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What is and how to make marzipan?

Reading in childhood the tales of the Brothers Grimm, I severalonce encountered the strange word "marzipan". Nobody explained what it is, but the Internet was not there then. From the text it became clear that marzipan is something very tasty and beautiful. So he remained in his memory. And only after years, finally, it became known what it is. It turned out that marzipan is a sticky paste made from a mixture of almond and sugar powder, from which a variety of figures are made to decorate cakes and pastries. This delicacy has come to us from Europe, where so far many cities are arguing for the recognition of themselves as the author. The production of marzipan differs not only in different cities and countries, but even from the restaurant to the restaurant. The ratio of components and additives may differ. In total there are several hundred. Of course, everything does not make sense, but we will describe it in some detail.

How to make marzipan classic?

For him, you need 250 grams of almonds and sugar, 2 raw protein, a few drops of lemon juice.

Nuts boil with boiling water and remove all skins. Grind in fine powder almonds and sugar, sift. Add whole lemon juice to the whole powder, gradually adding protein, mix plastic dough. It should be dense, sticky, reminiscent of clay.

How to make marzipan Mix?

In this recipe, 175 grams of ordinary almonds are added 10 pieces of bitter, 100 grams of powdered sugar, 40 grams of cherry vodka and one protein.

Prepare almonds, as in the first recipe, mix with the powder, knead the dough. At the very end, add the vodka.

How to make marzipan honey?

A glass of nuts will need 3 tablespoons of liquid honey, 3 eggs, baking powder, a glass of flour.

Crushed almonds grind together with honey and gradually add flour, constantly kneading the dough. At the end add baking powder.

How to make marzipan nut?

It will take 450 grams of hazelnuts, 175 grams of powdered sugar, 235 grams of sugar, 1 protein, 3 yolks, 10 grams of lemon juice, 5 drops of vanilla essence.

Prepare nuts. Mix sugar, nuts and powder. Separately mix the rest. In the first bowl, make a funnel, pour in liquid and mix into a dough.

The resulting marzipan paste can be blossomedFood coloring or cover the finished figures from above with colored aerosols. The mass can be stored wrapped in a food film in the refrigerator. In order to make the figures, you need to roll the ball out of the marzipan paste, put it on a clean surface, cover it with a film and roll it into a pancake that is a couple of millimeters thick. And already from this pancake and make themselves figurines.

Decoration options - infinity. In Europe in many cities there are museums of marzipan, where statues and compositions, prepared only from it, are kept. We will not go up to such heights, but we'll try to make a rose.

So, how to make roses from marzipan? For this we need marzipans of three colors: red, yellow and green. From yellow marzipan we make a kind of droplet - this will be the middle of the rose. We put it on the toothpick, so that the wide part was on top. From red marzipan we cut out six-petalled camomile. Cut the petals, not reaching the center. Put the resulting petals on a skew close to the core. Little to give the petals a shape, making the edges thinner, and the center - convex. One by one, but not in a row, and one by one to bend the petals to the core, slightly bending the edges of each outward. So you can get a rosebud, if you want to make it more magnificent, repeat the operation with one more chamomile, but more bend the petals outwards. Form-star need to cut future leaves from green marzipan. They should be slightly stretched and cuts along the edge for greater similarity with the real ones. Leaflets dress just below the flower.

Marzipan is not an expensive pleasure, but the amount of jewelry that can be made from it will more than pay for itself.

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