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Dietary soup: cooking recipes

The rich classic borsch is considered one of thepopular first dishes. However, people who have problems with the gastrointestinal tract are strictly forbidden to use certain foods that are part of this soup. In this case, it is worth remembering that there is not only traditional, but also dietary borsch, the recipes of which will be presented in today's article.

General recommendations

Some mistresses mistakenly think thatdietary soups are fresh and tasteless. In fact, this does not correspond to the truth. These first dishes are very fragrant, but they do not contain harmful fatty components.

dietary soup

So that you get a real diet borscht,It is necessary to abandon the use of rich meat broths, replacing them with vegetable. It is also important to minimize the presence of fat and not to roast vegetables. Onions and carrots should preferably be roasted in a small amount of lean oil or even sent to a saucepan in a raw form. To make the dish less nutritious, you can not add potatoes to it.

Do not forget that a longThermal treatment contributes to the destruction of valuable substances contained in food. Therefore, it is important not to digest the dietary soup. With gastritis, it is not advisable to consume white cabbage. It is better to replace it with Beijing. Also of the composition should be excluded vinegar, garlic and many other seasonings. In order to preserve more valuable substances in the prepared dish, it is better to turn off the fire a couple of minutes after laying the last batch of ingredients. Then you need to let it brew for a few hours.

Variant with chicken

It should be noted that the technology of cookingBorscht is so simple that even a novice cook can cope with it. The soup itself is made without adding roast, so it turns out absolutely not fatty and very useful. To cook a delicious and satisfying lunch for the whole family, you need to stock up on everything you need in advance. Your kitchen should have:

  • Three liters of drinking water.
  • A pound of chicken.
  • Three beets and potato tubers.
  • A teaspoon of table salt.
  • One carrot and a bulb.
  • A couple of laurel leaves.
  • On a branch of parsley and dill.

borsch diet recipe

It should be noted that this recipe does not imply the use of cabbage. Therefore, cooked on it dietary borsch can be included in the menu of people suffering from gastritis.

Process description

First of all you should do chicken. It is washed, poured cold water and sent to the stove. After the first bubbles and foam appear on the surface, the liquid is replaced with a clean one and put again on the fire. The cooking time largely depends on the age of the bird. On average, it is about half an hour. At the end of this time, the chicken is removed from the pan, separated from the bones and returned to a previously strained broth.

technology of borscht cooking

There also send the grated beet and cookabout a quarter of an hour. Then, peeled and cut vegetables (onions, carrots and potatoes) are added to the broth. Twenty minutes later in the future borsch (dietary), the recipe of which is considered in today's article, put salt, bay leaf and chopped greens. After five minutes, turn off the fire and give the dish a little insisting.

Option with Bulgarian pepper

Unlike the previous recipe, in this caseno meat is used at all. The composition of this dish is exclusively fresh vegetables, herbs and a few spices. In order to timely feed their households tasty and useful lunch, check in advance whether there is in your arsenal:

  • Two heads of onions.
  • Four potato tubers.
  • One beet and a carrot.
  • Two hundred grams of white cabbage.
  • A bunch of green dill.
  • Sweet Bulgarian pepper.
  • Bay leaf.
  • Clove of garlic.

borshch without meat recipe

To brewed you borscht without meat, a recipewhich you can see in this article, it turned out more delicious and aromatic, you need to additionally prepare salt, two liters of drinking water, four tablespoons of tomato paste and one hundred grams of 15% sour cream.


Pre-peeled and diced potatoes are poured with boiling water and boiled for ten minutes. After that, chopped cabbage is added to it and continues to be cooked.

In a frying pan, smeared with a small amountlean oil, spread the chopped onion and lightly fry it. Then the same beetroot, carrots and chopped Bulgarian pepper are sent there. All carefully mix and extinguish on minimum fire no more than three minutes. After that, add the tomato paste and a glass of boiled water to the pan and continue cooking until the liquid evaporates. The resulting roast is sent to a pan in which potatoes are brewed.

dietary borscht with gastritis

After that, in the future borsch diet, recipewhich can be viewed above, add salt and bay leaf. When the beet becomes soft, the pan is removed from the fire and waited until its contents are slightly infused. Serve this delicious lean first dish with a special dressing. It is prepared from sour cream, chopped greens and chopped garlic.

Variant with beans

This first dish turns out so easy anduseful, that it was included in the composition of one of the diets that allows you to quickly lose a few extra pounds. To cook a diet borscht for weight loss, visit the nearest supermarket in advance and buy all the necessary ingredients. In this case, your kitchen should be attended by:

  • Three hundred grams of fresh cabbage.
  • 2/3 cup of white beans.
  • One beet, carrot and onion.
  • Four potato tubers.
  • A couple tablespoons of tomato paste.

In addition, in borsch without meat, the recipe of whichIn detail, in this article, salt, bay leaf and pepper should be added. The amount of these ingredients depends on the personal preferences of the chef and his family. Plus, in addition to the list, juice of half a lemon and drinking water are added to the list. Those who adhere to a not too strict diet, you can cook borscht on chicken or beef broth.

Step-by-step instruction

The technology of borscht preparation consists ofseveral basic stages. First of all, you need to learn beans. It is poured cold water and left for three hours. After that, wash and transfer to a saucepan. There are poured three liters of drinking water and put on fire.

dietary borscht for weight loss

Add shredded beans to the prepared beansbeets, salt and laurushku. Twenty minutes later, the same place spread grated carrots, chopped onions and diced potatoes. Then in the pan send shredded cabbage, tomato paste and juice squeezed out of half a lemon. Ten minutes later, the fire is turned off and waiting for the dietary borsch to light a little.

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