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Wine "Lykhny" - acquaintance with Abkhazia

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And you were in Abkhazia? If yes, then you should not even explain what Abkhazian wines are: "Lykhny", "Apsny", "Bouquet of Abkhazia". And if not, then this article is for you. A small but laudatory opus is based on the opinions and opinions of those who have already visited this small country on the Black Sea coast. It is said that God created paradise there on earth, and precisely there, among the pointed tuja, palm trees and mandarin trees, there is a grapevine of classical varieties, giving birth to fragrant berries of incredible taste: delicate, slightly spicy with a subtle aftertaste. Abkhazia is considered the birthplace of winemaking. At one time, ancient Rome enjoyed the beverages that were born in Dioscuria (the Greek colony on the Black Sea coast of the Caucasus), whose center was in the territory of the present Sukhumi, the capital of Abkhazia. The wine "Lykhny" is considered the prince of Abkhazian wines.

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Start your acquaintance with the country from thisdrink. Only then, discover landscapes with incredibly high mountains, blue lakes, clear waters of the Black Sea. Sitting in the famous restaurant "Nartaa" on the embankment of Sukhumi, enjoy Abkhazian music, order "khachapuri boats" and, of course, the wine "Lykhny". You will like not only the taste of the dishes, but also the hospitality of the local residents. The main thing is that you will be interested in assessing the attitude of the Abkhaz to the fault. He is not treated like an alcoholic beverage, his role is much broader. One can even say that in Abkhazia there is a cult of wine, while there are no problems with drunkenness in the country.

The wine "Lykhny" is made from grapes of varietyIsabel. It would seem that the usual "Isabella" is familiar to everyone, everyone at least once tried a drink based on these almost black berries with a rich taste, especially if he rested on the Black Sea coast. In many it is more associated with everyday and ordinary, sometimes even inappropriate (due to a strong flavor) than with anything unimaginable. But believe me, the wine "Lykhny" has a completely different shade and aftertaste. From the trivial "Isabella" it differs drastically. Delicate, velvet shade of strawberries, rich tone and fragrance of slightly wilted roses. Despite the richness of grape berries, the wine remains light enough, loose. A distinctive feature of this drink of the Gods is a property that gives not an alcoholic weakness, but a slight relaxation, you can even say bliss.

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Abkhazia is a small country, but with a very richhistory, traces of which you will open on its territory. Ancient temples, caves and earthenware jars buried in the ground centuries ago, stand on a par with traces of very recent events. Your eyes will not open a polished resort area. No, you will see the real reality with traces of former greatness, traces of explosions and bullets received recently in the struggle for this piece of paradise.

Leaving this beautiful country, do not forget to takewith a few bottles of "Apsny", "Psou" or "Lychny". Wine, the price of which in Abkhazia is much lower, will remind you of the time spent on the Black Sea coast. Or maybe seduce your taste for the trip of those who have not been there yet.

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