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How to cook corn properly

In childhood, everyone liked to buy cooked cornThe old women, who were sitting on wooden boxes near the store. How correctly to cook corn, they did not tell, but what it turned out to be delicious, soft, incredibly juicy! You'll buy corn from them, and they'll pour it on you. Remember what a pleasure it was to eat hot maize.

How to cook corn properly

It would seem that nothing special, but most residents of cities like it on a par with delicacies.

If you know how to cook corn properly, it's not difficult to cook it yourself.

All varieties differ from each other in terms ofmaturation, size and structure of the cob. There are varieties that are grown for feeding animals. They are not suitable for human consumption. It is necessary to know what sorts of corn are suitable for consumption. In all there are about thirty. Such varieties also need to be grown on garden and household plots.

Usually, corn is ripened early. How much should you cook corn? Such, very young, - about thirty minutes. Varieties ripening a little later are cooked up to one hour.

How much do you need to cook corn?
How correctly to cook corn?

If you cook corn for several hours in a row, and it does not get soft, then you've been sold corn.

For corn, bought in the store, you can notworry. There, forage varieties do not sell. If you doubt how to properly cook corn purchased in a shop variety, consultants will definitely help you.

How is corn selected? By its color is difficult to choose. But, having bitten a grain, to determine whether it is young or old, it is entirely within the power of everyone.

If the seed is soft, and there is water inside, the corn is young. Such corn is called dairy. The degree of maturity is determined by the stiffness and dryness of the cob.

How long does it take to cook corn and why cook it better?

How long does it take to cook corn?

The optimal dishes in which you have to cookcorn is a thick-walled and deep cossack. It should be with a lid. For this purpose, a pressure cooker is also suitable. You can also cook corn in the microwave.

We in this article all the time talk about howcorrectly cook corn. Many aspects have already been considered by us. The most important aspect remains - temperature. It does not matter what kind of fire you cook corn. It can be either an open fire or a closed one. Keep in mind, the fire should be small, and the temperature does not exceed +250, then the boiled corn will preserve the nutrients.

Do not salt water in which corn is cooked. Cooked in this way, it will be much stiffer than the one that was brewed in water without salt.

There is cooked corn must be hot. After the corn has already been taken out of the Kazanka and from her glass water, it is rubbed with salt and served to the table.

Corn is very useful. It has calcium, lots of vitamins, ascorbic and other acids. Corn well cleans the body of slagging. It normalizes the metabolic processes in the body, and also regulates the level of cholesterol in the blood.

To provide the body with the necessary nutrients, it is desirable to eat 50 g of maize a day.

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