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Table of caloric content of foods by Bormental. Caloric content of ready meals in Bormental

Themes of weight loss in the last fewdecades has become more than relevant. The epidemic of slender figures began in the distant 80-ies, when the world's podiums captivated long-legged, tight-fitting babes. However, along with the fashion for the ideal figure arose the problem of excess weight. So, today about 20% of the inhabitants of our planet suffer from obesity, which is what the creators of newfangled diets and drugs for weight loss use. And this article you will learn all about the diet of Dr. Bormental and how to calculate your calorie intake for maximum effective weight reduction.

What is the merit of Dr. Bormental?

Many believe that Dr. Bormental isa real person who created a unique diet. In fact, the name of the character of Mikhail Bulgakov from the novel "The Heart of a Dog" was named a network of clinics, nutritionists, psychotherapists and endocrinologists who help to adjust the diet and lifestyle of their patients.

The principle of nutrition Bormental has more than 12 years. For all time, the clinic helped to lose weight to several thousand patients, as evidenced by numerous reviews.


calorie table for foods

However, treatment in this institution can allowfar from everyone. So, for the course of developing an individual food system the client will have to pay about 35,000 rubles. But in addition to diet the doctor will definitely prescribe various cosmetic procedures - massage, skin tightening, peeling and much more. Prices for one procedure in the clinic range from 1500 to 4000 rubles. But do not get upset. After knowing the calorie content of ready-to-eat products according to Bormental and following all the recommendations, you can lose weight without expensive courses and procedures.

The Bormental diet

Individual ration in the clinic is compiledafter putting all the tests and measuring the metabolic age of the organism. However, there is a simplified scheme for weight loss in Bormental, based on calculating calories and gastronomic restriction, which is suitable for almost everyone. An exception is only a group of people who are contraindicated in a sharp restriction in food.

Like any diet, the principle of proper nutrition in Bormental includes a number of compulsory rules, observing which you can achieve very good results:

  • The patient needs to calculate his calorie intake to determine the amount of daily diet. The minimum amount of food consumed should not be below 1100 calories per day.
  • For a quick effect, you need to consume protein, vegetables and fruits daily in sufficient quantities.
  • For accurate calorie counting, you need to purchase kitchen electronic scales.
  • The calorie table for Bormental products should always be in a prominent place.
  • Be sure to drink at least 2.5-3 liters of clean water a day. This will avoid dehydration of the body.
  • Meals should be divided into 6-8 approaches.
  • Do not ignore the need for regular physical activity, which will help disperse the metabolism.
  • Take for the rule to arrange unloading days 1-2 times a week.

caloric content of ready meals

Daily menu

The Bormental diet presupposesa daily balanced diet containing proteins, fats and carbohydrates. Otherwise, the body will not receive the most necessary substances and the consequences can be negative.

The advantage of diet is that a personcan eat absolutely everything. The main thing is to correctly calculate the calorie corridor for Bormental. Over time, a person learns to determine what foods he can eat faster and that should be permanently excluded from his diet.

to calculate the calorie corridor in Bormental

How to calculate your calorie intake?

Calculate the corridor of calories by Bormental can be, using the following simple formula: OO = A + B - B, where:

  • A = weight x 9.99;
  • B = height x 6.25;
  • B = age x 4.92.

From the received number to women it is required to take away161, and men add 5. The figure obtained and there is a calorie corridor for Bormental, which will allow you to maintain weight. If you subtract from this number 200-300 calories, you get a daily rate for weight loss. Calculate your diet will help the table calorie foods by Bormental. However, it is not recommended to consume less than 1100 calories per day, since the body will become weak and depleted.

caloric content of products

Table of caloric content of Bormental products

For convenient calculation of calories consumedthere is a special table, which indicates the parameters of the main products that are characteristic of the diet of Russian residents. Caloric content is indicated here on the basis of 100 grams. In other words, if you need to calculate the value of 300 grams of a product, then the number of calories from the table must be multiplied by 3. So, knowing the caloric content of foods by Bormental, you can correctly build your diet so that not only do not gain weight, but also lose weight .

