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Olivier - a recipe and a story.

Olivier, whose recipe was transformedcountless times, in its modern interpretation is the invariable resident of any festive table. Hospitable hostesses are preparing it now, as an inexpensive and hearty salad that fits perfectly into any company and distracts it until hot. In addition, Olivier is remembered in a humorous way, when they want to say that some of their guests have touched and slept face in a salad. Olivier, a recipe of which each owner has his own, can always be found on the New Year's table. Constantly changing, he lost some of the original ingredients and purchased new ones. Few know where the Olive recipe originated and how it looked originally.

In the 19th century there was a tavern in Moscow, whichIt was located on Trubnaya Square and was called "The Hermitage". He left the impression of a good restaurant, decorated in French style. In it, and worked cook Lucien Olivier. His concoction was known all over Moscow. And the salad of Olivier was originally served in the form of a special dish, which was not called olivier, but mayo from game. It looked like this: a piece of fillet of hazel grouse and partridge was mixed on a dish in a cube of bouillon jelly. Side by side with them were decocted boiled cervical collars and watered with Provencal sauce. And in the center was a hill of potatoes, mixed with pickled gherkins. It was decorated with chopped eggs, which were just an element of decor and were not used for food. Once, one of the visitors to the restaurant allowed themselves to mix all of these ingredients in a plate. When the French chef saw this, he himself did the following day, also watering the contents of the dish with mayonnaise. In a new kind of Olivier, whose recipe was not yet modern, it began to gain popularity.

After the death of Lucien Olivier, whose recipekept secret, began his evolution. After all, no one knew for sure what exactly was kept in this salad. In any case, Olivier is considered the ancestor of all salads with mayonnaise. The principle of its preparation is simple: to crush all the ingredients, and then season with mayonnaise. Now this salad is known all over the world and it is called "salade a la Russe". In place of hazel grouses and partridges, a chicken came, which was later replaced with boiled sausage. Carrots changed their cancer necks, green peas - capers. In addition, the Olivier recipe now includes onions and lost veal tongue, black caviar and several other ingredients.

The recipe for salad olivier with sausage is the mostis popular in our days. To make it, you need to take carrots, potatoes, eggs - boil them. Then all this should be cut into cubes, add pickled cucumbers, boiled sausage, also diced. The main ingredient is green peas. All this is well mixed and dressed with mayonnaise.

Olivier with chicken, the recipe of which is knowneverywhere, is also popular. In this case, the ingredients remain the same as in the previous recipe, only the cooked sausage is replaced with a boiled chicken.

And some offer this variant of Olivier: two potatoes, 100 grams of fresh cucumbers, three boiled eggs, 50 grams of pickled cucumbers, ten fatty shrimps, 200 grams of crab meat or just crab sticks, one-third cans of green peas, necessarily mayonnaise.

As you can see, salad olivier has a lotvariants of the recipe, rich history and excellent taste. And it does not hinder, but on the contrary helps him to remain one of the most favorite salads of a huge number of people in different parts of the world. It will be an excellent decoration of any table and will give true gourmets many pleasant moments of bliss and different shades of taste.

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