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We bake the chicken in the multivariate. Step-by-step recipe

Baked chicken - a dish that meetsBoth on festive tables, and on ordinary days for dinner. Probably, any mistress heard or knows the recipe of his preparation in a conventional oven. And what about the multivark, which today has become very popular with lovers of delicious and healthy food? The chicken, baked entirely in a multivarquet, is a reality! To do this, you will need a little time, a chicken, a multivark and the ingredients necessary for cooking.

bake chicken in multivark
So, bake the chicken in the multivark. You will need:

  • chicken (size depends on the desire and size of the bowl multivark);
  • 100 g of medium-fat sour cream for preparation of marinade;
  • salt, spices, seasoning, greens and other similar additions - to taste;
  • 1 medium sized bulb;
  • 1 carrot;
  • 2 cloves of garlic.

The number of ingredients (as well as their list in general) can vary depending on the size of the bird, the taste preferences of the people for whom it is prepared, and many other factors.

The first thing we do when we bake the chicken inmultivark, - mix sour cream, salt pepper, greens. It is advisable to give preference to fresh herbs and black pepper. If you like dry greens, you can use this option. If desired, you can add a special seasoning for chicken. Further squeezed into this mixture of garlic and mix everything well. You can also add some special sauce for chicken or your favorite, tartar for example.

The sauce, which turned out as a result, you needcarefully cover the chicken from all sides, including the inside. At the end of this action, wrap the carcass in food film and send it to the refrigerator, where the chicken will be marinated for a couple of hours.

chicken baked in a multicolour Polaris

Since we bake a chicken in a multivark, it will turn out juicy and soft, but in order to taste it like a chicken from an oven, it is necessary to prepare onions and carrots.

When the meat is marinated, you need to remove the film andvery carefully put the carcass in the bowl of the multivark. Note that sunflower oil can not be added, since the amount of fat that is contained in the chicken will be enough to prepare it. Part of the onion is placed inside the chicken, part - on top. We do the same with carrots.

After that, you need to turn on the multi-set the "Baking" mode for 1 hour. After some time (about half an hour), the chicken needs to be turned over and a little water added. In half an hour the dish is ready! If you thought that the meat did not get cooked, we bake the chicken in the multivarquet for a while.

whole baked chicken
Exactly the same way you can bake not kisschicken, and its parts. If suddenly the volume of the bowl does not allow you to cook a carcass of chicken, you can cut it or prepare legs or wings. The taste will be approximately the same.

Note that the temperature regimes in differentmultivarkers may differ. For example, a chicken baked in a Polaris multivarquet is usually cooked faster than in a Philips appliance. In some kind of multivark skin is more crispy, somewhere the meat will be softer. Do not be afraid to experiment with regimes and ingredients, please your relatives with new solutions and dishes. Multivar is sure to help you! Bon Appetit!

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