ProductCalories per 100 gProductCalories per 100 g
Beef180Sour cream115
Breast470Ice cream220
Sausage boiled250Brynza260
Smoked sausage380Wheat flour348
Sausages135Rye flour350
Caviar roe250Semolina340
Alaska pollock roe120Buckwheat345
Alaska Pollock70Pearl barley341
Shrimp85Groats of oatmeal380
Cod60Cocoa (powder)375
Perch94Chicken egg65
Bream48Sea kale16
Herring57Canned fish319
Kefir38Oat flakes304
Cottage cheese226Cornflakes369
Parmesan cheese330Potatoes83
Cheese Russian371Carrot33
Cottage cheese cheeses380Bow25

Caloric content of ready meals in Bormental

For convenience of counting caloric intake by specialistsclinic "Doctor Bormental" was developed a table based on the most common dishes in Russia, which are prepared in any family. Thus, you can not count the calorie content of all the components of a salad or soup, it is enough just to find the required name in the table.

DishCalories per 100 gDishCalories per 100 g
Boiled potatoes250Vegetable salad97
Fried potatoes310Borscht116
Boiled buckwheat370Okroshka260
Braised cabbage160Rassolnik245
Fish balls250The vinaigrette130
Meatballs350A sausage sandwich150
Boiled chicken130Vegetable caviar90
Cabbage rolls500Pea soup240
Beef with vegetables290Harcho235
Cutlets92Potato soup233
Beef Goulash340Noodles soup250
Fish with vegetables220Jelly40
Bread, wheat265Rice porrige300
Rye bread215Baked chicken370

The caloric table of Dr. Bormental allows patients to be more attentive to their health and regulate the daily diet of food consumed.

caloric content of finished products

Correct completion of diet

The way out of a two-week diet should passsmoothly. So, you should add 50-100 calories to the daily rate for 2-3 days. After a diet, the patient is recommended to stick to his calorie intake. If the amount of calories consumed increases, over time, you will begin to gain weight again.

Do not abruptly interrupt the diet and increase the number of calories beyond the daily rate. Such a sharp jump can disrupt the metabolic processes in the body, which will lead to an immediate set of fat mass.


Bormental diet should not be usedcertain groups of persons. This includes children under the age of 18, pregnant and lactating women, as well as elderly people. The calorie table for Bormental products in case of contraindications is not mandatory, but it is necessary to exclude fast food and other harmful products from your diet.

In no case can not sit on this dietthose who suffer from any chronic or infectious diseases and hormonal disorders. In any case, you need to consult the specialists - psychotherapist, endocrinologist and, of course, a nutritionist.

Additional measures in the fight for a slender figure

In addition to proper nutrition, effectivelycontribute to weight loss, various cosmetic procedures that you can do at home. A fight with cellulite is helped by vacuum or roller massage with the addition of essential oils of citrus. Those who are faced with the problem of saggy and dry skin after a sudden weight loss, will help wrap. As a basis for wraps, you can use laminaria (seaweed), blue and white clay, ground coffee or honey.

calorie table of the doctor of Bormenthal

However, any cosmetic procedure has its owncontraindications. So, wraps should not be carried out to people who are allergic to the components of any given composition, as well as to pregnant women and those who are actively undergoing inflammatory processes in the body. A sharp release of toxins during the procedure can only exacerbate the situation.

Physical activity is mandatorya program of losing weight over Bormental. You can start with the classic charging, gradually increasing the load and the number of repetitions. You must walk 1-2 hours a day outdoors on a mandatory basis. Very good help to fight with extra pounds of swimming, yoga classes for beginners and bike tours. In addition, the physical load will prevent the sagging of the skin, which is facing all losing weight. And, of course, you should always count the calories of ready meals in Bormental.

Reviews about diet

Numerous reviews of people who usedservices of the clinic "Doctor Bormental", can be divided into two categories. The majority of clients who managed to achieve maximum results and lose 10-30 kilograms, express a positive opinion about the methodology and work of the staff. However, those patients who could not cope with excess weight, leave only negative feedback. As a rule, they operate with a too high price for clinic services and low results.

calorie corridor

It should be understood that for any positiveeffect should be made some effort. It is very difficult for full people to completely reconsider their diet and lifestyle. After all, this requires a huge willpower and infinite motivation, which is so lacking in most patients who are obese. The main thing is to overcome the boundary in the first 5-10 kgs, which is what Dr. Bormental will help you with. The calorie content of the products in this case plays the most important role. A reflection in the mirror will be an excellent motivation!

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