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Cake with prunes and walnuts: recipe. Honey cake with prunes and walnuts

Although they say that there is no dispute about tastes, sucha combination like nuts and prunes, like everything. Will we add these two ingredients to the whipped cream, ice cream, soufflé, will we make a cake from them - all these desserts will be received with a bang. But with the baking tastes of people diverge. Someone loves a gentle biscuit, give someone a crumbly short pastry, and someone - a crispy puff. Below is a selection of recipes for homemade pastries, where one of the main ingredients are walnuts and prunes. They differ from each other in the manner of kneading dough and creams. You can choose your cake recipe. A cake with prunes and walnuts will please your loved ones and surprise the guests.

Cake with prunes and walnuts recipe

Sour Dough

Whisk the five eggs with a glass of sugar anda sachet of vanillin. Add 300 g of sour cream, a can of condensed milk, a spoonful of soda. Stir and pour three cups of flour. The resulting mass is best divided in two. In one of the parts we interpose three spoons of cocoa powder. We bake alternately cakes (half an hour at one hundred and ninety degrees). Each of them is cut into two parts. For a cream, crush a glass of walnut nuts and 200 grams of steamed prunes without pits. Half a liter of sour cream is beaten with sugar (it is added to taste) to splendor. We add nuts and prunes, we mix. We prepare the impregnation. We make a cup of strong coffee, add two spoons of cognac. Now we collect the sour cream cake with prunes and walnuts. The recipe prescribes to soak all the cakes and smear them with cream. We alternate white and dark layers. Chocolate cake should be on top. The top of the product is decorated with glaze and the remaining cream.


This is a very original recipe. A homemade cake with prunes and walnuts consists of round pecheneks, inside of which are plums stuffed in place of a stone with walnut. Margarine (three hundred grams) rubbed with a glass of sugar, add three eggs and whisk. Put a spoonful of soda in the vinegar and start pouring the flour. It can take four cups to knead an elastic dough. We divide it into thirty identical balls. We put inside each of the berry pre-soaked prunes, which we have already inserted a quarter of the nucleolus of the nut. We lay the pan with oiled paper, lay out the balls. We bake in preheated oven at one hundred and ninety degrees. Whisk a liter of sour cream with two glasses of sugar. We immerse the cooled shortbread cookies in this cream and put it in the form of a pyramid. To give the stability structure, we spread the cake side with the remaining sour cream and pour the melted chocolate.

Honey cake with prunes and walnuts

Economical recipe: "Pancho" with prunes, sour cream and walnuts

We start with the fact that we turn on the oven. In a deep bowl, beat the egg, a glass of sugar and a sachet of vanilla. In a cup of yogurt, put out a half teaspoon of soda. Pour into the egg mass. Mix again with a mixer. We pour a glass of sifted flour a portion. Gently knead the dough with a wooden spatula, using it necessarily from the bottom up. The form in which we will bake, it is necessary to grease with a fat, and then a little powdered flour. There we pour out our dough. Then put the form in a hot oven and bake for about twenty-five minutes at 180 ° C. While the biscuit is getting cold on the grill, we'll take up the cream. We'll steal two hundred grams of prunes, free it from the bones, cut it into pieces. We'll take four hundred grams of fatty sour cream and half a cup of sugar. Add prunes. Biscuit cut into two cakes. One of them is cut into small cubes and mixed with cream. A bowl of domed shape is covered with food film. We spread the cream. From above we cover with the whole cake. Then you need to wrap something up with something (for example, a food film) and put it in the refrigerator for six hours, or even for the night. Throw the scalp with the walnut kernel. Sprinkle them on the sides and top of the product. Cake with prunes and walnuts recipe advises to decorate with chocolate icing.

Cake recipe cake with prunes and walnuts

Biscuit "Truffle"

Four yolks we rub with a hundred and fiftygrams of sugar. Whisk the whipped into foam. Melt two hundred grams of milk chocolate. In it we put a pack of butter, we rub. In the chocolate mass, add yolks and a hundred grams of chopped nuts and prunes. Stir, drop a hundred and fifty grams of flour and a packet of powder for the biscuit. Carefully introduce whipped proteins. The liquid biscuit dough is poured into a parquet-shaped form. We put in a hot oven and bake for half an hour at 180-200 C. Cut cold biscuit cut into two crusts, soak coffee with cognac. We warm up a glass of milk, we dissolve in it one hundred grams of chocolate and bring it to a boil. Three yolks we rub with a spoonful of sugar and a pinch of vanillin. Add a handful of flour. Stir and pour milk chocolate mass. We put on a small fire and prepare the custard. When it cools down, we put in half a glass of chopped almonds. Biscuit cake with prunes and walnuts recipe suggests to decorate with truffles.

Homemade cake with prunes and walnuts


The dough for this pie should be prepared in advance. It should stand in the refrigerator for at least six hours. To make such a cake with prunes and walnuts, the recipe suggests mixing in a saucepan a glass of honey, two eggs, one hundred grams of butter, two hundred grams of sugar and a spoonful of soda, put it in a water bath. It is necessary to stir constantly the mass. After seven minutes, when it becomes homogeneous, you need to remove the saucepan from the fire, enter three hundred and fifty grams of flour. Stir dough and place in the refrigerator. Before baking, let it reach room temperature. We layer the form with parchment, put there three or four tablespoons of the resulting dough. Then we distribute them all over the diameter. We bake each cake for five minutes at 180 C. Now we collect the honey cake with prunes and walnuts. We smear the cakes with sour cream, in which we add chopped nuts and prunes. The top of the honey is adorned with boiled condensed milk or whipped cream, and the sides with crumbs.

Recipe homemade cake with prunes and walnuts

Cake with prunes and walnuts "Curly Pinscher"

How to cook this product with the original name? A handful of prunes is soaked in water with the addition of three spoons of cognac. Mix the sour cream dough, as in the recipe above. We bake the first cake. In the remaining dough, add cocoa. Bake and it. When the chocolate cake has cooled, cut into cubes. We beat half a liter of sour cream with a glass of powdered sugar. Mix with crushed prunes and a handful of crushed nuts. We enter there pieces of chocolate cake. Then we proceed as in the "Pancho" recipe: we cover the bowl with food film, spread the cream, cover it with white cake. We impregnate it with cognac liquid left over from prunes. We send it to the refrigerator for half an hour. We turn and remove the film. A homemade cake with prunes and walnuts is decorated with glaze or sour cream with gelatin.

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