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How to cook meat in a hussar?

In cooking there are many dishes that havethe same names, but completely different cooking techniques. Take, for example, meat in a hussar. There are dozens of recipes with this name. For example, you can consider some of them.

Magic rolls

To make meat in a hussar way in this way, do not have to be a professional cook.

meat in hussar

The recipe is quite simple and requiresthe minimum quantity of the most affordable products: for 600 grams of beef fillet you will need 2 pieces of bread (white), 100 grams of butter, 3 onions, salt, half a cup of broth, 50 grams of hard cheese and a little pepper ground.

Begin to prepare meat in a hussar's manner from the main product:

  1. Beef should be cut into equal pieces. Then it should be well repulsed, sprinkled with pepper, salt and fry in oil on both sides.
  2. After this you can start cookingspecial minced meat. It will not be quite normal. First it is necessary to finely chop the onion and grate the cheese. Then put the bread crumb into a bowl and soak it in the prepared broth. Then add the prepared cheese and onions, the remaining butter and a little pepper. Mix thoroughly.
  3. For each piece of meat, gently put a little cooked stuffing. Collapse products in the form of a roll and fasten with a strong thread. In principle, you can use a toothpick.
  4. Roll the rolls into a deep frying pan and pour the broth. You can also use a saucepan. Add the juice that was left after the frying.

After that, it remains only to put the frying pan on the fire and stew until "meat in Hussars" is ready completely. The dish can be cooked on the stove under a closed lid or in the oven.

Meat under the fur coat

Many people think that meat is a hussar - this is a recipeFrench cuisine. The question, of course, is controversial. If you agree with this opinion, you should remember that the French love to cook meat under a fur coat from different products. Hence, a new variant was made, for which it is necessary: ​​200 grams of cheese, salt, 2 onions, spices, 300 grams of mayonnaise and vegetable oil per 1 kilogram of meat (chicken, beef or pork).

The process does not look very complicated:

  1. Meat first thing should be cut into portions. And in the case of beef it must also be repulsed.
  2. Randomly crumble the onion and grate the hard cheese.
  3. Trays slightly grease with vegetable oil, and then put on it all the prepared foods in the following sequence: meat - onion - cheese - mayonnaise - seasoning.
  4. Send everything in the oven and wait 30 minutes.

This time will be enough. Meat due to onions and mayonnaise will be tender and fragrant, and the cheese will only keep the air coat on the surface.

A successful addition

It turns out that meat is very tasty with hussars and mushrooms. At least, so say those who tried this recipe.

hussar meat with mushrooms

For work it will take all: half a cup of broth, 2 onions, 1.5 cups of rye grated bread, 200 grams of fresh mushrooms, salt, 75 grams of sour cream, 100 grams of cheese, ground pepper and a little flour.

The dish is prepared as follows:

  1. First you need to put the mushrooms to boil.
  2. Pre-marinated meat is a little better. The composition of the fill can be any.
  3. At this time, you can make a filling. For this, peeled and chopped onion lightly fry in a pan.
  4. Then add the bread, stir and leave the food on the fire for another 5 minutes.
  5. Then add salt, add sour cream, pepper, chopped mushrooms, pour all the broth and leave to stew for another 10 minutes.
  6. Cover the grated cheese, stir and remove the frying pan from the fire.
  7. Prepared meat sprinkled with flour and make on it from one side a few sufficiently deep incisions.
  8. Put in them cooked stuffing and fasten the structure with a toothpick or thread.

In this situation, the meat should be baked in the oven until ready.

The original combination

There is another option with which you can make meat in a hussar. The recipe is not exactly ordinary, but interesting.

meat on a hussar recipe

The following initialcomponents: onion, beef, carrots, mayonnaise, cheese, pickled cucumbers (or pickled), vegetable oil, walnuts, salt, flour and a little ground pepper.

The dish is prepared as follows:

  1. Meat must first cut into fairly large pieces.
  2. Now we need to prepare additional ingredients. Cheese, nuts and carrots should be rubbed, and onions and cucumbers - cut.
  3. From mayonnaise and cheese prepare a thick enough sauce.
  4. Put meat on the tray. For each piece alternately put cucumbers, onions, carrots and nuts.
  5. Pour all sauce and send to the oven for roasting.

Readiness can be determined by the type of cheesecrust. It will take a little time. Minutes for the 25th dish will be completely ready. After that, it can be laid out on a plate and served at your discretion.

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