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Favorable deposits in Rosselkhozbank: features and conditions of opening

In the territory of Russia today there are about 600different banks. And, of course, the largest customer base for those of them that occupy the top lines of the rating. One of these is Rosselkhozbank. He is in sixth position. And, like any other self-respecting financial institution, it offers its customers contributions. B "Rosselkhozbank" people are offered good conditions and profitable rates. Here about them and it is necessary to tell more in detail.

deposits in the Rosselkhozbank

"Percentage forward"

This is the first contribution that I would like toto touch with attention. You can open it either at 395 or 548 days. The minimum investment should be 3,000 rubles (the maximum amount is not limited). Interest is paid very interesting. Once for the entire invested amount - the day after the opening of the deposit. They are transferred to the account of a payment card opened in the same place at Rosselkhozbank. But, of course, at this rate there is no provision for replenishment, expenditure transactions and automatic prolongation.

This is a new proposal, it was launched in early November of this year 2016. It is promotional, so people can open such deposits in Rosselkhozbank before 28.02.17.

The rates are as follows: for 395 days - 7.2% per annum, and by 548 - 7.4%. If a person makes a deposit of more than 50 000 rubles, he also gets a free card "Amur Tiger". With a yield of 7% per annum, by the way.

 Russian Agricultural Bank deposits of individuals

"Amur Tiger" - a map to the contribution

About this tariff is worth telling a little more. This card is owned by many people who have opened deposits in Rosselkhozbank. It is a debit card, it is a universal payment tool that is accepted all over the world (there is a variant of Visa and MasterCard).

Doing it any operations, peopletakes part in helping Amur tigers. As part of the income (0.7%) received from the owners of this card, the bank transfers to the Center for the study and conservation of the population of these animals.

It's a handy thing. It can pay for mobile communications, Internet, utilities, shopping online. And besides, a person receives an additional income of 7% per annum on the balance of funds. Here is another explanation for why it is profitable to open deposits in Rosselkhozbank.

profitable agricultural deposits

"Save it for a dream"

This is another rate that is popular. Many people are wondering whether there are foreign currency deposits in Rosselkhozbank. Yes, they are. Each contribution can be made in rubles, dollars and euros. "Save up on a dream" is no exception.

It opens for 730 days. The minimum investment is 3,000 rubles (or 100 dollars / euro). The maximum is 10,000,000. This is 300,000 dollars and the euro, respectively.

At this rate, a person can not performexpendable operations. But all the accumulated funds at the end of the term can be used as an initial payment for a car or real estate. But only in the framework of products such as "Auto Loan" and "Mortgage Housing Loans." The rate, by the way, is 7.4% per annum in rubles, 1.15% in dollars and 0.3% in euros. Here is an example of profit in the Russian currency: investing 1,000,000 for this tariff, at the end of the term, a person will receive 150,000 rubles as interest.

By the way, the mortgage product of this bank is profitable. B loan can take 20,000,000 rubles - to buy an apartment or apartment (primary and secondary market), an apartment building and a land plot. And the initial fee, for which the above contribution is used, is small. For apartments, it is 20%.

foreign currency deposits in the Rosselkhozbank

"Gold premium"

This is the last tariff that should be notedattention, talking about "Rosselkhozbank." Deposits of individuals here are a popular financial product, and the "Gold Premium" is no exception. Only it is better to ask for payment of interest at the end of the term - so the rate will be higher.

The best offer on this tariff is received by people,wishing to invest more than 30 million rubles in Rosselkhozbank. Profitable contributions = large sums. Opening it for 1460 days (4 years - the maximum period), a person will receive payments at a rate of 8.9% per annum. With thirty million profit will be 10 680 000 rubles.

For people who decide to invest from 10 to 30 million, the rate for the same period will be 8.85%. From 5 to 10 million - 8.8%. From 1 500 000 to 5 000 000 rubles - 8.65% per annum.

By the way, "Golden Premium" is available fromcapitalization of interest. Ho then the possible maximum for 30 million and 1,460 days is 7.65%. By the way, the maximum rate is not limited, and hence, the profit from interest for wealthy people - too. And, judging by the rating and the amount of the bank's assets (which is equal to 2.76 trillion rubles), many people trust their money to it. A is the best proof of its reliability.

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