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American cookies: a recipe for cooking. American Cookies with Chocolate: Recipe

Today we will cook "cookies" with you -the famous American cookie, the recipe of which is very simple, and the finished product is often impossible to buy in Russia. This is the most common and most popular type of homemade baking in the States. In the rating of sympathies among the population, cookies compete with the apple pie - apple pie. Americans give cookies to babies before going to bed with a glass of milk - no more than three pieces, as this baked goods are high-calorie. With this treat in the US, Santa Claus is welcomed, his children take to school with him, in a word, he is welcomed always and everywhere. Well, how are we? Let's cook the famous "cookies" themselves.

American Cookies Recipe

Cookies with chocolate chips

The most popular type of cookies is the Americancookies with pieces of chocolate. These thin drops of frozen cocoa are sold as a semi-finished product in any shop. By the way, Americans like to use chocolates instead of chocolates in this kind of baking and M & Ms. Looks like a cookie bright and smart, which is very like children. If you are not lucky enough to buy a "drop", and you do not want to use a dragee (or it too will be banned), you can use the tile of the most ordinary chocolate. It is desirable to bitter and without any fillers. Just squeeze it with a mortar into a large crumb. For a biscuit, we need two glasses of such chocolate chips. The dough is prepared simply and quickly. Mix 100 grams of melted butter, a glass of cane sugar and three times less than usual, white, two eggs, chocolate chips, a pinch of salt, a bag of vanillin. In flour (a little more than two glasses), add the powder for the biscuit. It can be replaced with soda (half a teaspoon), which should be extinguished with vinegar. We connect all the ingredients and knead the dough. We spread the baking sheet with baking paper. We spread cakes. Bake about a quarter of an hour. The fact that the American cookies with chocolate is ready will be witnessed by frozen edges. The middle of the product should remain moist - it will harden when cooling.

American biscuits with chocolate

American cookies with chocolate: recipe number 2

Sift through a sieve on the countertop two glassesflour. Add a half teaspoon of soda and salt. In a bowl of a mixer pour out 150 gram of melted butter and the same quantity of two kinds of sugar which has been specified in the previous prescription. Add a bag of vanilla and egg, plus another yolk. Whisk everything until a homogeneous, slightly foamy mass is formed. Pour this mixture out of the mixer bowl to the flour, kneading the dough. Finally add chocolate drops or crumbs. Once more we mix the dough with a wooden spoon. The oven should be heated up to 170 degrees, and the baking sheet - baked with bakery paper. A couple more words on how to shape an American cookie with chocolate. The recipe prescribes to spread the batter with an ordinary table spoon. Between the products there should be an empty space of about seven centimeters, as the cookies will spread during the cooking process. We pull out the baking tray when the edges are lightly browned. After a few minutes, you can transfer the products to the grate for cooling.

American biscuits with chocolate recipe

Chocolate biscuits with oat flakes

This kind of staff dessert will like itfans of healthy eating. American oatmeal cookies offer to make a prescription with margarine, and add the usual "Hercules" to flour (not quick cooking). We turn on the oven 180 degrees, lightly grease the baking sheet with cooking oil. On the work surface, we sift the glass of flour. Add three spoons of cocoa powder, a teaspoon of powder for the biscuit, and a pinch of salt, ground cinnamon and soda. Stirring. We mix one hundred grams of softened margarine with two kinds of sugar. This recipe suggests taking an equal amount - half the glass - white and brown. Add the egg to the mixer bowl with a sachet of vanilla, continue to whisk. A wooden spoon lay out the dry flour mix, we mix. In the end, add a glass with a quarter of "Hercules" and half a cup of chocolate drops. Spread the dough with a spoon on the baking sheet at a distance of 5 centimeters from each other. We bake for ten minutes.

