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"Curtis" tea: variety of varieties

For many people, tea drinking is considered a realtradition. To enjoy a drink, you need to choose quality teas. In shops you can find different kinds of it. Tea "Curtis" deserves attention, as it is appreciated for its quality and pleasant aroma. There are many of its species.

History of the brand

The history of the trade mark Curtis begins in 2003of the year. In London, the company Curtis & Patridge London was founded, which had rights to the brand. Since the end of 2003 the Russian group of companies "May" began to work with it, because of which the brand was renamed Curtis & Patridge.

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At first the brand was not popular because ofconservative packaging design and a long foreign name, which is unusual for many people. Therefore, the brand began to change. Since 2007, tea has come to be known simply as Curtis. Also the range began to expand. Now in many countries like tea "Curtis". The assortment consists of 4 collections - 25 varieties. Each of them has an original taste. Now the products of this company are sold in many stores.

Classic teas

In the assortment you can find different varieties. Each of them has its own flavors and flavors. To make it easier to choose the right one, you should familiarize yourself with the main types. Classic tea "Curtis" has a pleasant aroma and noble taste. From popular species stands out:

  • Original Ceylon Tea - Ceylon black tea, which is sure to appeal to lovers of fragrant drinks. It is perfect for satisfying thirst on a hot day.
  • Royal Yunnan is a Chinese drink with prunes, which is perfect for any tea party.

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  • Earl Gray - the beverage contains the aroma of bergamot. Sort like true connoisseurs of tea.
  • Rich Kenya - Kenyan tea "Curtis" has a tart taste and a small bitterness, which makes it exotic.

White and green varieties

Exotic lovers like to brew white andgreen grades. Such drinks are appreciated for the aroma of tropical fruits and excellent taste. Every sip of tea will give you pleasure. In shops you can find the following types:

  • Original Green Tea - green tea "Curtis", which will be to the taste of adherents of a healthy lifestyle.
  • Bahama Nights - flavored drink, which contains the petals of Sicilian orange and pieces of Thai pineapple.
  • Bountea is a white variety with a fragrance of fruit nourishment and apple slices.
  • Mango Green Tea is a drink with a mango flavor.

Each of the varieties presented is delicious in its own way. It is enough to try this tea once, and you will not want to choose another drink.

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Dessert varieties

For connoisseurs of desserts, too, there are special varieties. Each of them has a pleasant taste and aroma. Popular types include:

  • Truffle Black Tea - "Curtis" tea with a taste of chocolate, coffee beans.
  • Creamy Praline - Ceylon drink with pieces of walnut, cocoa.
  • Orange & Chocolate - a drink with orange and chocolate gives vivacity for the whole day.
  • Tiramisu is a black tea with a coffee aroma.

Dessert varieties are necessary for a pleasant tea drinking. The taste and aroma of the drink will improve the mood.

Fruit grades

Tea of ​​this collection combines tropical fruits, berries, flower petals. Popular types include:

  • Ahmad Tea Isabella Grope - black tea with a taste of grapes and flowering garden;
  • Sunny Lemon - a drink with the aroma of lemon, wildflowers.
  • Banana Flambe - Ceylon tea has a taste of banana and caramel.
  • Strawberry Cake is a drink with the aroma of strawberry baking.

The sorts with the aroma of fruit are beautiful in their own way. Such drinks allow you to smell the exotic fruit.


For buyers who can not decidetaste, produce a set of "Curtis" tea. It has several flavors. Try them, you can choose the right type of drink. Many fell in love with such sets because of the fact that each time you can try something new.

Often such products are sold with a boxcandy, so it is ideal as a gift. The cost of the set is more than 300 rubles. But true connoisseurs of quality drinks still buy them.

How to brew?

For welding, it is advisable to choose purified water. It can be purchased at the store. In this case, a drink with a pleasant taste is obtained. Water should be boiled in an enamel teapot. You do not need to overheat it, it's enough that it comes close to boiling.

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If tea is in bags, then it can be brewedright in the cup. In other cases, use teapot. After boiling, the water is poured into cups. Infusion lasts 5-7 minutes, after which the drink acquires a wonderful aroma. Only then can you start drinking tea.


This brand produces packaged tea,for which a paraffin-treated clip is not used, as other brands do. The bags are connected with a string with a knot. It turns out that the drink will not have a metallic taste, and it allows you to enjoy the taste and aroma.

Some varieties are produced in sachets-pyramids,that allows tea leaves to open, and this has a beneficial effect on the aroma and taste of tea. The brand has developed over the years, and therefore earned the trust of consumers in many countries. He is loved for the wonderful taste and aroma of tea products.


Many users love the Curtis tea. Reviews about the drink can only be found positive. Consumers value the products for their original design, pleasant taste. Many buyers take the product for testing, and then buy it regularly.

This drink is suitable for daily tea drinking. Its taste and aroma will eliminate the headache, elevate the mood and improve the tone. A convenient packaging of the product will take it with you even on the road.

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The reviews show that people like diversityvarieties. Among them you can find a favorite. The fragrance is perfectly preserved thanks to a quality box and sachets. Such products are great as a gift.

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