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Millet and rice porridge in the multivariate "Polaris"

Rice porridge in the multivariate "Polaris" or "Philips"prepares quickly and easily. However, the dish presented can be done in different ways. Someone cooks it on the water, who prefer to use only milk, and someone completely complements the porridge with various ingredients in the form of raisins, pumpkins and even millet. Which option to choose is up to you.

rice porridge in the multinark Polaris

How to make crumbly rice porridge in a multivark?

If you cook some goulash or justfried meat, but did nothing as a side dish, then we offer to cook loose rice, which will make your dinner more tasty, nutritious and nutritious. For such a dish, we may need the following products:

  • salt any large - about 1 dessert spoon;
  • croup rice long grain - full glass;
  • filtered drinking water - 1 liter.

Preparation of rice cereals (long grain)

Before the rice porridge in the multivariate "Polaris"will be fully prepared, long grain grains should be properly processed. To do this, it must be sorted, and then put into a sieve and rinsed thoroughly under warm tap water. In this case, the liquid should gradually become transparent.

cereal millet rice

The process of cooking cereals in water

As a rule, friable rice porridge inMultivar "Polaris" is prepared only on the water. But if you have a desire, you can also pour a little rustic milk into the bowl. Thus, filling the container with a liquid, it must be brought to a boil with the frying regime. After the water starts to boil strongly, you need to add a little salt to it, as well as lay out the thoroughly washed rice.

After waiting for a second boil, the device mode should be switched to "Soup" or "Quenching". In this case, the timer needs to be set for half an hour.

Steamed rice porridge in the multivariate "Polaris" should be under the closed lid. After the specified time, the groats are allowed to taste. If it is soft, then the dish can be safely removed.

Correctly serve boiled rice to the table as a garnish

When boiling long grain grains, it should be drained insieve together with broth. Next, the product must be rinsed under cold water, and then immediately scalded with steep boiling water. As a result, you need to form a loose rice garnish, which you want to distribute on plates, and next to put goulash or some meat. To use such a dinner is desirable together with a salad of vegetables and greens and a slice of bread.

rice porridge in the multivark filips

Make delicious milk porridge with pumpkin and rice

On how to prepare crumbly rice porridge inmultivark Polaris, we told. However, this dish is more suitable for garnishing meat. If you want to make a real milk mush for breakfast, then it should be prepared somewhat differently. For this we need:

  • salt any large - about ½ dessert spoon;
  • cereals rice round-grain - a full glass;
  • pumpkin is fresh - about 100 g;
  • granulated sugar - incomplete large spoon;
  • natural butter - 65 g;
  • milk of large fat content (preferably rustic) - 2.5 cups.

Preparation of ingredients

Pumpkin-rice porridge in a multivariate is obtainedvery tasty and useful. The presented dish can be prepared for your children even every day. But before you weld it, you will need to carefully process all the products. For example, round-grain rice should be sorted, and then put in a sieve and wash well. As for the pumpkin, it should be peeled, grated or simply finely chopped.

pumpkin porridge in the multivariate

I want to say that for cookingThis dish should be taken exactly round grain. This fact is due to the fact that there is a lot of starch in it. And this is extremely necessary for obtaining delicious and ragged milk porridge.

Heat treatment in multivark

With the addition of pumpkin rice porridge in the multivark"Phillips" or in any other device is prepared in the same dish mode. But if you do not have such a program, then you can take advantage of extinguishing. Thus, in the bowl of the device it is required to pour in the fatty milk, and then lay the washed round-oat rice and the shredded pumpkin. After that, the products must be sprinkled with salt and sugar-sand, and then thoroughly mixed. After switching on the mode of porridge or quenching, the dish should be cooked for about half an hour. During this time, rice and orange vegetables completely decompose, become viscous and very tasty.

We serve breakfast a hearty and nutritious dish

Prepared milk rice porridge with pumpkin, herIt should be flavored with a piece of natural butter, and then mix thoroughly. In order for the dish to absorb the taste of the added ingredient, it needs to be kept in the heating program for 5-10 minutes. After this, the porridge should be mixed again and spread on plates. Serve a ready dish of rice and pumpkin for breakfast preferably with a sandwich of butter and a thin slice of cheese. Also, the members of the family can serve sweet freshly brewed black tea.

liquid rice porridge in a multivariate

How to cook rice cereal in a multivark?

If you do not like pumpkin, then cook the dairybreakfast can be without it. But to get a more hearty dish in such a mess, it is recommended to additionally add a pyshnky and a little black raisins. With these ingredients, your breakfast will be even more nutritious and tasty. Try it, and you will see this statement from your own experience.

So, the millet-rice cereal in the multivark requires the use of the following products:

  • salt of any large - about ½ dessert spoon;
  • cereals of rice round grain - a full glass;
  • millet - ½ cup;
  • sugar fine sand - full big spoon;
  • butter of natural creamy - 75 g;
  • raisins of large, boneless, dark - 70 g;
  • milk high fat content (preferably rustic) - 3 cups.

Processing of products

Before you start making such a breakfastit is necessary to prepare all products. To begin with, it is necessary to clean the round grain grains from the existing rubbish, and then rinse it thoroughly in warm water, pouring into a sieve. The same must be done with the wheat. By the way, it is desirable to take such a product in smaller quantities. Otherwise, we will get more millet than rice porridge.

crumbly rice porridge in a multivariate

As for the dark seedless raisins,it must be cleaned of putrefactive and inedible elements, and then thoroughly washed. To this product is swollen and lost its adhered mud, it is recommended to place it for a half an hour in a steep boiling water. After that, dried fruit should be washed again with a glass stopper.

Cooking porridge in a multivariate

The time of preparation of rice and millet porridge is almost the same. In this regard, these groats should be injected into the liquid together.

Thus, in the bowl of the multivarque it is necessarypour in the fatty rustic milk, and then lay out long-grain rice and pyshenku. After flavoring the products with sugar and salt, they should be mixed and closed. Cooking ingredients are required in the porridge program. If you do not have such a mode, then you can turn on and quench.

20 minutes after the start of cooking dairythe dish should be well mixed. Next to it is necessary to add natural butter and steamed seedless raisins. Again stir the ingredients they need to cook in the same program for 5-8 minutes. At the end of the regimen, the ingredients should be kept warm for a few more minutes. This will make the porridge more brewed and viscous.

rice porridge in a multicolor polaris

We serve a delicious and nutritious dish of rice and millet

Preparing rice with ricemillet and raisins, it needs to be spread out over small plates and immediately presented for breakfast. It should be specially noted that the presented dish, made according to the above-described recipe, turns out to be rather dense and viscous. But how is liquid rice porridge prepared in a multivariate? To do this, add more liquid to the croup. For example, one glass of a dry product should not have 500 ml of milk or water, but 750 or even more.

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