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Restaurant "Zhi Is" (Moscow): address, reviews, menu

The true gourmets restaurant "Zhi Is" in Moscowoffers to enjoy an amazing taste of European dishes and unique dishes of the kitchen of mountaineers come from Dagestan. It serves delicious nutritious meals and author's dishes prepared by chefs, who inherited the traditional recipes of Caucasian cuisine.

Guests hurry here to enjoy the late breakfasts, lunches and dinners. In the hours of discounts, they order the most tasty dishes and receive compliments from the establishment.

restaurant Zhi Is

Restaurant location

Not far from the metro station"Leninsky Prospect" passes Ordzhonikidze Street. On it, in 336 meters from the metro, is "Zhi Is" - a restaurant. Address of the institution: Moscow, st. Ordzhonikidze 11, building 17. Two other metro stations - Tulskaya and Shabolovskaya - are 1.9 km and 1.6 km away respectively.

Near the restaurant stretched alongMoscow-river scenic embankments: Pushkinskaya and Andreevskaya. The place is adjacent to the Don Square. Next to it, there are Elizavetinsky and Andreevsky ponds, the House-Museum of PL Kapitza and Neskuchny Garden.

Description of the institution

Hospitality of the Dagestani mountaineers is setat the forefront. In the hall with a luxurious interior, which reflects the photo of the restaurant, available in the review, the atmosphere of home comfort reigns. The hall is decorated with decorative materials of red, black and light golden scales. Ergonomic tables are surrounded by elegant sofas.

Uniqueness and color bring in the interiornational decoration items. On TVs with a large LCD screen show movies and sports broadcasts. There are zones for table games in the restaurant: checkers, backgammon, dominoes and chess. In it there are cozy places where visitors conveniently settle down with a hookah.

photo of the restaurant

Aerial golden curtain separates twocompact VIP cabins from the common room. In each room there is a ottoman, covered with a carpet "sumak". Guests in the booths allow themselves not only to enjoy delicious food, but also to relax, lying on the ottoman.

Skilled cooks prepare dishes according to traditionalrecipes, passed on for centuries in Caucasian families. The dishes, which are offered by the restaurant "Zhi Is" on Leninsky Prospekt, reveal the amazing taste of the mountain culinary traditions.


The restaurant's favorite dish is a favoriteDagestani mountaineers "Avar hinkal" (not the same as khinkali). Each ethnic group of the Caucasus prepares hinkal in a special way, carefully storing their cooking secrets. This dish in the regions is distinguished by its unique taste, with its relatives a way to serve the table.

Serving hinkal, guests are always spoiled with threeseparate dishes. The table is served with a rich broth, an unusual test and an originally prepared lamb or beef (bring home sausages or dried pieces of meat). This food is necessarily accompanied by a tasty sauce to choose a guest. Usually, waiters offer homemade or sour cream sauce with garlic.

Uninformed guests waiters advise in whichconsistency, to try the dishes so that the magnificent taste of khinkali harmoniously unfolds. Their recommendations make it possible to get true pleasure from the national dish of the mountaineers.

Zhi there are restaurant menus

"Zhi Is" - a restaurant, the menu of which is based ondishes that allow you to discover the charm of the flavors and flavors of oriental cuisine. Special attention of guests deserves an amazing dish of mountain people - a miracle. It is similar to a pie, the ruddy crust of which nicely crunches, hiding inside the juicy stuffing from potatoes and chopped beef.

Fans of dumplings are amazing herefood. The oriental restaurant "Zhi Is" offers guests a taste of a dish similar to Russian dumplings - national courses with meat, curd or potato stuffing. Courses are served with sauce to choose from. It is customary to treat visitors with excellent Ossetian pies and manti with pumpkin, meat and potato stuffing.

Stunning European dishes are offeredthe restaurant "Zhi Is" is full of guests. Eastern chefs prepare them masterfully. To veal "Tuscany" recommend potatoes "Pushkin", champignons and bell peppers. With this dish perfectly harmonizes the creamy sauce.

