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Villas for rent in Italy

Tuscany, Sicily, Sardinia, the island of Capri and manyother fine Italian places, where you can relax, invite guests. But for a good rest, which can last from 2 or more weeks, you need to rent a house or villa to comfortably spend time.

Villas in Italy

Italy is a country where the swimming season is one of thethe longest in Europe. Many people want to live in a resort place, not a few days, but several weeks. Ideal for living, experts consider renting a house for rent for a certain period of time and for a lower price than living in a hotel.

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The most interesting offers for rentlocated in Liguria and Tuscany, where you can rent a classic stone house surrounded by cypresses, with a well-groomed lawn, an open-air pool and picturesque views of the sea, mountains and hills. Typically, if a villa is located in Italy at sea, that is, the coast is not far away, there is no swimming pool in such a house, because for Italians this is an excessive luxury. Therefore, if the villa is on the first line with a swimming pool, the rental price will be high, although the furnishings and exterior decoration can "wish for the best."

Holiday villa rental

Villas in Italy are very popular among tourists asplace of residence for a long term. The selection of the villa and its reservation should be done in advance in order not to make a choice from what is left. There is no such thing as a "burning offer" for a house, although many tourists think so. The choice of a villa is an individual offer, not a mass product, and this is worth remembering.

The ideal time to choose the right oneoption is considered 6 months before rest. You can easily choose the right option, which will take into account all the wishes, starting with the region, prices and the number of rooms, ending with the architecture of the building itself.

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Depending on what the company and budget will be, you can rent on the coast of Italy: a bungalow, a small house, a villa in several floors and massive mansions.

The cost of rent will be affected by several factors:

  • Seasonality - having booked a house in Italy in winter(even in early December), you can save a lot. And by making a reservation in March, some applicants are clashing with the reduction of adequate offers, where the price corresponds to the quality.
  • Distance to the sea. It is very difficult to book a house on the first line, especially on popular resorts, but if you are lucky, then for a good location you will have to pay a lot of money.
  • The parameters of the property also affect the cost: the availability of air conditioning, the size of the pool, the proximity of the store, restaurant, etc.

A few important points

Start looking for a villa in Italy is best throughproven services that you can easily find when requesting a "villa rental" in the search engine. Typically, these portals are immediately offered to set parameters (region, price, rest time, number of vacationers) and within a few seconds, options will be offered that you can read about, view photos, make a choice and book.

villa in italy on the sea

Rarely owners themselves are engaged in the surrender of the house,but if this happens, then they communicate with future tourists and can ask questions about the place of work, the availability of money in the bank account and family status, respectively, can easily refuse without indicating the reason.

It is best to book villas in Italy through portals or agencies that will help to make a lease, answer questions and settle all formalities.

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