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Salads from eggs

According to the most conservative estimates, world cookingmore than a thousand dishes from eggs. Extreme popularity of these dishes is not accidental, because eggs are a very high-calorie food product. It is enough to eat two eggs, a slice of bread and butter and drink a glass of tea to get a calorie rate for breakfast. Without them, it is impossible to manage a whole range of dishes. Delicious, tender and nutritious are obtained and salads from the eggs, which can be cooked at any time of the year, changing the combination of products.

In salad with tuna and eggs you need boiled steepEggs cut into circles, tuna - small pieces, and tomatoes - slices. Prepared products lay in layers in a deep plate and pour sauce. Prepare a salad preferably in advance, at least an hour before you serve the table. Instead of tuna you can put it in a salad of sardines. The sauce is made from lemon juice, combined with tuna oil, seasoned with salt, sugar and diluted water. Necessary components: boiled eggs - 2 pieces, 200 g fresh tomato, 75 g of tuna, 1 spoon of tuna butter, half a lemon juice, half a teaspoon of salt and sugar, half a spoonful of water.

Salad with egg and cucumber. For 3 eggs - 500 g of fresh cucumbers, 110 g of sour cream, pepper, tomato, salt, greens of dill. Cucumbers thinly cut into rings, eggs coarsely. Add dill, salt, sugar, pour sour cream. Let the salad cool and decorate with tomato slices.

In winter, salads from eggs withaddition of boiled and canned vegetables. For example, a salad of eggs, potatoes and pickled cucumbers. For 4 boiled eggs, take 1 kg potatoes, 2 pickles cucumber, 1 onion, a glass of sauce made from kefir or sour cream sauce, pepper, greens, salt. Potatoes cook in a uniform, peeled and cut into cubes, also cut into cucumber and salted. Chop the onion, cut the eggs into slices. All ingredients salt, pepper and pour sauce.

Salad from eggs and celery. Grind 6 eggs and onion, coarse 250 grams of apples of sour varieties and 500 g of celery root. Combine the products, add salt, add 110 g of sour cream and 90 g of mayonnaise, mix gently and decorate with salad greens in circles of red bell pepper (1 pc.).

For dinner, a salad of herring and eggs is suitable. 2 herrings will require 3 boiled eggs, a pair of onions, 2 tablespoons lean oil, ½ tablespoon of vinegar, 0.75 spoons of mustard, ground pepper, sugar. Herring soak, peel, remove bones and cut the fillet with straws or cubes. Eggs chopped. Chop the onions, beat with boiling water and vinegar, cool. Mustard grind with lean oil. All products should be combined with mashed mustard, sugar and pepper, mix and sprinkle in a salad bowl with a large chopped egg.

If you stock up dried mushrooms, you canto prepare salads from eggs with the addition of mushrooms. You should take 100 g of dried mushrooms, 4 boiled eggs, 3 onions, salt, mayonnaise, sugar, pepper, vinegar and parsley leaves. Well rinsed mushrooms pre-soak in milk for 8-10 hours, then boil and cut into strips. Onion cut into half rings and boil 5-7 minutes in water, which is added sugar, vinegar and salt. Eggs finely chopped. Mix everything with mayonnaise, season with pepper, salt. Put the mass in a salad bowl, decorate on top with whole tiny mushrooms and parsley leaves.

With mushrooms and eggs, you can also build asalad. Wash 200 grams of raw mushrooms, crumble them with straws and fumigate with the addition of any fat. Dice 500 g of potatoes, sprinkle it with lean oil. Boil the cabbage color, disassemble on the inflorescence. Boiled eggs (3 pcs.) Melenko cut. All the ingredients are combined, peppered, salt, pour over mayonnaise, gently mix. In the salad bowl, decorate with figuratively sliced ​​cornichons and parsley leaves.

In spring, salads from eggs and earlyvegetables. Salad from eggs with sour cream is prepared from 6 steeply welded eggs, green onions, 2 spoons of butter, salt, lettuce, pepper and 110 g of sour cream. Egg suppress with a fork, salt, add melted butter, finely chopped green onions, pepper and knead. On a flat dish put the lettuce leaves on them and lay the egg mass, pour it on sour cream and decorate the curly cut radish.

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