Tea card

Knowingly "Zhi Is" (Moscow) is sometimes called tea. An excellent tea card was made in the institution. The assortment of hot drink is rich here. Guests enjoy tea with the addition of thyme, cloves and other fragrant ingredients, perfectly in harmony with the leaves of the traditional drink. In addition, the bar serves refreshing lemonades with a variety of fruit and berry flavors and excellent cocktails.

Features of the institution

On weekdays in the institution prepare delicious nourishingbusiness lunches at a very democratic price. Complex lunches are not repeated. For them a new menu is made every day. The average check of this restaurant is 500-1000 rubles. Food for children is ordered by a special menu. The institution offers the service "Food take-away".

restaurant Zhi Is in Moscow

The restaurant can accommodate 55 guests. DJ plays in the restaurant, background music and jazz sound. There is karaoke in it. Parking - spontaneous. In summer the restaurant has a veranda. Guests enjoy free Wi-Fi.

In the restaurant there are friends who come to himsupper families, business people for negotiations. It hosts banquets, weddings, corporate parties, receptions, romantic dates, master classes and various celebrations.

Organization of banquets in the institution

The festivities that the restaurant "Zhi"There are, "fill the lives of guests with magical moments. The staff of the institution organizes family, national and corporate celebrations at the highest level. The banquet menu is prearranged in advance, it includes dishes that satisfy the desires of customers.

The tables are served with dishes prepared according to recipes preserved since ancient times. Guests are pampered with meat dishes, delicious snacks, excellent baked goods from thinly rolled dough.

Zhi There are restaurant address

They are offered to enjoy scented hotdrinks, warming in the cold and infusing life-giving force. They are pampered with Caucasian and European desserts, making it possible to discover unusual taste sensations in the world of culinary delights.

Guests have fun under the chime of glasses and pleasantmusic, incendiaryly dance. Celebrations held in this restaurant - a bright, long-remembered event, full of laughter and joyful emotions.

Reviews about the restaurant

Different impressions leave the restaurant "Zhi Is" atguests. But all of them converge in one - the kitchen in the institution is delicious. Here all the dishes - both mountain and European - are prepared for "excellent". The institution is appreciated for its authentic cuisine, the ability to prepare national dishes according to old recipes.

Disadvantages of the establishment

The restauration is clearly oriented "on its own". Easily with your girlfriends in it you will not run to taste tasty mountain dishes. It is better to come with Caucasian friends and spend time pleasantly after long, solid meals.

restaurant Zhi Is on Leninsky Prospekt

Not every guest likes the interior of the restaurant. The red and gold trim on the walls (as seen in the photo of the restaurant), the windows covered with wooden bars, the heavy decor represented by the national weapon, is too pressing, prompting a vague purification of the alarm, a desire to quickly eat and go.

Although the institution is rather small, wait untilwaiters bring the menu, it takes 20-30 minutes. The ordered food is cooked for about half an hour. The staff is so slow that waiting for the account is delayed for a long time. Impatient guests sometimes leave the institution without having made an order. However, deliciously prepared food more than pay off the shortcomings of the restaurant.

Advantages of the restaurant

The restaurant is clean. The dishes are delicious, tasty. Guests are very fond of dishes with dried meat, cheese, cooked at home, a miracle - tiny cakes with fillings, a rich assortment of tea cards. They are delighted with hinkal with various fillings.

They like a varied menu for a business lunch -A decent choice of dishes for a good inexpensive lunch. Guests are captivated by tactful explanations of waiters, how best to taste the taste of unusual national dishes.

Zhi There are moscow

If you have long been in love with culinary delightsmountain cuisine, but do not accept certain national characteristics, it may be worth using the service of the institution "Food take-away." Order your favorite dishes of the mountaineers at home and enjoy their taste in a familiar atmosphere for you.

In general, the restaurant "Zhi Is" guests are not deprived of attention. They feel in him like they are at home. Visitors peacefully enjoy delicious food in a comfortable atmosphere.

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