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Moscow restaurant "Tsar": features, description.

Moscow restaurant "Tsar" is an opportunityplunge into the unparalleled atmosphere of palace luxury. This is a unique place where it is offered not just to taste Russian, national cuisine, but to hold a truly imperial banquet. It is located in a building with a rich history, which is already familiar to every Muscovite. The restaurant "Tsar" is open at Sadovaya, 12. If you have never been here before, but a significant event in life is approaching, then recommend it here.

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general description

There are a lot of beautiful architecture in the capital, but thisthe house has a special atmosphere. It is decorated with four columns, and earlier belonged to the favorite of the Empress, Count Shuvalov. That is why the holding company Ginza Project, launching a new restaurant project, has decided on it. The new restaurant "Tsar" became an opportunity for metropolitan residents to taste authentic dishes of noble and merchant Russian cuisine. The walls of the institution are decorated with portraits of kings, so that during the meal you will be able to consider them well.

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Restaurant "Tsar" was planned for a special project,because initially it was clear that this would not be an ordinary catering institution, but something special. The project was developed by the Moscow designer Sergey Tretyak, the author of interiors of many metropolitan institutions. He managed to emphasize the "royal" theme, making the doorways low and curved, as it was in the sovereign chamber. Especially, to make the interiors look more authentic, from the auctions here bought antique couches. The rich stucco on the ceiling was carefully restored, and the sloping edges of the window panes were restored.

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Of course, this is the most important thing, because here they do not comeadmire the walls. But be sure, even the most fastidious gourmet will be surprised by the restaurant "Tsar". Reviews of restaurant critics emphasize that unexpected combinations of products will pleasantly surprise. The chef managed to perform an almost incredible task, organically adding modern culinary delights to the rich in meat and fish delicacies cuisine of Russian noblemen. Here you have rucola and crab meat, pumpkin and pike caviar, ravioli with crucian carp and elk patties with sauerkraut. Judging by the reviews of critics, everything is incomparably delicious, although somewhat unexpected.

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Serving dishes

It is worth seeing at least once in life. On special trays, shining with gold, guests are made a rich borscht on three broths. Aromatic, dense, it satisfies hunger and fills with positive emotions. A cutlet fire? Fried in wheat croutons, butter, with ruddy potatoes on the sides, it is taken out in a burning frying pan, on a stand with a burner. The waiters themselves would have gone for nobles in beautiful, gold-embroidered suits. Polite and helpful, they try to turn every dinner into a holiday.


This is the sweetest part of the meal, so do notHurry up to put the spoons aside. Whether you like sweet or not, you will find something to surprise the restaurant "Tsar". In Moscow, the reviews diverge quickly, so after serving one successful dessert, the chef begins to receive dozens of orders for a similar dessert. Here, cream and ice cream are not used, all desserts are prepared exclusively according to old desserts. This is honey baked with impregnation from a special brand of cognac, real chocolate and nuts. For decoration, a berry is used - blackberries, cranberries. Kind, taste - everything is simply charming.

Wine map

Russian nobles knew a lot about good drinks. Therefore, the restaurant "Tsar" did not hit the dirt either. The photo does not convey all the charm of his chambers, but it may be of interest to you that you will soon come to appreciate the local cuisine yourself. The bar chart includes an impressive selection of wines and spirits. In addition, the barman will prepare for order almost any alcoholic cocktail. The very observation of this process is worth a look.

Instead of concluding

Today we finish this brief descriptionunique, Moscow restaurant. Better to see once than hear a hundred times. Mastery of chef-time can be assessed only by visiting the institution. There is something to try. Therefore, we recommend not to waste time, but to gather friends and spend a pleasant evening in cozy walls. Feel yourself real, Russian aristocrats, in a stunning hall, surrounded by Russian kings, silently watching from the walls.

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