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Cafe Queen: description

Cafe Queen offers their services toensuring all conditions for a good rest. They vary in many criteria and have their own unique "chips". In the article some of them are presented, having familiarized with which you will learn what to visit first.


Cafe Lepeshka (Korolev) appeared on the streetscity ​​in 2011 and quickly enough to win the hearts of its visitors. It immediately attracts its name and tune into a positive, full of fun moments of rest. Occurring in the cafe "Lepeshka" can be expressed in one phrase - "Everything in the Oriental". This orientation of the institution allowed him to quickly take the position of one of the most popular. In fact, outwardly the halls of the cafe are not particularly tuned to the eastern atmosphere. Yes, everything is nice and cozy: soft sofas, living plants, interesting bright accents, but nothing more.

cafe queen
Is that the logo and Uzbek plates on the walls withhand-painted a little add a touch to the interior. But what is really eastern, is the kitchen. Everything is so tasty and appetizing, that only the fingers have to lick. From the kitchen, an incredible smell of oriental spices, a shish kebab and freshly-drawn cakes from the oven is heard. Only after sitting at a table in this place, you can understand that it really is "Everything in the Oriental", and this is a good reason to visit it.

Country Cuisine

Everyone wants to find a decent, cozy institution, inwhich you can spend evenings with friends, family and loved ones. Some people succeed in a very short time, others search for such a place for years. It is good that visitors to the Cafe Queen "Country Cafe" now do not have to think long over a place to relax. The institution pleases with its atmosphere, interior and, of course, food.

cafe in the queen
From the doorsteps, an amazing world opens upWild West, where the spirit of fun and adventure. Wooden tables and chairs, extensive use of natural materials, comfortable chairs, interesting details - all this harmoniously looks with the idea of ​​the institution and makes you relax as much as possible. Men in such a situation can feel like real cowboys, and women - their ladies, who are bravely defended. In addition to the original design of the halls, the "Country Pub" can offer a rich menu. Visitors are given a wide range of dishes of European and home cuisine. Portions are always large, prices are affordable, and guests are happy.


Among a considerable number of similar institutionsit is difficult to choose any one. For this, there are information articles that greatly facilitate the choice. Analyzing the Cafe Queen, I would like to pay attention to the institution called "Retro". This place is very popular, especially among those who plan big events and celebrations. All because the cafe with understanding treat the desires and interests of each guest. In the menu "Retro" you can see dishes of different culinary traditions.

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It seems that from each nationalthe kitchens pulled out the most delicious, interesting dish and inserted it into the proposed meal. In addition to the usual cold and hot appetizers, soups, side dishes, meat and fish dishes, visitors to the cafe "Retro" can taste Italian pasta and seafood. The institution has a gift card system, so you do not have to worry about giving a gift to family or friends. Also in the cafe often held master classes from chefs, which will help learn something new and useful. Guests on their cars can leave it at a free guarded parking lot, and those who want to eat outside can do it on the cozy summer veranda.


The institutions come not only tosit in a pleasant atmosphere and surround yourself with beautiful things, but also try new dishes for yourself. Cafes in the Queen allow guests to get a real gastronomic impression, while laying out a very reasonable amount. Such places include "Ochag" - a place that for many people has become a favorite place for any pastime. Outwardly the institution is simple, without any special frills and luxuries.

cafe foam queens
Soft sofas, living plants, dark wood andlight textile - all this does not put pressure on visitors and does not take much attention. The main emphasis in the cafe "Ochag" is on food. The menu is full of dishes of European, Russian, Georgian and Caucasian cuisine. Each option is an explosive combination of mouth-watering, charming aroma and amazing taste. Guests are also provided with facilities for entertainment. Visitors can watch live broadcasts of important sporting events, enjoy live music and performances by artists.


Not so long ago, locals lingered in the eveningsin the cafe "Pena" (Korolev), but now they have no such opportunity. In its place was opened a new one - "Velvet", which offers high-quality services at a pleasant price. In the menu of this place you can see dishes of European and Russian cuisine. Visitors will be able to enjoy their meal in modern, stylish rooms. For private conversations and private parties, a separate VIP room is provided in the cafe. Also in the cafe "Velvet" (Korolev) visitors can order hookahs of all kinds of flavor combinations, play the PlayStation, take the children to special master classes and even get a picture-mehendi on the body. In this place everything is done so that everyone feels the best way.


Among such a variety of cafes, the Queen was founda place for lovers of Italy. "Tsukini" - an institution in which they especially appreciate Italian food. The cuisine of this country is very rich and tasty, but at the same time simple. Recipes are passed by the people from generation to generation, and each dish is prepared with love.

cake tortilla cafe
Visitors to the cafe "Tsukini" can taste not onlythe most famous Italian dish is pizza, and a large assortment of other dishes that also have a magical taste and a pleasant aroma. In "Tsukini" many like to repeat the phrase, which reflects the nature of the whole institution - "Tasty, tasty in Italian!".

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