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Restaurant "Night and Day" ... Prague cine and real

There is nothing more exciting than to see ina good movie of the place where he used to be. The passions and emotions of the heroes become somehow closer, and again they languish in nostalgia along the streets and lanes where the plot of the film unfolds. Therefore, many viewers, after watching the wonderful tape by Giuseppe Tornatore "Best Offer", got off their feet, trying to find the restaurant "Night and Day" in the capital of the Czech Republic. Prague is rich in many sights, but there are no streets of Kozi in it. Reviews say this quite confidently.

The search for a movie establishment

Restaurant night and day of Prague

Many tourists tried to find the restaurant "Day and Night" following the route of the main character. So, Virgil Oldman rent an apartment near the Old TownThe Town Hall. From the window of the room opens a wonderful view of the clock Orloj. Departing for a walk around the city, Oldman crosses the town hall square and delves into the weaving of the streets of the Jewish quarter. There should be a restaurant, whose entrance to the film is decorated with two dials. The reviews assure us that the search was crowned with success.

Disappointment from the find

The search was not on the fictional street of Kozi, butOn the real U merciful. It is called so because of the hospital for the poor at the monastery of Saint Agnes. Nearby is the street of Francis. However, the beer shop "The Merciful" (Pivnice U Milosrdnych) is not much like restaurant "Night and Day". Prague loves play with tourists such a joke. In the cinema, the whole interior of the building is filled with a ticking clock. Some of them were with moving mechanisms - as in Orloj. But the reviews do not mention any such in the interior of the pub "The Merciful".

Restaurant day and night

Disappointment gives way to admiration

But do not rush to leave the failed restaurant"Day and night". Prague is famous for its gastronomic sights. In this city they go specially to taste pork rudder, Christmas carp, trout, strudel and drink excellent beer. Ask the waiter for the iidelnichok and the drinkers (menu and wine card). By the way, these books are also duplicated in English, German and Russian. Will not have to wait long. If you look in the beer "The Merciful" from 11 to 16 hours, then you can choose a favorite dish from the section Hotova jidla (ready meals).

Day and night restaurant reviews

While your rug or carp is baked in the kitchen,sit down somewhere with a cup of espresso in the picnic "The Merciful". In winter - at a burning fireplace, in the summer - on a terrace. Gradually, you will cease to regret that this is not the restaurant "Night and Day". Prague knows how to pour balm on wounds ... Guest reviews sing odes sweaty glasses kegovogo beer (especially praised unfiltered Gambrinus 12), steaks and cutlets on the bone. Waiters, whose overweight testifies eloquently how caloric Czech cuisine and how hard it will abstain, will recommend to you which dish is especially good at this time of year.

Alarm message

Since August 2013 the pub "The Merciful"(or "Day and Night" - restaurant) reviews called closed. What happened? They say that the building undergoes a large-scale reconstruction. For the premises took on a grand scale, and the case, most likely, will not cost a cosmetic repair. There is an opinion that after the success of the movie "Best Offer", the interiors of the newly opened institution will indeed resemble the "Day and Night" that so deceived everyone.

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