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Hungarian cuisine

Hungarian cuisine is very unique. It has a basis inherent only to it. Modern Hungarian cuisine is a combination of a traditional table with the addition of new elements. By taste and form, it is very diverse. Excellent types of meat; game; lake and river fish; nutritious foods from milk; all sorts of vegetables, herbs and fruits - all this will lead to the utmost delight of any gourmet. As a result of combining a huge assortment of quality products, the dishes that the Hungarian cuisine is famous for around the world are obtained.

And first of all it is goulash, perkelt, turoshchusa(noodles with cottage cheese). Goulash is Hungarian soup, which is prepared with a liquid broth. For its preparation, you need a kilogram or one and a half kilograms of meat (beef, or lamb, at the time of harvesting) must be cut into small pieces and fried with the melted lard with the addition of pre-toasted and braised chopped red pepper (sweet) onions. When the juices from the meat and vegetables evaporate and only the smalene remains, you need to pour everything with a glass of wine (water, meat broth), salt, cover and cover to soften the meat before purchasing meat. At this time, clean, cut into four parts and separately boil a kilogram of potatoes. Finished potatoes are to be transferred to meat together with a portion of the vegetable broth for a rich taste and boil a little more. Goulash is served on a table in a soup bowl and is eaten with a spoon, like any first dish. Adding a tomato to it will only spoil the taste. As a garnish for goulash, it is customary to serve small dumplings or round noodles mixed with hot lard.

From the old times Transylvanian cuisine is inherentsuch a dish as "flakken". This meat is Hungarian baked on charcoal. Take for its preparation is not washed, but only wiped beef fillet of the highest grade, which had been lying on the ice for several days. It must be cut so that the pieces are one and a half fingers thick and three fingers wide. They need to be slightly repulsed, sprinkled with pepper, salt, rubed with onion, then put on a grate and bake from both sides on charcoal, which are hot, but no longer burn (that is, there is no flame). One side should be baked for four to five minutes, and the second only three to four. To check whether meat is ready, it is possible only by a blunt object, as its piercing will provoke the leakage of juice. Too smoked fleknen can be rubbed with smoked bacon. As a side dish, sauerkraut, pickled mushrooms or fresh cabbage salad are the best for this dish.

Has in its arsenal Hungarian cuisine andall kinds of dishes that do not contain red pepper. For example, a chicken, fried in breadcrumbs, or a pig, fried entirely; fried stuffed turkey, which was specially fattened with nuts.

Among flour products honorable place on the tableis given to roll ("retesh"). It is prepared from an unleavened dough, which is thinly rolled out, spread out the filling, folded and baked. And soft, loose buttery donuts that just melt in your mouth can be considered the top of all flour products.

Finishes a menu of lunches and dinners variedCheeses that compete with Italian and French cheeses, as well as fruits known throughout Europe, especially grapes, apricots and peaches that are unrivaled in flavor and taste.

So the one who thinks that all food is wrongHungarian cuisine is oversaturated with onion, red pepper and swim in pork fat. There is a considerable choice of dishes that correspond to the generally accepted international level while preserving national features. By the way, onions much more in their recipes are used not just by Hungarian cooks, but by French ones.

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