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Breakfast with love: sausage in the form of a heart with an egg

How little effort you need to make to pleasea loved one! Sometimes enough flower, balloon or simple embrace to charge positive for the whole day. And on the day off, pay a little more attention to breakfast. The usual sausage in the form of a heart with an egg will cause a smile and tell you about your feelings. How to cook it? The recipe is simple, and time is consumed very little. You need only a little imagination and a kitchen, free from other people. Forward, for work!

sausage in the form of heart with egg

The most popular breakfast

Unrelenting statistics confirm that the firsteating is most often not original. Some people, concerned about their health, cook porridge for breakfast. Those who are late for study-work, get by sandwiches and coffee. If there is little time, then eggs are cooked and boiled sausages. The latter option is not considered to be a healthy diet, but you can not name a categorically harmful one. Eggs are a source of protein and fats. As well as sausages, especially if they are natural. If you abuse this diet and combine eggs with sausages in the morning and in the evening, then there is a risk of getting better, but this combination exclusively for a morning meal will be not only tasty but also nutritious. And if you show creativity, then the dish will also be romantic. For such a purpose, fried eggs in a hot dog are the best.

fried eggs in a hot dog

Do we need an excuse?

Usually a family prepares a breakfast for a woman, and beforeit is worth a whole range of tasks, among which is to feed, energize, please the taste of the dish and interest in serving. The last moment is especially relevant if the family has children. Accordingly, for a woman, the breakfast meal can eventually become a routine. From this point of view, a man in the kitchen can be a virtuoso, since he appears here at his own will! Why in such rare moments not please the beloved original breakfast, which can be a sausage in the form of a heart with an egg? Do we need an excuse? Of course, it's nice when a man cooked a themed breakfast, but, in fact, an occasion is not necessary. Look in your refrigerator: if there are sausages and eggs, then this is a weighty argument to prepare a romantic meal. Fried eggs in a hot dog - a simple dish, everything known and win-win. Just before cooking, make sure that your half does not stick to a vegetarian diet!

fried eggs in a hot dog

The process is started

You will need long sausages. The amount directly depends on the volume of the pan and the number of portions. If you plan a romantic meal for two, then two sausages will suffice. Also cook eggs, chicken or quail. For decoration you will need fresh greens, tomatoes, garlic and onions. Spice add to taste, and for frying use ordinary vegetable oil.

So, how to cook scrambled eggs in a heart of sausage? Knife gently cut the sausages along, leaving the tip connected. Now wrap them in your heart, and puncture the tip with a toothpick.

It's time to prepare a frying pan. Warm it up and fill it with oil. By the way, the dish can also be cooked in the oven, if, say, fatty food is banned or your half is on a diet. Pour the egg into the center of the sausage. Now go to the decor. Cut the tomatoes in rings. On a separate frying pan, chop the onion and garlic. Combine the roast with tomatoes, season with spices and lay the mixture to the eggs. Cover the frying pan with a lid and fry over medium heat until the yolk and protein are baked. That's ready to fried eggs in the sausage heart. The recipe is so simple that it absolutely does not require culinary skills. When serving, you can sprinkle a portion of the dish with grated cheese.

how to cook scrambled eggs in a heart of sausage

Nuances of cooking

There are some secrets that you can makethe taste of the dish is richer. In particular, before pouring eggs, it is necessary to fry the sausage on butter from both sides. With this approach, a sausage in the form of a heart with an egg will be rosy and very appetizing. Do not forget that when feeding you need to remove the toothpicks with which the ends of the sausage were fastened. If you adhere to a healthy diet, then you can separate the excess oil - put a portion of the dish on a paper napkin, and only then on your plate. Without a garnish sausage in the form of a heart with an egg will be a spectacular snack, but not an independent dish, so cut fresh vegetables and greens. So breakfast will turn out not only pleasing to the eye, but also very nutritious. Bon Appetit!

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