/ How many calories in cucumbers and tomatoes and in salad from these vegetables

How many calories in cucumbers and tomatoes and in salad from these vegetables

Vegetables are indispensable sources of naturalenergy and various microelements and vitamins. The constant use of them in food leads to the fact that the body itself is adjusted, digestion and the functioning of many internal organs are improved. And also - vegetables help to digest such rough and heavy kinds of food, as a shish kebab or omelette and bacon, for example, and many others. Knowingly in the Caucasus, meat is supposed to consume a large number of vegetables. And the fiber contained in them, properly cleans the digestive tract from unnecessary processed residues. About how many calories in cucumbers and tomatoes and what they are useful for the human body, we will tell in our article.

how many calories in cucumbers and tomatoes

Cucumbers and tomatoes

Cucumbers and tomatoes are not exceptions. They are one of the most common vegetables in the vastness of our vast country - Russia. In addition, and for the price they are very affordable in all regions (not including, probably, the regions of the Far North and the Far East, and even then - with modern communication this is not a particular problem). In addition, these field gifts are sold in supermarkets almost all year round, which makes them relevant to the food basket of ordinary Russians. But how many calories in cucumbers and tomatoes know, of course, not all. That is, they know that there are few of them - this is unequivocal, otherwise dietitians did not recommend their use to people suffering from obesity. On this and some other, no less interesting questions, we will try to answer below.

calories in fresh cucumber

On the benefits of cucumbers

It is necessary to tell a little about the benefits of cucumbers as well.product. After all, some people believe that in cucumbers, except water, there is nothing. And they are completely mistaken. In this natural product, grown according to the rules and without excessive application of fertilizers, a lot of sugar, mineral salts, vitamins. And its use reduces the acidity of gastric juice. Usually a cucumber will become immature. A regular use of it slows the formation of fat in the body and prevents its accumulation.

Calories in fresh cucumber

For those who want to get rid of excessive kilogramsnutritionists strongly recommend in the season once a week to arrange unloading cucumber day: eat only cucumber in the amount of up to 2 kilograms. Thus, the cucumber performs a kind of purifying role, washing out of the body all kinds of poisons and wastes, accumulated there. And since the cucumber consists of liquids by 90% or more, you will not get fat from it - it is tested in practice. In 100 grams of fresh greenhouse cucumber only 11 kcal. If the cucumber is ground - up to 14, which is also an excellent result. Thus, during the fasting day - only! - you use only 220 kcal, especially not traumatizing the body. And from the high content of potassium and water, there is a purifying diuretic effect. However, when eating cucumbers, it should be remembered that they can be grown using a large amount of nitrates. In this case (who has the opportunity) should grow their own product. Either before eating, peel - in it the content of harmful substances is always increased.

tomato calorie per 100 grams

Tomato: caloric content per 100 grams

This vegetable (or rather, berry) is also for the bodyperson is of interest and value. In it, and iron, and copper (especially good for anemia), and vitamins A and C. It little purines, so it is allowed even in gout. It has an easy diuretic and mild antifungal effect. Improves digestion and metabolism - that's what a tomato is. Calorie content of 100 grams, though not as small as a cucumber. The fresh product contains up to 25 kcal, depending on the variety. But these indicators allow you to recommend tomatoes for dietary purposes. About how many calories in cucumbers and tomatoes, can not much worry about the healthy people. As their small number makes it possible to use these vegetables with regularity and constancy, even though every day. Such calculations will be useful, most likely, to people who are used to diets and to the fact that you need to count the calories eaten.

calories cucumber salad tomatoes

  • Salad "Cucumbers-tomatoes", known to everyonemistress, by the way, has them in themselves also quite a small amount (unless, of course, do not fill it with sour cream). If you cut fresh cucumbers in equal proportions with tomatoes, add fresh chopped greens and a couple drops of lean oil with a drop of lemon - it will look like a diet dish (55-57 kcal per 100 grams). And if you do not fill with oil, using natural vegetable juice, energy is reduced to 25-30 kcal, which allows you not to worry at all about how many calories in cucumbers and tomatoes.
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