American cookies with chunks of chocolate

Soft American biscuits: a recipe with nuts

In flour (two cups and a quarter) we add a teaa spoonful of soda. Butter (225 grams) soften to room temperature, put it into the mixer bowl. Fill the glass three-quarters with brown sugar, pour it white to the brim. Beat with butter until smooth and lush. An interesting detail: add a bag (one hundred grams) of powdered vanilla pudding. Also we put two eggs and a spoonful of vanilla to the butter mass. Again, whisk at high speed. Add the flour component. At the end, we make a glass of chopped nuts (walnuts or peanuts) and twice as many chocolate drops. Oven warm up to 180 degrees. Spread the American cookies with chocolate and nuts on a dry baking tray. And then in the oven for ten minutes.

Recipe originally from Iowa

This popular pastry has in every US statetheir regional characteristics. Sometimes the recipes are very different from the classical ones. Consider how to cook American cookies a la Iowa and Wisconsin. Turn the oven on 190 degrees. It is advisable to use several baking trays at once, because there will be a lot of test. Lubricate them with margarine. A packet of butter is brought to room temperature. We mix it with lean, sugar and powder (all components - one glass). When you get a homogeneous mixture, drive in one two eggs and add half a teaspoon of vanilla. Mix 4 1/2 glasses of flour with a pinch of soda and baking powder. In Iowa, the last ingredient is a wine stone. In the flour add an oil mixture, knead. Spoon the cookies on the baking sheets and bake for eight minutes (until the bottom of the products is browned).

Cookies chocolate American

Kukis with nuts

In the US, not only chocolate cookies are popular. American culinary art allows you to bake products with nuts, and raisins, and even peanut butter. In this recipe, as in the previous ones, we prepare two mixtures. The first one is dry. To two glasses of flour, add an incomplete cup of cocoa powder, three-fourths of a spoonful of soda and a pinch of salt. Prepare the second mixture. We beat 200 grams of softened butter and one and a half glasses of ordinary sugar with two eggs and a vanilla package. We connect both mixtures. Add two glasses of black bitter chocolate, chopped into a large crumb, and a handful of chopped walnuts. We knead and lay out the products on a dry baking tray. Bake at 180 C for eight minutes.

How to Cook American Cookies

With peanut butter

Not many like nut butter, but for culinarygoals it perfectly suited. With the help of it you can also make famous American cookies. The recipe suggests us to reduce the amount of butter to 100 grams. It is softened and mixed with a mixture of sugars (one-half cup brown and half-white) and peanut butter. It will need about 100 grams. Mix the egg and a pack of vanillin. Dry mix as usual: connect a glass of flour, a little soda and salt. We connect two main components. Add half a glass of "Hercules" and twice as much chopped chocolate. Bake at 180 degrees for about 10 minutes.

American Oatmeal Cookies

Kukis with M & M "s

Bright multicolored pellets fully complyto what advertising says about them: they really do not melt. To make such an American cookie, the recipe of which is very simple, it will be interesting for children. We mix all the ingredients: 130 grams of flour, egg, half a glass of sugar, 75 grams of melted butter, a bag of vanillin and baking powder. We knead to a homogeneous mass. Spoon the cakes on a prepared baking sheet. The youngest child can be entrusted to decorate the M & M's dragee on top of the liver, usually two small packets of sweets are used for this amount of baking .Bake a quarter of an hour at 180 degrees.

With dried fruits

Chocolate can be replaced in prunes with prunes,raisins, dates or dried apricots. The recipe of these products differs little from the classical. Since we do not use chocolate here, put cocoa powder in the dough. Dried fruits in hot water. If necessary, we'll select the bones. Prunes, figs and similar large dried fruits are crushed. Raisins can be left entirely. Dried fruits, like chocolate chips in a classic recipe, are mixed into the dough at the end. The products are laid out with a teaspoon on a paper-covered baking tray at a distance of two centimeters from each other. Bake an American biscuit with raisins, prunes or dates in a preheated 190 degree oven for about a quarter of an hour.

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