May of this year, the transfer of car places in the parking lot LCD "Kantemirovsky."

Cantemir Parking

Purchase formalities

For the convenience of buyers in the sales offices are drawn charts of viewing the apartments. According to its results, an act of construction readiness is drawn up, on the basis of which documents for the sale of an apartment are drawn up.

A detailed list of documents is available on the official website of the developer. There are phone numbers on which you can contact the manager to clarify the information.

In case of an increase in the area of ​​the purchased apartment bycompared with the claimed owner is obliged to pay the missing amount by a non-cash way (the dates are specified in the supplementary agreement). If the area has decreased, the developer LCD "Kantemirovsky" returns the difference to the settlement account specified in the contract with the owner.

Based on the signed documents and the mutual settlements, including the payment of the maintenance contract, the owner is given the keys.

Post scriptum

New settlers are extremely active in the network. A lot of reviews on the official portal of the developer and other sites. Most of the tenants talk about the repairs, which passed quickly and easily due to the quality work of construction crews.

Acceptance of apartments was organized at a high level. Payment of all accounts was through the application, which significantly saved time.

All doors, windows and various technical units are in working order. Many new settlers thank the developer separately for the flat screed of the floors.

Infrastructure in ZhK "Kantemirovsky" is still onlyis getting better. But construction is proceeding at such a pace that the residents of the new quarter are confident that the promised school, kindergarten, clinic, shops and shopping centers will be opened very soon.

Pleases owners of apartments, even the smallest, the presence of a balcony. Undoubted plus is the location of the complex, of course, this is not the center of the city, but far from the outskirts.

Slips in the feedback of buyers and the theme of the cost of apartments. Many believe that the "Kantemirovsky" prices are very attractive, especially in comparison with nearby complexes.

A significant number of new settlers note in their reviews the reliability of the builder. One does not like the one-sidedness of two-room apartments at 52 m2.

There are also negative aspects. The transport situation is considered by the residents of the complex rather complicated. The nearest stop is almost half a kilometer of the way. To any of the metro stations - 1.5 km. And this, according to residents, is 25 minutes in average. And by the way, there is no metro station near this residential quarter even in long-term plans.

The adjacent streets are almost always intraffic jams, especially the Kushelevskaya road, etc. Marshal Blucher. Departure from the "Kantemirovsky" is possible only on one side of the Kushelevskaya road, going to the north. That is, those who need in the opposite direction, will need to turn over the entire overpass for a turn. The situation will not be resolved until the city authorities extend beyond Bestuzhevskaya street, which must pass along the northern border of the block. But the timing of these works is unknown. It is also unclear when the completion of the construction of the intra-quarter road network, sidewalks and bicycle paths.

Judging by the responses of the apartment owners, the developerin the advertising brochures and on the site does not warn about the close location of the concrete plant. It is unknown to buyers and that from the north side to the residential complex adjoins the territory with gas stations, garages and a snow melting point. If you look at the map to the north, you can see the railway with the Bogoslovsky cemetery behind it.

Also, few people know before buying about futuresignificant expenditure. In addition to the surcharge for the increased area (this is prescribed in the contract), no one warns that, for example, electricity to a one-room apartment costs about 12 thousand rubles, in a two-room apartment - 15 thousand. For a car place, 500 thousand rubles should be paid, and then a thousand each month.

Another topic of the reviews is the terms of the purchase. To purchase housing it is necessary to join a housing cooperative. The contract, signed in this case, does not give an opportunity to make a claim in case of non-observance of the terms of settlement, transfer of keys or delivery of the object. The share contribution is equal to the cost of the apartment being purchased. Plus to this (in the contract it is registered) it is necessary to make an entrance fee (10 thousand rubles), which, by the way, according to clause 5.5 of the contract is not returned under any conditions. The amount of the special-purpose contribution varies from 11 800 to 22 400 rubles. If the shareholder for his own reasons breaks the contract, then the return of the share is reduced by 15%.

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