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How to Cook a Pike, To Husband Language Swallowed

Pike is known since time immemorial - itsare revered in many countries literally from the Middle Ages. How to cook pike - for this has always been a lot of different ways. From it you can make pate, it can be stewed or fried, this fish can be eaten with crab sauce or simply with sauerkraut, it is made with a ragout with anchovy sauce, served on a table in boiled form with mayonnaise, smoked and salted.

In the olden days, in medieval books, this fishcalled the Knight with the Sharp Rifle. So, this "knight" has lean and at the same time very tasty meat, which allowed monks to use it as an ideal meal during fasting. Moreover, in 1100 in the Salerno medical school the pike was recognized as the most useful fish of all, and how to cook pike was known in many taverns of European countries.

The liver of pike at all times gourmets recognizedthe most, perhaps, exquisite delicacy. Her taste was enjoyed in the most aristocratic houses of Europe. However, the pike, most likely, is worthy of the title of not a knight, but a robber from a big road. Lurking in the algae, she patiently waits for her prey, lightning rushing after the passing fish and grabbing it.

The teeth of the pike are bent back, therefore,the mouth of a brush or perch will not be able to escape. I remember how I also got a pike, like a okunek. I was a little girl, and my grandfather took me fishing with him. Once he caught a pike, pulled it into the boat and left it on the bottom. I pushed the finger into the open mouth with my finger - out of mere curiosity, and she closed her jaws ... No wonder that a large fish can snap even waterfowl.

Once Grandfather hardly brought home the capturedthey have a pike nearly two meters long and weighing twenty kilograms! We then thought for a long time how to cook pike, and decided that it was delicious to cook a pike, so large that its meat is already a little bit stiff, you can lard by serving portions of lard.

Grandfather cooked the fish himself. Having told me "Look, Adelka, how to cook deliciously pike", he gutted the fish (inside of it we found a rather large perch and gave it to the cat), divided it into portions, cut them into them and placed in them pieces of lard and garlic. In a deep frying pan he heated the melted pork fat and poured some water. Lashed with fat and garlic, Grandfather rubbed salt, sprinkled with pepper and - abundantly - ground coriander, then rolled in wheat flour and laid the pieces in a pan.

At first the fire on the stove was strong, and then,when the appetizing smell appeared in the kitchen, they left only a small flame and so tormented the fish for an hour and a half. The tantalizing aromas of the pike were spreading around the house and even all over the street, literally driving the neighbors' cats and neighbors into insanity, who did not fail to glance into the house - just to say hello. It is clear that the prepared dish was too quickly eaten ...

Grandfather's culinary lessons I remembered for a lifetime and know perfectly well how to cook a pike, perhaps, no worse than professional chefs. And here is how to cook pike stuffed.

Strictly speaking, instead of pike in this case, you cantake a mullet or pike perch, but the pike will still be better, although as you like. The recipe is how to cook a pike stuffed, old and time-tested and by myself. So it is. I take a cleaned pike kilogram for one and a half, but be sure with a head - this should be enough for four.

For the filling we take 60 grams of boiled rice,two sliced ​​steep eggs, 15 grams of softened (necessarily, otherwise it will not work!) butter and pieces of six - eight prunes without pits, soaked in water (you can more, as you like).

Sprinkle is made from ground biscuits (twotablespoons), you still need whipped proteins, a little sea salt and white pepper (I take a third of a teaspoonful), and I still need cut butter with thin plastic.

Now the most interesting. The fish must be dried with a paper towel, prepared with filling (except prunes), fill the cavity of the pike loosely, and put the prunes on top of the filling. I sew the edges with a strong thread. Now we need to take a heat resistant pan of this size so that the fish can hardly enter it in a collapsed form, lubricate its bottom and walls with butter and poke the pike there so that the tail is in her mouth - I saw it done in Finland. On top of the fish you need to grease with egg whites and sprinkle with breadcrumbs, pepper and salt. Do not forget to put pieces of butter in the pan!

After this, the vessel can be put in a wellheated oven (180 degrees) and bake for an hour and a half. Preparedness is defined very simply: if during this time you manage not to go crazy with delightful teasing scents, just pull the fin. If it is easily separated, the dish is ready.

Serve directly in a saucepan, after removing the thread. You can put a salad on the side dish. Try this meal to feed your husband - you will see what will be ...

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