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How to cook mushroom soup with mushrooms: recipe for a recipe

Mushroom dishes were always in the honor of differentpeoples. Many national cuisines have their own special secrets of cooking a variety of food from these amazing forest gifts. We will now talk about some of them. And the main subject of discussion will be the king of mushroom brethren - a boletus.

mushroom soup with mushrooms

Solyanka from mushrooms

If you want to make a real mushroom soup of ceps, the recipe for this saltchip will certainly seem attractive.

One and a half liters of liquid is taken by borovikov 350 g. You will also need olives - a handful, 200 g freshly chopped cabbage, 150 grams of cabbage sauerkraut. Average size carrots, root and parsley, celery, several onions. Also put in mushroom soup of ceps, prescription indicates, tomatoes (2 pieces), half a lemon, a little butter, bay leaf, sweet pepper.

Stages of preparation

First, broth is cooked. To do this, the mushrooms need to be prepared (washed, cleaned, etc.), chopped, boiled until almost ready. Then put in the pot sliced ​​straws roots and carrots. While cooking mushroom soup of white mushrooms, the recipe advises to do cabbage. Tomatoes finely chopped, both kinds of cabbage to mix, put on a frying pan and put out on butter, so that the vegetables become soft. Then add to the soup, add salt, seasonings and olives and cook for another 15-20 minutes on a small fire. When serving fill the mushroom soup with white mushrooms, the recipe recommends not only sour cream, but also lemon juice. It turns out the saltwort is very tasty.

soup of white fresh mushrooms

Krupenik mushroom

Another wonderful dish, appetizing andnutritional - the so-called mushroom raspberry. Such an unusual name is due to the fact that as one of the ingredients in this soup of white fresh mushrooms put buckwheat.

His recipe is this: 250-300 g of mushrooms, 1,5-2 onions, 4 potatoes, half a glass of cereal, 1 celery root and parsley, 1 carrot, smallet or butter for roasting, chopped dill, a couple of garlic cloves.

Firstly, mushrooms are boiled. Then they need to be removed, chopped and fried with onion and garlic. In the broth put sliced ​​vegetables and croup, add mushrooms, cook until incomplete. After that, salt, pour a glass of milk (melted) or ¾ glasses of sour cream, stir and put the soup in the oven for 15 minutes, so that it "fires". When serving, sprinkle with herbs. Will go such a dish "to cheer" and become in your family loved.

Stuffed potato mushroom

we prepare soup from white mushrooms
Continuing the lesson of practical cooking, we prepare soup of white mushrooms and potatoes on a meat broth. It should be cooked in advance.

You will need: boletus - 250-300 g, potatoes - 7-8 tubers, 2 carrots, as much onions and fresh tomatoes, 1 parsley root and oil for toasting.

It is prepared in this way: mushrooms cut off the legs and chop, vegetables cut into slices or cubes. In a frying pan fry onion, carrot and mushroom legs. Broth boil, sliced ​​sliced ​​hats, boil for 40 minutes. Fill the potatoes and leave to boil. After that, all other ingredients and spices are reported, the soup is salted and cooked until ready.

Such wonderful first dishes from mushrooms can be served by a diligent mistress to her family and to please their family.

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