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How to make a banana liqueur at home?

Liqueurs - the drinks are peculiar and do not like everyone. But those who love them, sometimes very sad perceive the numbers on the price tags in the stores. Whatever you say, they are depressing. However, this is not a reason to deny yourself on holidays the pleasure of savoring your favorite drink: it is quite easy to make the same banana liqueur at home, but to the taste it is not inferior to the shop rivals. And no expensive ingredients will not be needed.

banana liqueur at home

Choose the main ingredient

Before you make a banana liqueuryou need to buy bananas correctly. These fruits are sold all year round and everywhere, so if the nearest store does not suit you, do not be lazy to get to the next. The banana should be ripe - green strips and hard flesh give unnecessary bitterness to your favorite drink. However, we do not need to take over the fruits: black elements even in the form of dots fill a banana liqueur, prepared at home, putrefactive flavor and spoil the flavor. Although when you eat such a fruit, you will not feel anything like it.

banana liqueur at home prescription

Something about the alcoholic component

No less important in the production of liquor and qualitycomponent that gives it a fortress. Take either quality vodka, in which you are sure, or food (medical) alcohol. The latter is bred according to all the rules: alcohol pours into the water, the fortress is brought to 40 degrees (the alcohol meter does not hurt).

Taste diversity is achieved by introducingother strong drinks. Banana liqueur at home based on rum (preferably white) or brandy is very refined. With whiskey you need to be more careful: some of its varieties have a rather heavy flavor. And gin, perhaps, is not at all suitable for our purposes, although experimenters may take a chance.

how to make a banana liqueur at home

Basic recipe

So, we make a banana liqueur at home. The most primitive way is as follows. A large, lovingly chosen banana finely chopped, poured half a liter of good vodka and thoroughly warmed up. Better a wooden spoon. From these actions, the banana pulp will turn black. The container with the workpiece is retracted into the dark and cool for a couple of weeks. After the specified period, the liquid is filtered. From a glass with a glass of sugar and half a glass of water, syrup is brewed. It combines with tincture, a spoonful of vanilla extract is added - and another month of aging. Again straining, after which the banana liqueur (at home it is easy to make) is ready to take in.

delicious banana liqueur at home

Variations on the theme

To obtain a liqueur that is almost identicalfamous Creme de Banana, the proportions need to be changed: the dose of sugar syrup should be twice as much. Bananas are taken in quantities of 2 pcs. on a bottle of alcohol in 750 ml.

The accelerated version is prepared as follows: kneaded two bananas, which are required to fill with 700 milliliters of vodka; from a third of a kilogram of sugar and an incomplete glass of water, a thick syrup is prepared; all components are mixed and aged for three to four days. Shake it regularly, at least once a day, but it's better often.

To idealize the taste, you can add a spoon of clove buds to the liqueur. Or a small cinnamon stick. Or both, both together, as you prefer.

do banana liqueur at home

Banana-orange version

Another way to make a banana liqueur is tohome conditions with enrichment of the basic taste. The insistence will take two weeks, but your patience will pay off with a fragrant and delicious drink on the solemn table. In addition, unlike fast liquors, this can be stored for a long time, and not even in the refrigerator. The only thing that is needed for him is not vodka, but alcohol - food, good quality and tested for strength.

Two oranges are scalded, they are neatthe peel is removed. After the white interlayers between the skins and slices are removed and the juice is squeezed out of the pulp. Four peeled and finely chopped bananas are laid in the same jar. Here, a glass of sugar is poured in, the contents are thoroughly mixed. Adding zest - re-mixing. The latter is poured in alcohol (750 milliliters). The can is tight, but not sealed with a lid and retracted into the darkness to settle. After two weeks, its contents are filtered. A syrup is brewed from a liter of water and six glasses of sugar and poured into a jar in a cooled form. After mixing, a wonderful liquor is poured over beautiful bottles and waits for its hour to be served on the table.

how to make a banana liqueur at home

Velvet liqueur

There are situations in which there is no time to wait. If you are in one of them, you can cook a delicious banana liqueur at home just in half an hour.

Three bananas are peeled and finely chopped. Two eggs, pre-chilled, only from the refrigerator, are divided into proteins and yolks. The first are laid in a mixer or blender. There, too, a glass of milk is pouring in (make sure it is fresh, otherwise your liquor will curdle) and a can of a good condensed milk (quarter of a liter). Bananas are poured into a bowl, and all together breaks to uniformity. When she arranges you, pour a third of a liter of vodka in a thin trickle, without turning off the unit. The result is a fairly thick mix. The container with it should be covered (it is possible even with a clean napkin) and put on for half an hour in the coolness. The last step is filtering. And because of the density of the cocktail, it can require enough patience from the future consumer. On the other hand, if you are satisfied with the consistency of the drink, you can refuse from the straining.

By the way, if the condensed milk seems to you cloying, it can be successfully replaced with cream. And if you "play" with seasonings (cinnamon, cloves, vanilla), you can get a unique and unique taste.

Banana liqueur at home: the recipe for moonshine

The preparation is long-playing, but the investments are minimal. Only moonshine should still be taken as high-quality, after double distillation and refined, so that the flavor of the brew does not spoil the impression.

Bananas are recommended to freeze - expertssay that the insistence on frozen fruits is faster. After being released from the skin, they are scraped. Suitable and potato tolkushka, although, naturally, with a blender, things will go faster. Puree is poured into two volumes of vodka and mixed well. The capacity closes - this time tightly - and put on for a month in the dark and cool. If the bottom of the refrigerator is used as such a place, the can should be wrapped with parchment so that the light on the contents does not fall even when the door is opened.

When the banana liqueur at home is ready, it is already habitually filtered and bottled in storage containers.

Cocktail fancies

Choosing any of the recipes for the preparation of banana liquor, it will be good to think about using it for those who do not welcome sweet drinks. There are several options:

  1. A pile of homemade liqueur, half a stoke of normal vodka and a spoonful of fresh lemon juice. Minute work shaker - and a glass. Ideal decoration - cherry.
  2. Over a stack of self-made banana andbought a creamy liqueur, a double dose of pineapple juice is passed through the ice with a shaker. The cocktail is decorated with pineapple slices and whipped cream.

If you are going to use liquor in purekind, it is better to combine it with fruits. Recommendations complement it with chocolate and cakes, in our opinion, are not too correct: the liquor is already sweet. Although if you like sugary, this combination will suit you.

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