/ Dessert of sour cream with gelatin and fruits: different and tasty treats

Dessert of sour cream with gelatin and fruits: different and tasty treats

Any mom is always ready to please her childsomething delicious, made with his own hands, to be sure in the absence of chemistry. Unfortunately, the majority of women work, and it is rare for complex cakes and cakes. In any case, less often than children want to eat. And then a dessert of sour cream with gelatin and fruits can come to the rescue. It is done quickly, except that it will have to wait until it freezes. The taste can be highly diversified, so that children will not soon get bored with such sweets. Yes, and they look beautiful!

dessert of sour cream with gelatin and fruits

Sour cream jelly: tricks and secrets

Like any dish, a dessert with sour cream and gelatin, it has its own subtleties in cooking. If you know them, you will be 100% satisfied.

  1. Sour cream should be as low-fat as possible - it will crush more luxuriantly. Draw a conclusion: the home product is left for other dishes, and for dessert you need to buy a store.
  2. All components must be warm. So before cooking, get them out of the refrigerator in advance.
  3. Beat up sour cream with a fork will not work - not the speed. The corolla will have to work quite a long time. It is best if the farm has a blender or mixer.
  4. Gelatin must be completely dissolved, but in no case can it boil.
  5. When you cook a dessert of sour cream with gelatin andfruits, you can take any fruits, except pineapple and kiwi fruit. With them, jelly will not freeze, because of their abundant juice. But other fruits in the case can be allowed even frozen.

Armed with the necessary knowledge, we begin to prepare!

dessert sour cream gelatin fruit

Quick and easy

As always, we move from elementary recipes totops of culinary art. To make the most simple dessert from sour cream with gelatin and fruits, take a glass of sour cream and beat well with an incomplete glass of sugar and a pinch of citric acid. 20 grams of gelatin are placed in half a glass of cold water and remain swollen. This will take 20-30 minutes. Then the container is put on a water bath and warmed up, after which its contents pour out into the whipped sour cream, and the mass is diligently vymeshivaetsya. On kremankam any fruit is laid out; if they are large, they are pre-cut beautifully. Vases are filled with mass and put in the refrigerator. When the dessert of sour cream with gelatin and fruit stiffens, it can be sprinkled with candied fruits or grated chocolate.

dessert with sour cream and gelatin

Striped dessert

Recipe is not much more difficult than the previous one, justrequires a lot of trouble. But it turns out very nice, chocolate-flavored dessert: sour cream, gelatin, fruits are supplemented with cocoa in it. First 25 grams of gelatin dissolve in a glass of water, along with a pinch of vanillin and a glass of sugar. The liquid then heats up to swell gelatin and is distributed equally into two containers. In one of them is poured cocoa (two spoons without a slide) and mixed. Half a liter of sour cream is whipped and splits between bowls. Both masses are stirred. On the bottom of the form (or serving slices) put pieces of fruit, a layer of one color is poured on top, and the future dessert is put in the refrigerator until it thickens. Then the second color gently pours on it, and again - into the refrigerator. This is done until both the masses are over. When the last layer stiffens, the delicacy is sprinkled with pieces of fruit or berries.

Curd and sour cream jelly

Dessert from sour cream comes out very airygelatin and fruit, if you add cottage cheese. Only need to take a granular, and not "wet" - excess water will prevent jelly grab. The gelatinous base is prepared in a standard way: a spoonful of powder is soaked in a glass of water and a half cup of sugar and vanilla, brought without boiling until swelling. Separately, a quarter of a kilogram of cottage cheese is broken into a blender until a mash. When the necessary airiness is achieved, the same amount of sour cream is added, and the process is repeated. The mass is mixed with gelatin, in it are added pieces of fruits and berries (small ones can be placed entirely), gently mixed for uniform distribution and decomposed into molds.

Recipe for dessert sour cream with gelatin

"Broken glass"

Very nice and tasty treat! For many of the older generation it is familiar from childhood. And for those who do not know, we will give you a recipe for dessert. Sour cream with gelatin is prepared, in principle, as standard. The basis is put half a liter of sour cream; Want to make a whole cake in a large bowl - count the number of ingredients. In addition to sour cream, you will need to buy three packets of jellies of different colors. They dissolve according to the instructions on the packaging, only in slightly smaller amounts of water, so that the mass becomes more solid. When the jelly freezes, it is cut into arbitrary, rather large pieces and spreads over the vases. In each must have all the colors. Then the croissants are poured with sour cream and sent to the refrigerator. Especially tempting such a dessert looks in transparent glass bowls.

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