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Recipe for mochanka with pancakes: from pork, from chicken, with mushrooms

People who are far from the Belarusian cuisine naively believe that,that mocchanka (she is machanka, she is also a mackintosh) is a kind of sauce for watering the second dishes. By no means! Mochanka itself is quite an independent dish, which is supposed to dunk something delicious - from home freshly baked bread and ending with fresh or boiled vegetables. And what they dunk, this is just the role of a side dish. For those who are interested in such an unusual approach - a recipe for mochanka with pancakes. If you are too lazy to bother with them, you can bake pancakes or just buy soft and flavored bread.

recipe for mochanka with pancakes

Classical Belarusian Mochanka

The most correct and widespread mochanka withpancakes - the recipe of which is based on pork. And in addition to meat, you will also need fat, preferably fresh and with veins. It is taken half the amount of meat weight. Salo is cut with small blocks and in a dry frying pan is fried to squash. Then the pieces of pork are put in the resulting fat and browned. All slices are removed, and in their place are placed three home sausages (you can buy quality semi-finished products - yet do them yourself long enough and troublesome). When the sausages become whitish, they are transferred to the already roasted ingredients, and two shredded onions are poured into a frying pan. As soon as the onion becomes translucent, a full spoonful of flour is added to it, and after mixing, two glasses of milk. After boiling, all the meat ingredients come back to the vessel, the dish is salted and peppered, is cured with cumin, and after ten minutes of quenching the rich and fragrant Belarusian delicacy is on your table. The recipe for mochanka with pancakes every time will give a new taste, if you vary the flour component. For example, replace pancakes with pancakes made from buckwheat flour or potato pancakes.

moccampa with pancakes recipe

Mochanka in Minsk

If lard casts doubt on you with its fatness,try using a recipe for mochanka with pancakes without it. A kilogram of pork ribs is fried until blush, to the same condition, you should bring 0.5 kg of sausages. When they blush, all together in a saucepan is poured a third liter of chicken broth, seasoned with spices and sent to a hot stove for two hours. While the cossacks are languishing there, a sauce is prepared: a chopped onion is injected into the fat from under the ribs, then half a liter of sour cream is poured in, and after seven quenching spices and two tablespoons of flour are poured. Finally, a glass of broth is poured in, and the sauce is mixed until thick. After pouring it into the kazanok, the dishes return to the oven for another third of an hour. "Escort" for the dish is at your own discretion. This recipe for mochanka with pancakes allows you to cook it rather lean and very tasty.

Chicken Mocca

And this is also there - for those who want a dishEasier. A poultry chicken is fried and put into a saucepan. From any mushrooms (half a kilogram), chopped large onions and grated carrot nesolkoy is made fried. Vegetables passeruyutsya together, but not separately. When the appearance of the roast will satisfy you, pour in two spoons of flour, mix and add this mixture to the chicken. Then broth is poured into the pan (so that it hardly covers the food), in which are mixed two spoons of sour cream, and on the eye - dry parsley. After half an hour of languor on the stove, the dish is seasoned (including fresh herbs), the fire turns off, the mocca is left under the lid to insist.

pancakes with mocha recipe photo

Moccampa panskaya

In this variant all the most deliciousmeat products. For the beginning of gram 150 fresh white mushrooms are parsed; in the middle of the process, onion cubes are added to them. When the onion reaches the transparency, smoked bacon brusches are inserted (200 g). When all the components are gilded, a little broth pours in, and after a quarter of an hour - a glass of cream. Fried separately, two sausages are cut with mugs and placed in a pot, boiled ribs are laid out on them, and all riches are filled with creamy mushroom sauce. It remains to stand the pot for another quarter of an hour in the oven, to build a delicious cake to the dish and start eating pancakes with mochanka. Recipe (the photo shows this very clearly) will please you with unforgettable taste sensations.

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